Hold on to the accelerator, Tyrese Maxey

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! After uploading Michael Jordan No throughout November, Tyrese Maxey fell back to earth, and Philadelphia 76ers too bad to comfortably beat the Orlando Magic!

Wrap it up friends, season is over… Okay, not really.

Yes, Maxey had his first single-digit match since October 26 and was more or less a factor throughout the second half of a highly contested contest, but things weren’t all. and bleak in South Philadelphia. Only in his second game was he paired back with Joel Embiid, Maxey had the highest total of assists of his career of nine, picking eight tables and again failing to record a revenue in 32 minutes of play.

If Tyrese Maxey just held on to the gas, fired a shot, and played like only six of his teammates were active, the Philadelphia 76ers would be back on their winning streak in no time.

The Philadelphia 76ers need Tyrese Maxey to play as Tyrese Maxey.

For the first six minutes of the game against the Orlando Magic, the Philadelphia 76ers looked unbeatable.

The team has great energy, the attack is emphasized, and Magic can’t buy a bucket unless Franz Wagner touches the ball. Joel Embiid set the screen, Tobias Harris press catch and fire 3 seconds, and Seth curry lit the fuse for his 8th game of 20 points of the season.

Maxey and Embiid assisted each other on shots, dribbling seemed legit, and in a highly acclaimed development, the Sixers averaged 11 rebounds in six minutes in boxing under the basket.

And after that? Are not.

Once Gary Harris hit the 3rd corner at 6:10 in the first game, Magic went on to run 15-12 to put the team in the 12th round, and eventually took the lead at 6:20 in the third inning.

But why? Well, for one, Doc Rivers was a bit too comfortable and allowed Magic to erase the lead with a blistering blow due to Franz Wagner and the thumb is broken first Jalen suggested at the top of the third. The spell switched to area defense, and before the Sixers could make up for it, the margin of error was cleared up considerably.

Sidebar: Doc definitely wants to rest his start on day four, doesn’t he? There’s another road trip, I get it, but unfortunately that’s going to be hard to do until the team’s overall talent level improves.

But that’s not the only reason Magic stays in the game longer than anyone wants. Are not. field.

Why? Because Maxey played not completely scared, but cautious. He wasn’t constantly driving to the basket when he was opening, he was delaying. He doesn’t dribble to open or use his screen speed to attack paint, or even give people what they want with his signature floating plane. No, when Maxey received the ball in the inning, he managed to get the ball into the hands of one of his more veteran teammates.

Accepted now, that works pretty well, again, Maxey’s assists total is better than his efforts as a rookie, but he’s almost become too passive , and in doing so erases much of what makes him special.

That cannot happen moving forward.

Now that sounds crazy even a month ago, Maxey was the Sixers’ second-best offensive player. He’s an accomplished goalscorer, a sublime shooter, and the kind of guy who’s increasingly doubly attractive at the top of the key. To win matches between 2021 and 22, Maxey needs to score at least 16 points per game, which is 2.5 points less than his average for the season.

If Maxey just scores like Maxey in any given game, the Sixers will play against the best of them all. But what if he and Embiid can form an elite two-man game with three shooters on either side? Well, the sky could very well be the limit, especially when the elephant arrives.

It can be difficult to remember at the time, Tyrese Maxey was still just a 21-year-old rookie. He plays more minutes and games than Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons combined until that point in their respective careers, and he quickly won the trust of Doc Rivers, who was notoriously stingy when it came to spending time with young people. While the team definitely needs Maxey to deliver as a passer and react, in order for the Philadelphia 76ers to play as close to their current ceiling as possible, they need the sophomore pro to do what he’s good at. best: scoring. Hold on to the accelerator, Tyrese Maxey


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