Hard to believe Joe Biden never told Kamala Harris about 2024: Goodwin

In terms of it, Vice President Kamala Harris’ statement that she and President Biden never discussed whether he will run for re-election Seems like the kind of ludicrous lie that only a politician could tell. With Biden’s age is growing and their decline, and the state of their party’s troubles, not to mention Harris’s staffing problems and low standing with voters, the president and vice president are unbelievable. never talked about 2024.

And having contributed to the country, they will be guilty of negligence in not talking about the future. Surely it appeared at some point?

No, not once, Harris insisted. She told The Wall Street Journal in response to a question about 2024, “I’ll be very honest: I don’t think about it, just as we haven’t talked about it.”

So we have to believe that not only are they not talking about the next election, she’s not even thinking about it. That would make her almost unique in the USA!

Harris says all this while claiming she is “very honest,” which naturally makes that claim all the more unbelievable. But it’s her story and she’s going to stick with it.

So, in the absence of evidence to the contrary and in the spirit of the holiday season, let’s be kind and generous. There is perhaps a chance, a very narrow, very technical chance, that Harris was guilty of participating in the extreme political spiral but not lying outright.

In that case, here’s a scenario that might come to mind.

Imagine it’s late Friday afternoon and she and the president are alone in the Oval Office after a rough week, which means pretty much any Friday this year. Nothing went well, they were tired and frustrated and she looked at him and said, “Joe, we have to talk.”

Vice President Kamala Harris addresses President Joe Biden at the Democratic National Committee holiday party.
Vice President Kamala Harris addresses President Joe Biden at the Democratic National Committee holiday party.
AP / Patrick Semansky

He blinked as he wondered who she was and was about to ask how she got into the building when he remembered she was his vice president. But he didn’t like her tone and clenched both hands because he assumed she wanted his job.

His eyes narrowed into small slits and he said to her: “Look, kid, here’s the deal. You don’t understand. So step back. ”

She was shocked at his reaction. She just wanted to talk about pulling their polls so midterms don’t cost them Congressional fees. Instead, he slashed her to the bone with an insult.

She does what she always does when she’s nervous – laugh out loud. He ignored her and turned away – and suddenly she was in a fit of rage.

President Joe Biden speaks at the Democratic National Committee holiday party.
Biden became the longest sitting president this year.
AP / Patrick Semansky

“I do not understand? I do not understand? ‘ she practically yelled. “You’re dodging an old fool, you’re ruining the country and killing the group.

“People are saying you’re the worst president ever, worse than Carter. You can’t even read telemeter without turning to nonsense. You keep telling that stupid story about the Amtrak commander, which everyone knows isn’t true. Even Obama is fed up and thinks you’re hopeless.

“And you say I don’t understand? How lucky!”

Now it’s Biden’s turn to be shocked. He spun around and instead of taking a step, stumbled toward her. Fearing he would fall, she supported him by placing both hands on her chest and holding him steady.

“Who are you calling old?” he requested. “I am 69 years old. Feel these muscles,” he yelled, flexing his biceps.

“And don’t give me that Carter crap. And what if Obama doesn’t like me. What did he do for me? ”

Jen Psaki previously said Biden intends to run in 2024.
Jen Psaki previously said Biden intends to run in 2024.
Carolyn Kaster / AP

She couldn’t believe her ears and let him have it again.

“What did Obama do for you? He made you vice president, that’s why. Without him, you’d be in Delaware eating Jell-O and taking a long nap. And there won’t be any reporters around to care which damn ice cream flavor you like.

“In fact, you may not be able to afford ice cream. You won’t have a job and your wonderful son Hunter won’t have any income because no one will pay him to come to you. ”

She moves towards him, her prosecution experience begins. “And tell me, who in the world is buying this crap he calls art?”

“And one more thing, old goat, you’re 79, not 69!”

Now he’s screaming too. “What a cheap shot. Anyone can forget how old they are! ”

Suddenly, he seemed tired. He lowered his voice and said matter-of-factly: “Look, here’s the deal. You are of no help. I have given you work and a lot to do. You said you would fix the border but you won’t even get there. What do you do all day?

“No one wants to work for you and even our media friends don’t like you. Do you know how horrible you must be not to get a piece of puff pastry in the New York Times?

The Biden administration has had a rough first year.
The Biden administration has had a rough first year.
J. Scott Applewhite / AP

“You’re the first female vice president, you’re black, you’re out there on the left, all the things they want. But the Times won’t say anything nice about you. “

At that moment, Jill Biden walked in and drove them away. She took her husband’s hand and led him out the door toward the mansion. As they walked down the hall, Harris heard the first lady tell the president he could sprinkle chocolate ice cream tonight.

You’ve got it – a scenario that makes one believe Biden and Harris never really talked about 2024. After their disastrous year together, there’s nothing left to say.

Adams leads (ership)

Celebrate his election victory, Eric Adams vowed to “show America how to run a city.”

Early signs suggest that he is suffering from a neurological disorder.

Even before he took office, Adams’ intense focus on solving crime was capturing the attention of Democrats across America. San Francisco Mayor London Breed has changed his tune last week, from “beating the police” to declaring a state of emergency to stem the decline. Increased crime, overt drug use and homeless camps are turning the once beautiful city into a dangerous eye socket.

Mayor-elect Eric Adams speaks during a news conference at Queensbridge homes in Long Island City.
Mayor-elect Eric Adams speaks during a news conference at Queensbridge homes in Long Island City.
AP / Brittainy Newman

Even President Biden, who saw no crime during last year’s riots and the increase in murders that followed, was finally alarmed. In an inaugural address on Friday, he welcomed Adams’ choice of Keechant Sewell Becomes NYC’s Top Police and called for more police funding.

‘We have to spend more money’ to give police ‘the help they really need’ Biden tells graduates at South Carolina State University, a historic black organization.

That’s what governments are responding to polls showing most Americans think Dems is too soft on crime. No problem. The only important thing is that the officials do the right thing.

Readers get ‘Acton’ on Cuo

Reader Jim Irish turns to history to corroborate my observations about Andrew Cuomo that “power corrupt, and the third clause completely corrupted.”

Irish writes: “Lord Acton, author of the original maxim that ‘power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts,’ you will find its use amusing.

“But he won’t find the humor in Cuomo.” Hard to believe Joe Biden never told Kamala Harris about 2024: Goodwin

Tom Vazquez

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