Horoscopes for September 2023 bring rebirth through regression

Polish your silver, double check your punctuation and pluck your chin hairs, my babies, Virgo time has come.

The reason Virgo is so poorly portrayed as a detail-oriented perfectionist is because this zodiac sign basically understands everything and can clearly see the potential in all things.

Cue Virgin Queen Beyoncé announces their astrological season with a birthday wish/royal decree that fans wear silver at their next shows to show one another’s joy and generally mimic the starlight effect of a disco ball. Virgos, here is the art of leading us all to excellence.

This month we have a record six pack of retrograde planets including Mercury and Venus.

On September 4th, Jupiter, the drunken uncle planet of luck, abundance and miracles, will station retrograde in the solid pastures of Taurus, where it will remain until December 30th.

Jupiter retrograde does not mean that we are running out of luck, but that our idea of ​​happiness is being rewritten. Before we can ask for what we want or for more of it, we need to define it. Mercury retrograde in Virgo can help us get there if we allow his intercession.

In the words of the Jungfrau poet, scientist and playwright Goethe: “Knowing is not enough; we have to apply. Wanting is not enough; we have to do it.”

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 15: Beyonce performs on stage during the "On the run II" Tour at NRG Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Kevin Winter/PW18/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment)
In honor of the maiden season, Beyoncé urged her fans to show up in silver.
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For most of the month, Mars, the planet of sex and fights, duels and drag racing, will be in the balance-seeking, conflict-averse sign of Libra. Mars is considered to be in autumn in Libra, meaning it cannot fully unfold.

Under this diplomatic influence, we tend to decide when to persevere and engage in co-dependency rather than break free in autonomous surrender. I know winter is coming, but be careful and be true to yourself my boys! The upswing of Mars in Libra means we prioritize measured rest and reflection over quick and cutting reactions – a wonderful tool to use in this period of retrogression

The end of Mercury’s retrograde coincides with the new moon in Virgo on September 14th. Since the astrological calendar begins with Aries, the Virgo season is the mid-year flashback. Where have we been and where are we going? Virgo is a mutable earth, bridging the gap between summer and fall while gathering as she prepares.

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On September 21 comes the Autumnal Equinox, bringing an end to the long days of summer and beginning the slow march of the gathering shadows and procession toward winter. Two days later, on the 23rd, Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen’s holy birthday, the Sun will move into Libra, where it will highlight the progress we’ve made in balancing structure and dedication. The month ends with a full harvest moon in fiery Aries on September 29th.

Your September horoscopes are below. Be sure to read both your sun and rising signs.

As the first zodiac sign in the Aries zodiac, you will never fail or fail in your quest for success and progress. Living in a constant state of burn, you know how to move forward, but often find it difficult to refuse. The Virgo season, and this retrograde in particular, insists that you slow down. Virgo rules the 6th house of service and work, and as hard as it may be to hear, stillness is actually an ingredient of work and when honored can act like an accelerator, a mushroom-style Super Mario boost . Sometimes you have to take a break to move forward. Trust that if you keep going you’re not only risking burning out, you’re also risking burning bridges.

Blessed be your high thread count sheets, Taurus. Venus, your planetary ruler, FINALLY goes direct in the first week of September, although a handful of other planets are still making the tack this month. Among them is Uranus, the planet of upheaval and inspiration, retrograde in your sign and first house of self. You are highly a creature of habit, but there is a fine line between comfort and complacency, and Uranus will make you spot the difference and continue/rethink/break the courage – according to the form.

A woman is sitting in bed and her body is covered with a duvet
Taurus, you’re a creature of habit, but there’s a fine line between comfort and complacency.

As ruled by the coyote trickster Mercury, this step backwards could hit you Gemini hard. During the dog days of this transit, hold on to the knowledge that even minimal progress counts as progress. You care less about where you go and more about who you are hold When you set off, the journey will inevitably reveal the destination.

Mercury retrograde is setting in your 3rd house of communication, Cancer. You tend to be careful with your words, but caution and compassion are needed now more than ever. On the other hand, regressions are times for rethinking and rethinking, so you may have an opportunity to revisit a conversation that stalled earlier in the summer, or work out terms with a partner. romantic, platonic, professional, or otherwise. Look alive and channel the Virgo’s superpower as ghosts, ex-boyfriends, and excommunicated friends and foes beg for an audience with you. Be a benevolent God with unbreakable boundaries.

This summer you received the call of the lion. Venus retrograde in your sign prompted questions about wealth and worth, and now your 2nd house Mercury retrograde is backing down on finance and self-esteem. Fixing your self-image and relationship to earning will set you free for a payday and a brighter look. Remember that money, like everything else, is simply energy and how it is (or is not) expressed in your life is directly dependent on how you view it. Are you coming from a situation of scarcity or clarity? Hunger or Hope?

A woman leaned on a car that stopped at the side of the road
With Gemini, it matters less where you go and more about yourself hold When you set off, the journey will inevitably reveal the destination.

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With Mercury, your planetary ruler, in retrograde for the first half of the month, your birthday time is probably feeling anything but blessed, Virgo. Trust that any complication or misfortune that comes your way secretly leads to your ultimate benefit. You have incredible vision, Virgo, but you often find it difficult to trust what you cannot see and lean on what you cannot control. The world is waiting to see what earthborn magic you make out of this month’s mess.

With the planet of action Mars and the South Node in your zodiac sign Libra, this month the charming habit of sweeping everything under the rug, including your own fears and feelings, will no longer suffice. You don’t need a broom, my children, but rather a sieve to sort the past and its problems into what you can learn from and what you can process. To tackle it, to move forward!

Your Scorpio is supernaturally ready to endure all kinds of setbacks. Be it twists of fate or the slowing of the planets, you understand that it is all part of a larger cycle of liberation and renewal. That being said, now is a time that requires going deep, going in and going underground, especially as we approach the September 21st equinox. You are the sign of mysteries and I wonder what mysteries of self you might encounter in the stillness. what you could cut away and what you might still be able to clear the ground for.

a man standing in the rain
Scorpio is supernaturally ready to endure all kinds of setbacks.

Jupiter, your planetary ruler, is retrograde in Sagittarius this month. That doesn’t mean you’ll be less fortunate, but it could mean a calmer and less daring season for you. Think of a step backwards for what it is: a slowdown, and go at a similar pace. Make progress without putting pressure on yourself. Take care of your animal body and take the time to figure out where you are going and if that path is really the path you want to follow. Chart your course now so you’ll be ready when the winds of fortune blow in your sails again later this year.

Mercury retrograde is really bothering you, Capricorn. This relapse jeopardizes your sacred bond of efficiency and drive, forcing you to recalibrate your performance and let other people down a little. Commitment isn’t your usual modality, but remember that “Done” is always better than “Perfect” and a sliding scale will suffice.

a woman holding a broken heart
Pisces, you may be reminded of romantic trauma and heartbreak during this time.

Mercury retrograde is knocking on the door of your 8th house of sex, death, secrets and rotten finances, Aquarius. You’re more of a space cowboy than a pragmatist, but this step backwards requires you to be accountable for both buried treasure and carnal conquests. Find your money and your mojo and be ready to let go and liberate any attachments that are preventing the rich soil of your mind from turning compost into wildflowers.

Ahoy my Pisces friends, you have stationed the Coyote planet of the community retrograde in your 7th house of partnerships. This transit is less about gauging what you need in a relationship and more about realizing how freaking amazing you are all alone, Pisces. You may be reminded of romantic trauma and heartbreak during this time. Trust that the goal is not to languish, but to appreciate the progress you’ve made, the habits you’ve broken, and the independence you’ve found.

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