House of the Dragon fans are at odds over the ‘stupid’ rat theory about Larys

house of the dragon Viewers are divided about a wild theory surrounding the character of Larys.

In the sixth installment of the series, Matthew Needham’s scheming character became a full-fledged villain, leading many to draw comparisons to that of Aidan Gillan game of Thrones character, little finger.

*Spoilers to follow – you have been warned*

In the latest episode, Larys is shown to be the cause of the murder of his father and brother in Harrenhal. He recruited a group of prisoners whom he freed for the sole purpose of committing the act, and to keep his secret he cut out their tongues.

Realizing that Larys was the one who orchestrated the murders, a distraught Alicent tells her, “I’m sure you’ll reward me when the time comes.”

Two seemingly unrelated moments in episodes five and six are highlighted after Larys’ villainous intentions are revealed. These scenes simply show two rats present in the final scenes – the first when Rhaenrya is married to Laenor and the other when Viserys is sitting alone.

Some viewers believe this rat is actually Larys, implying that Larys could be a green seer. For those unfamiliar with George RR Martin’s source material, a greenseer is someone who the First Men believed could affect animal and plant life via Weirwood trees.

It is believed that Bran could interfere in the same way game of ThronesLarys finds out facts and details by owning a rat’s body.

While some are convinced that this is the case, others think the theory is too far-fetched. Additionally, some people think the series pushes the idea forward, knowing viewers will think so, even if it’s not what actually happens.

“I’m gonna need this show to stop feeding this stupid Greenseer-Larys theory, but when this rat showed up in the room with Viserys, I said loudly, ‘Get that damn animal out of there!!!'” one person wrote.

Is Larys a Greenseer in House of the Dragon?


Another commented, “There’s an absolute tinfoil theory that Larys Strong is a Greenseer in hotd/fire and blood and I just don’t get it.”

But enough people are convinced that the Greenseer theory is true.

“I’m fully attracted to Larys Greenseer. This boy is searching these rats,” wrote one fan.

Another said: “I don’t know if it will ever be confirmed but I definitely believe Larys Strong is a greenseer and sees through the rats and the Weirwood trees.”

“It’s pretty good I see,” said another of the theory.

After the final episode, former cast member Carey shared her verdict on Cooke’s version of Alicent, while showrunner Ryan Condal expressed regret over a heartbreaking death scene seen in the episode.

house of the dragon continues every Sunday in the US at 9 p.m. on HBO. The episode will be shown simulcast on Monday morning in the UK on NOW and will be shown again on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

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