Harry and Meghan Netflix Part 2: Prince claims William yelled at him over royal breakup in new documentary

Prince Harry claims his wife “does the job better” than “those who were born to do it”.

The Duke of Sussex has told how it was “terrifying” to see his brother, now the Prince of Wales, shouting and yelling at him at the Sandringham summit in front of the Queen during the Megxit crisis.

Harry also said in the final volume of the Sussexes’ controversial Netflix documentary that on the same day a joint statement was released without his permission on his behalf and on behalf of his brother, in which he denied a story that William bullied him out of the royal family would have.

Harry opened up about what happened behind the scenes when the Queen called Charles, William and Harry to Sandringham in January 2020 to resolve the Sussexes’ future plans after they issued a statement they wished to step down as senior royals.

“It was terrifying to see my brother yelling and yelling at me and my father saying things that just weren’t true and my grandmother sitting still and kind of taking it all in,” the duke said.


Watch: Harry claims William “yelled” at him during an emergency meeting called by Queen.

Harry claims William “yelled at him” during an emergency meeting called by Queen.

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 09:34


Harry and Meghan claim Palace prevented the Duke from seeing Queen

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have claimed the institution prevented Harry from seeing his grandmother the Queen after they decided to step down as senior royals.

The Duke tells episode five that they were planning to return to the UK from Canada for a visit in early 2020 and the Queen told him she had no plans all week so they could go for tea and stay the night.

Meghan said: “We fly straight back to Heathrow from Vancouver and just as we get on the plane this urgent message comes to H. saying ‘You are not allowed to visit Her Majesty.

“Make sure your Headmaster knows he can’t visit her. She is busy. She’s got plans all week.’”

Harry said to the camera, “I was like, ‘Well, that’s certainly the opposite of what she told me’.”

“When we got back to the UK, I called them and said, ‘We’ve now learned that you’re employed.’

“And she said, ‘Yes. I didn’t know I was busy. I’ve now been told I’ll be busy all week. I’ve actually been told I’m busy all week. I was like ‘wow’.”

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 12:40 p.m


Harry accuses the royal household’s press offices of “vying against each other” for the move to the US

The Duke of Sussex blamed the competing press offices of the royal household for one of the reasons he now “lives in another country”.

After the Duchess of Sussex’s lawyer Jenny Afia, a partner at law firm Schillings, claimed a senior adviser to the then Duke of Cambridge could not have testified in Meghan’s lawsuit against Associated Newspapers “without the authority of her bosses,” the Sussexes shown the development being discussed in separate footage in Netflix’s Harry & Meghan documentary.

Meghan said: “I know it’s your brother, I won’t say anything about your brother but it’s so obvious…”

Harry said there were attempts to “cover” the aide’s connection to William, with the person who worked for the Sussexes being referred to as “Meghan and Harry’s former aide” rather than working for William.

An unidentified woman commented, “I keep saying that… Why are we talking about him as her former assistant and not the person who works for your brother?”

Harry replies, “That’s why I live in a different country now, because basically all the communications teams are trying to outdo each other.

“This is the contract, the symbiotic relationship between the two institutions working as best they can.”

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 12:30 p.m


NEW: Buckingham Palace declined to comment on Volume II of the Netflix documentary

Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace have declined to comment on the Sussexes’ Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan.

The second part of the documentary was packed with fiery allegations directed against royal household press offices, including allegations that Williams’ press office was telling lies to the media.

Harry also claimed his brother yelled and yelled at him in a “terrifying argument” at Sandringham over his and Meghan’s future as senior royals.

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 12:25 p.m


Watch: Harry covers Meghan’s eyes as he watches Oprah Winfrey’s interview

Home video footage shown in episode six of the Netflix documentary appears to show the couple watching their interview with Oprah Winfrey, but the TV screen isn’t shown, and Harry and Meghan end up kissing on a sofa.

The documentary moves to the next day where the pair are seated at a desk behind their laptops and Harry makes a mock surprised face and throws up his hands with the words “shut up” as Meghan says “Beyonce just texted” .

