How Online Casinos Changed the Industry, Letting us Play any Time and Anywhere

The oldest gambling records go as far back as 14th century Japan, while the first casino was established in Italy in 1638. Even more astonishing, the first online casino was developed in 1994 by Microgaming, a software development company still in existence. Though in the grand scheme of things, we are not sure whether to say if that’s a long or short time, but it has been almost a whole 30 years.

Today online casinos are more relevant than ever, and with the digitisation wave hitting most industries, bound to be for some time. However, we will take a step back in this piece and look at what online casinos have been doing to ensure we don’t get enough of online gambling.

The Invent of Digital Games

Online casinos have created digital versions of casino games that you can access on sites such as This has forever changed how we access casino games and the gambling industry as a concept. We no longer have to visit physical casinos and can now play games from our homes using a computer with an internet connection.

Digitisation also meant that developers could be more creative, which allowed them to experiment with different game designs and new gaming concepts. As a result, we have more options in online casinos than in physical ones, which is a significant drawing factor for many. 

They Made it Less Expensive to Play

Online casinos are much less expensive to maintain while, at the same time, hosting more people and games. This means that operators break even pretty quickly and can afford to make their online games much less expensive to access than in traditional casinos. Furthermore, there are no travel or hotel costs for players when they access games online, allowing them to have more fun than they would in a casino.

And now that we can play from simple devices such as our mobile phones, it has become even less expensive.

They Offered Better Promotions and Bonuses

Online casino operators have better tools and controls over promotions and bonuses than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, allowing them to be bolder with their offers. And because online casinos are less expensive to operate than traditional casinos, they can even offer better RTP to players, incentivising them to play more.

Therefore, if you have the right online playing strategy, you might have better odds on online casinos, which will not only be more fun but profitable. You can often find some gaming streaming for strategy recommendations in

They Improved Customer Service

Because online casinos have little to no interaction with their customers, this incentivises operators to provide better customer service than physical casinos. You will find that there are several ways we can get in touch with an online casino at any time of the day. In contrast, traditional casinos are only available during operating hours. This assurance that you’ll get assistance when needed has made many more prefer online gaming.

Offered Multiple Payment Options

The online space opened up opportunities for casino operators to provide multiple payment options to customers sometimes implemented by made it easy and convenient for players to make deposits and withdrawals, encouraging more players to play online. Furthermore, it’s safer for players because they don’t need to leave their secure homes to play.

In addition, with the most significant proliferation of payment methods we’ve seen so far happening now, casinos are still leading in accepting them. 

Good Security

Online casinos understood that keeping their online players safe was a significant concern if they were to be trusted and become a staple for players. As such, they embarked on securing online casinos from hackers and other cyber attacks using security systems such as SSL encryption and cryptography. This helped them build trust, and people didn’t have too much to worry about, which has carried on to today.

Furthermore, players have increasingly been concerned with how online services, including casinos, use their personal data. In this regard, authorities have stepped in and provided guidelines such as the CCPR in the US and GDPR in the European Union. These security measures have made many comfortable playing games on online casinos.

Offered Convenience

One of the intangible benefits of online casinos is the convenience they bring players. We no longer have to dress up, travel to casinos and go back home after the night is over. Instead, we can play in our pyjamas without leaving the house, and there is no time limit to when we can do so. We’re also no longer limited to the casino’s physical location as we can access games from around the world.

In addition, the introduction of mobile casino apps has even made playing games more convenient. You can play on the go while enjoying the same gaming experience, if not better, on a device you already take with you to most places.

They Offered Live Casino Games

Online casinos offer live casino games from their premises to players worldwide who cannot visit the casino. This has ensured that players can still access their favourite casinos and interact with dealers and other players as they would inside the premises. Players can also set game times that fit their schedules and time zones, ensuring convenient access to games.

Live tournaments have also picked up steam and are now accessible to more players than when they were in person and in specific locations. Which has helped increase the level of competition between players.


Casinos have immensely evolved from the simple 14th-century games played in Japan to the giant online behemoths they are today. We no longer have to travel to physical casinos, even if we can, because gaming technology has made it possible to access casinos from anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, it has also made it possible for us to play games from devices like the phones we carry in our pockets and conveniently make transactions with online entities.

As technology continues to get better, we only expect online casinos to advance and improve on what they have already built so far. And for one, we cannot wait to see how online casinos persuade us to spend even more time on their sites. You could find more tech news here in

Huynh Nguyen

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