House Republicans poised to issue ‘criminal reprimands’ in Hunter-Biden probe

House Republicans, who are preparing to launch a wide-ranging probe into the president’s involvement in his son Hunter’s businesses, say they’re ready to toss the book at the Bidens — and are focused on a dodgy energy deal with China.

“If the evidence warrants it, we will receive criminal references,” Rep. James Comer told the Post this week during an exclusive interview at his Capitol Hill office.

Comer, the incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said the panel is particularly focused on a “potentially criminal” deal in 2017 between Hudson West III — an LLC that Hunter Biden manages and invests in — and CEFC, a Chinese energy giant that wants to sell American liquefied natural gas to China.

“What we learned from interviews is that it was more than that. It was also an attempt to help China get a foot in the door to try and buy drills so they can start acquiring ownership of our America’s energy industry infrastructure,” Comer told the Post.

A picture of James Comer.
MP James Comer said the panel was particularly focused on a “potentially criminal” 2017 deal between Hudson West III and CEFC.
Rod Lambey—CNP

President Biden, who had just finished his term as Vice President under President Obama at the time, was involved in the deal, Comer said.

Millions of dollars changed hands between the Biden family and the Chinese before Hudson West III was dissolved in 2018.

“This is China trying to buy ownership of our American industry, which poses a national security threat — and oh btw, it was run by Joe Biden. That’s a problem, and that’s why we’re concerned that this White House will be compromised,” Comer said.

President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met during the G20 summit in Indonesia.
President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met during the G20 summit in Indonesia.
AFP via Getty Images

President Biden has drawn considerable attention from Republicans and activists over a muted response to human rights protests now erupting across China.

Comer, a Kentucky Republican, said his investigation into the Bidens will “move forward at full speed” despite his party’s disappointing performance in the 2022 midterm elections.

Find out about Twitter’s censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop story in The Post

“We’ve been working on this for over a year,” Comer said. “We’ll be ready with subpoenas out the door.”

While the Comer’s House probe has long been billed as a Hunter Biden probe, he and other Republicans say the real focus is on President Biden. Hunter Biden’s alleged criminal offenses are currently being investigated in a separate investigation by US Attorney David Weiss of Delaware – whose investigation is said to be in its final stages.

“This is an investigation into Joe Biden,” Comer explained.

An image of Rep. James Comer.
Rep. Comer said his investigation into the Bidens will be “full steam ahead.”
Rod Lambey—CNP

The key question is the extent and timing of President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings. While the elder Biden has long insisted no such connections exist, an overwhelming body of evidence found on Hunter’s infamous hard drive and elsewhere suggests otherwise.

Since all criminal referrals would need to be directed to Attorney General Merrick Garland, a Democrat-Biden-appointed agent who would likely not prosecute the Bidens, Comer and the GOP are also focused on passing legislation that would limit future Biden-like behavior would forbid.

“My goal is that at the end of the investigation there is a legal solution,” said Comer. “It’s so bleak what Joe Biden, his son and his brother are doing [James Biden] did. You ask if it’s illegal. I do not know. But I know that’s the way it should be.”

Front page of the New York Post for Thursday, October 22, 2020.
Twitter censored The Post’s exclusive pre-2020 election coverage on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Comer is the first to admit that investigations into the House enjoy little credibility with the American public. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calf.) spent years prosecuting former President Trump for alleged ties to Russia based on the now-discredited Steele dossier. Earlier, Republicans gave speeches to Hillary Clinton in her investigations in Benghazi. GOP leader Kevin McCarthy bragged that it hurt her poll ratings — though it went nowhere else.

Comer hopes to break that pattern – citing the diversity and apparent inappropriateness of the former government’s foreign business dealings.

“If you’re someone like Donald Trump who’s running for President and has a huge family business that’s spread all over the United States — he’s got golf courses in Europe, his son-in-law has businesses in the Middle East, daughter is involved in China making things,” said Comer. “We need stricter disclosure laws about what they do, what their contracts are and things like that.”

A picture of Eric Schwerin.
One of Rep. Comer’s targets will be Eric Schwerin, the president of Hunter’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners.
Rod Lambey—CNP

House Republicans hope such sweeteners will help win Democrats over for reform.

Comer is said to be collecting at least 150 reports of suspicious activity created by Hunter Biden. The files are automatically created by banks to record unusual behavior aimed at preventing money laundering and other illegal financial activities. While access to her was once a routine request to the US Treasury Department, Comer has accused the Biden administration of blocking her release.

Comer says he will receive them directly from at least a dozen banks, including JPMorgan Chase & Co, Wells Fargo and Citibank. One SAR, who has already been released, refers to suspicions of “human trafficking” and labeled the president’s son a “politically exposed person”.

A picture of Edward Prewitt.
One of Rep Comer’s key initial targets will be Hunter’s financial advisor, Edward Prewitt.

From there, Comer will begin calling witnesses — the first of which won’t be Hunter Biden. Comer’s initial top targets include Hunter’s financial adviser, Edward Prewitt; James Gilliar, a business partner of Hunter who wrote the infamous ’10 of H for the big’ email; and Eric Schwerin, president of Hunter’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners

Comer himself has never seen the actual disk and relies on reports from researchers on his staff to keep him abreast of key details.

“There are things I don’t want my eyes to see,” he said, laughing.

Comer’s probe is just one of several high-profile probes GOP leaders have promised the House of Representatives. The House Judiciary Committee, under its new chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), is planning an equal look at the politicization of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department and their interference in the 2020 election, including Twitter and Facebook censorship of The exclusive primary coverage Post on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Comer says he and Jordan work closely together and speak “several times a day.” The fierce and camera-loving Jordan has boasted no fewer than 14 whistleblowers who have come forward to offer inside information.

Comer, too, said he had some aces up his sleeve – including two of his own whistleblowers.

A picture of Jim Jordan.
Rep. Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee plan to take a look at the FBI and Justice Department and their interference in the 2020 election.

“These are people who were involved in Hunter Biden’s orbit,” he said. “They provide valuable information.” House Republicans poised to issue ‘criminal reprimands’ in Hunter-Biden probe


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