Harry covers Meghan’s eyes as he watches Oprah Winfrey’s interview

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 12:22


Comment | Harry chose to leave royalty behind – blaming Meghan always had an ulterior motive

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary series further corrected the record, Culture Reporter Nicole Vasell writes.

For years, much of the British media has formed its own stance on this, prompting the couple to quit as senior royals and relocate to the United States. The couple’s move, dubbed “Megxit,” to pursue more independent lives, was immediately positioned as Meghan’s sole work.

In this version of events, Prince Harry had been persuaded by his “controlling” American wife to leave behind his family and a way of life he loved. Because it couldn’t possibly have been his own drive.

Read the full story below:

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 12:12 p.m


Data shows Meghan Markle “gets twice as much negative press” as Kate Middleton

As Harry and Meghan open up about their struggles with the media, research from last year found the Duchess of Sussex received more than twice as much negative press as the Duchess of Cambridge.

According to an analysis of Guardian43 percent of articles written about Meghan Markle between May 2018 and mid-January 2019 had a negative tone.

Of 843 articles about Meghan published in 14 newspapers, only 20 percent were positive while the remaining 36 percent were neutral.

In contrast, most articles written about Kate Middleton during the same period were either positive or neutral.

The analysis found that of 144 articles about Kate, 45 percent were positive, 47 percent were neutral, and only 8 percent were negative.

Read the full story below:

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 12:00 p.m


Harry and Meghan deny reports that former press secretaries voluntarily testified in court

The screen at the end of the final episode of the Netflix documentary reads: “In response to allegations that Mr Knauf provided voluntary testimony in connection with the Daily Mail litigation with the approval of the office of Prince William, a representative of Mr Knauf sent the following statement:

“These claims are completely false. Mr Knauf was asked by both the Duchess of Sussex and Associate Newspapers to provide evidence.

“He was advised by a lawyer that evidence in his possession might be relevant and he then presented it directly to the court, remaining neutral in the proceedings.”

Last year it was reported that Mr Knauf had filed a complaint against Meghan Markle, relating to two personal assistants and a third employee whose trust she had allegedly eroded.

Another document read: “The Duchess of Sussex’s lawyers responded with the following statement:

“Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex’s legal team disputes this allegation. Mr. Kanuf was not asked by the Duchess or her team to give testimony.

“Nor do their lawyers believe that Mr Knauf remained ‘neutral’ in providing testimony relied on by Associated Newspapers while he was working for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 11:50 am


Tyler Perry reveals he was asked to be Lilibet’s godfather

The latest episode of the Netflix series has revealed that Harry and Meghan’s boyfriend Tyler Perry is Lilibet’s godfather.

The couple’s friend, Tyler Perry, then shows up in the episode and says Harry and Meghan called him to ask if he would be Lili’s godfather.

“I’m taking a minute to process that and I thought I’d be honored. I would be absolutely honored. And I hung up the phone, recorded everything, then I called them back, I said, ‘Ah, wait a minute, does that mean we have to go over there and do all this with them at church and find out all this from, because I doesn’t want that. Maybe we can do a little private ceremony here and leave it at that and if you have to do it there then that’s fine,'” he said.

Meghan’s friend, tennis champion Serena Williams, also appeared and said: “You make your own family and friends can be family too.

“You can start something fresh and new and hope that one day this family will understand on both ends that this is really love.”

(Invision 2022)

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 11:40 am


Watch: Harry and Meghan cry during a guided meditation session

Meghan spoke of wanting “peace” in the final episode of the Netflix documentary.

She said: “Part of that for me is reclaiming when you’ve lost a big piece of yourself. To get that back you need to reclaim those relationships and friendships and things that anchor you to who you are.”

Meghan said her niece Ashleigh was a big part of the process for her, adding that she came back into her life in late 2021.

“I texted her and she was immediately happy to be reconnected,” Meghan said.

Ashleigh said: “I was there at Christmas. I’ve missed so much of Archie’s life, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like it. I think we had that bond straight away.”

Ashleigh said it was “really good” to see Meghan’s kids grow up and feel like she was in their lives.

Harry and Meghan cry during a guided meditation session

Thomas KingsleyDecember 15, 2022 11:30 am

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