HederaStarter announces deployment plan on Hedera

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HederaStarter announces deployment plan on Hedera

The HederaStarter Launchpad has announced that it will launch on the Hedera Hashgraph Network in the coming months to complete the smart contract implementation on the Hedera network. Unbeknownst to many in the crypto industry at large, the Hedera Hashgraph Network is about to become a major player in the smart contract space in the coming months. Most people probably know Hedera for its unique currency symbol, aptly named HBAR (ℏ) but aside from the symbol, they probably know a bit about it having something to do with the ‘hashgraph’ ‘ although there are not many other possibilities. With that said, it is necessary to take a brief moment to discuss Hedera’s tremendous growth and how it has reached its current position in the industry and why Hedera’s smart contract release is shaping up to be one of the best. The biggest events of 2022.

What is Hedera?

To put it bluntly, Hedera is not a blockchain in the traditional sense, it is a Hashgraph. Hedera is a distributed consensus algorithm invented by Dr. Leemon Baird (Hedera co-founder and Chief Scientist) and this feature is mainly why Hedera is about to hit the smart contract industry. bright. The Hashgraph algorithm offers near-perfect efficiency in bandwidth usage (data upload/download) and thus can support and process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second in a single shard (Sharding). is a fully connected 2-peer grid of decentralized nodes in the network).

So now that it is clear that Hedera is not a blockchain, this is the right time to discuss some of the next developments that have not really caught the attention of the public yet but demonstrate why the advent of Hedera for the smart contract space is substantial, to say the least.

Hedera has real world business support. The network is being actively researched and used by industry leaders in corporate environments. Major industry players such as Google, IBM, LG, Boeing and now Ubisoft include a group of twenty-seven industry leaders that form the Hedera Board of Directors (which will eventually expand to thirty-nine members). ). This Governing Board helps promote and manage the stability of the Hedera network by directly running the high-level nodes, guiding the direction of the Hedera Hashgraph codebase to ensure it is capable of serving the industry by each individual. Representative board member and Hedera treasury manager to guide the network’s continued growth and development. This collaboration and guidance from companies with decades of experience in their industries has been absolutely invaluable in the inevitable translation of crypto innovations, Hedera innovations, into emerging industries. desperately needed these unique developments and they chose Hedera.

Aside from these deep business connections, Hedera has reached the point where Smart Contracts are only a short while away. Hedera chose to implement smart contracts such that they are EVM compatible and fully coded in Solidity, which means that it is cheaper and more efficient to pivot and deploy applications on Hedera than with a native implementation on Ethereum and making migration of users and developers to Hedera much easier. Hedera is already a PoS network, and combining that with its Fair Order trading system, its fees are a fraction of a cent and its 5 second deadline means it has all the benefits. section to start grappling with the likes of Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and the industry’s Fantoms. Smart contract services are the final piece of the proverbial puzzle, and Hedera’s implementation of them is imminent.

Shima Capital said,

“The Hedera Hashgraph network is in a prime position to experience massive growth as the network implements EVM compatibility, allowing smart contracts to be written and deployed in Solidity. HederaStarter will make a significant contribution to this growth as the network’s leading launch pad. Unlike other launchers, HederaStarter is able to create a unique culture on Hedera to differentiate it from other smart contract platforms. HederaStarter’s role in the Hedera ecosystem and the recent implementation of EVM compatible smart contracts are game-changing developments for the Hedera network. ”

HederaStarter and Community

Several key items related to the Hedera Network have been discussed but should focus on one that many readers are probably curious about when clicking on the link to this article, HederaStarter, what is it?

HederaStarter is designed to be the right launching pad for the Hedera ecosystem, the team consists of highly experienced software developers, business development professionals and many other tried and tested crypto experts. , all of which are familiar with emerging and developing ecosystems. The Hedera is at an inflection point and it has all the necessary pieces; powerful codebase, unique features that set it ahead of its peers *ho hashgraph ho* and business partnerships to implement it at an enterprise level and HederaStarter could be the ultimate component needed to take the next step in growth for the Hedera ecosystem.

Conor Devlin, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, shared,

“At HederaStarter, we want everyone to be able to participate in the development of the ecosystem on a network that has the technology foundation needed to bring the entire industry forward. Integrity is our guiding value at HederaStarter and we like to behave in such a way that we work intimately with the community and launch projects that we believe in and will make a difference in our lives. The Hedera Ecosystem and Support lays the foundation for the Common Growth of the Hedera Network in terms of culture, users and liquidity. HederaStarter is fully focused on ensuring we continuously fund and launch projects that are in line with the Hedera Foundation ethos and work on building community and creating a strong symbiosis between projects within the Hedera Foundation. the wider Hedera community. We have the opportunity to make Hedera a true leader in the space, and we will do so by funding and supporting projects with integrity. ”

HederaStarter recently completed initial rounds of funding and the team has begun laying the groundwork for the HederaStarter Launchpad dApp. The DApp is being tested internally with a release scheduled for the end of Q1 2022, after the IDO of the native HederaStarter token, code: $HTART. Upcoming articles and videos will discuss the complete HederaStarter and they will reveal the hard work that is continuously being put into the project.

The Hedera Hashgraph network is about to open with the upcoming release of smart contracts, join HederaStarter and help build the Hedera ecosystem to be the best in the entire market.

About HederaStarter

HederaStarter aims to be the leading launch platform on the Hedera Hashgraph Network. Run by a team of experienced builders capable of funding and launching projects that will be designed to both serve the users of the Hedera ecosystem and help scale the entire ecosystem. The main goal of the team is to make sure that they build with integrity. HederaStarter wants to build authentic relationships with all the teams and projects they start, and more importantly, to build healthy relationships with the Hedera community. It serves them at the end of the day and the success of HederaStarter is the success of the Hedera community.

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