HBO Max’s boisterous “peacemaker” remembers to have fun in the context of a cherished superhero

Through “Peacemaker”, writer and director James Gunn and its star, John Cena, exploiting the understanding of the lost superhero entertainment genre in the race for domination between Marvel and DC. At our urging to find depth in these powerful allegories, we forget that we have to have fun with them.

Gunn understood that, obviously Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” Explained and The Quirky 2021 Ending of “The Suicide Squad” for DC. In Peacemaker, the alter ego of Cena’s muscular Chris Smith, the director has a smooth mix of Star-Lord juvenile charm and the dangerous goofiness required with a villain. Harley Quinn as Batman.

Dropping Smith on another top secret mission to save the world brings us to a welcome lo-fi version of a superhero that has a light swipe of fun at all the brooding and contemplation. it’s his “Justice League” and his inventory of Marvel-dealers. Peacemaker’s world comes to life with garish colors, dressing-room humor, dodgy jokes, and a spiked glam-rock soundtrack.

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Every episode is guaranteed to feature at least one exciting choreography performance with Cena at the center, thanks to a carefully choreographed title credit sequence set to the gripping fist-dancer “Do You Wanna Taste It”, former Norwegian Eurovision Wig Wam rival.

Even as it throws all of that at us, along with storms of hyperdynamic violence and brutal challenges, “Peacemaker” admiringly questions whether there’s any transformative potential for people who commit terrible acts in the name of false beliefs, hideous or not.

Our eponymous far-right killing machine is a personified lack of self-discipline, a hypocritical Christofascist criticism of “God and Guns,” who asserts that all his weapons are stolen. adorned with dove peace badges. But “Peacemaker”, as well as being a fun, unique goofball ride is like a journey full of challenges and growth.

Cena takes all this clicking away, transforming the muscular man from a two-dimensional man into a lost soul seeking to discover his purpose. The performer established his comedic personality a long time ago, but this combines that skill set with his image as a sort of action hero, albeit a whirlwind in his skateboard. myself while lip-syncing to The Quireboys. Ending a comedy with a picture was easy for Cena, but his quick delivery is a timeless treat, especially when it’s served in a classroom full of ruthless kids. a season-ending scene that mob production fans will love.

Gunn, who wrote most of the first season’s scripts, added to Cena’s appeal by expanding on the characters of his co-stars, including the two “Suicide Squad” companions played by Steve Agee and Steve Agee. Played by Jennifer Holland.

Agee’s John Economos and Holland’s Emilia Harcourt were part of the team that cheated during the film’s plot, allowing certain team members to go on missions for the greater good.

While this was happening, Peacemaker was buried under a collapsed building, which happened after he stabbed team leader Rick Flagg (Joel Kinnaman in the movie) for trying to disobey his orders. know is wrong.

You don’t have to watch “Suicide Squad” to connect with “Peacemaker” because the series aggregates the appropriate actions in its own “Before On” scene. But that fateful confrontation with Flagg placed Peacemaker on the dark night of the soulful adventure that unfolds over the course of these eight episodes.

While locked into a mission that the mercenary suspects is as impossible and ridiculous as the “must-know” incident at the heart of “Suicide Squad”, he begins to realize his worldview has can be seriously misinterpreted.

The government points to him dire threats, assuming that no one will miss him if he is killed. When it comes to abusive white supremacist father Auggie Smith (Robert Patrick), who loudly expressed his wish that he would slit his son’s throat the day he was born, it’s true. Chris makes it clear that he doesn’t share his dad’s ugly biases and that dad still makes technologically advanced gear for him because, you know, family.

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The blossoming friendship with his new co-worker Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) and his friendliness with his new team commander Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji), makes him realize that he may not be as lovable and caring as he is. he thought. All of this means that some ugly squeaks on the floor are both hilarious and creepy.

With all the seriousness poured into all things “Justice League” related, it’s fair to think that “Peacemaker” taking place in the same universe could deliver a dizzying spell. Gunn clearly aims for that by including the controversial Batman debate between Peacemaker and a scornful elderly neighbor, along with minors’ jokes about his sex life. Aquaman and refers to fellows from the larger universe such as Bat-Mite.

But the author also creates a bright contrast between the urban-set, high-budget adventures of other blockbusters of the same name and Peacemaker’s overpass state challenges, which mostly involve confrontation with neanderthals and low-level enemies such as Judomaster (Nhat Le).

Gunn’s scripts still follow the classic structure of a hero’s psychological journey, descending to standard issues of fatherhood, but even the tragedy that creates Peacemaker is filled with transcendence. his world.

Aided by his gangster ally Vigilante (Freddie Stroma, after turning his back on “Bridgerton”) and his beloved pet Eagly (an entirely CGI-rendered creation and is the series’ actual scene-stealer), Peacemaker is a social crusader klutzy as well as a vulnerable one. But his relationships make him more human, anchored by Brooks’ heartfelt display and Stroma’s ability to deal effectively between the strange sociopath and the villains. sharp sickness.

Mind you, there’s a segment of the audience that might get tired of characters like Peacemaker, sass who are slow to understand the nuances of respectful etiquette but seek to defend their rights when consider a woman “big breasts”. In a world awash with such splendid breasts, the high probability that the “Peacemaker” and frequent references to its hero’s “deep state” could produce some mistake.

But even if you’re full of superhero and superhero ethos, “Peacemaker” wins thanks to its dedication to the twin powers of reverence and compassion complemented by a soundtrack. movies for rockin’. We probably won’t change our definition of Peacemaker from villain to hero at the end of the season, but having Cena and his co-stars get us interested in him is a win.

The first three episodes of “Peacemaker” premiere on Thursday, January 13 on HBO Max with a new episode being released weekly thereafter. See the trailer for it below, via YouTube.

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