‘Grey’s Anatomy’ writer reveals she lied about cancer and dead brother: ‘I screwed it up’

Elisabeth Finch, screenwriter on ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy, finally confessed to her sophisticated medical ruse.

“I’ve never had any form of cancer,” she admitted to the ankler in a bombshell interview.

“I lied when I was 34 and it was the biggest mistake of my life. It just got bigger and bigger and bigger and buried itself deeper and deeper inside me,” she continued.

Finch was placed on leave earlier this year after allegations that she concocted her allegedly debilitating health crises to attract attention and was investigated following the explosive news.

Several storylines for Grey’s, from which she later voluntarily departed, were based on Finch’s supposed life experiences, which she now admits were entirely fabricated.

“What I did was wrong. Not okay. Damned. All the words,” said the former crew member, who first began writing for the hit drama in 2015.

What began as an honest knee injury in 2007 quickly unfolded into a complex monstrosity of untruths. The “context” of the lie, she explained, began with an addiction to the critical care she received after her hiking accident and while recovering from surgery.

Still Grey's Anatomy
The Grey’s screenwriter went as far as shaving her head and faking an illness to convince her co-workers that she had cancer.
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Then it was “dead quiet” – no more special treatment or hands-on care – and so the lie began “in that silence.” She also blamed childhood abuse at the hands of her brother Eric, accusing him of “terrorizing” her, but not enough to leave a mark.

“I had no support and went back to my old maladaptive coping mechanism,” she said. “I lied and made something up because I needed support and attention, and that’s what I did.”

In 2012, she brought devastating news to her friends and colleagues: Doctors had allegedly found a tumor. She claimed the rare malignancy invaded her spine and was unresponsive to chemotherapy treatments, and she went on to publish several personal essays in Elle about her harrowing story, stories that have since been removed.

She chose the specific type of cancer – chondrosarcoma – because of its difficult treatment, she told the ankler. At the time she filmed her first fib, she also claimed that she had lost a kidney and part of her leg – hence the knee replacement.

Elizabeth Fink
Finch (left) based the storylines on the hit drama from her own life experiences, or at least that’s what the Shondaland team thought.
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“I know what I did is absolutely wrong,” she admitted. “I lied and there is no excuse for that. But there is a context for it. The best way I can explain it is that many people adopt a maladaptive coping mechanism when experiencing trauma. Some people drink to hide or forget things. Drug addicts try to change their reality. Some people cut. I lied. That was my coping and my way to feel safe and seen and heard.”

Their web of deception stretches far beyond them. Aside from embarrassing legendary screenwriter Shonda Rimes – the mastermind behind “Grey’s” – and the entire Disney family, she fabricated other people’s deaths to evoke sympathy. She even went so far as to claim that her brother Eric committed suicide in 2019.

Turns out he works as a doctor in Florida.

“I didn’t know the connective tissue between my brother and my medical trauma and my depression and PTSD and my anxiety,” she said, claiming she met with multiple therapists to get a diagnosis. Despite desperate attempts to be labeled with a personality disorder, she said professionals attributed it to trauma.

A professor of psychiatry and an associate professor of psychology at the University of Alabama spoke to the ankle about the mysterious case of Elisabeth Finch. The expert, dr. Marc D. Feldman said it was a “classic case of man-made interference,” though he never met the disgraced screenwriter.

“The main reason people seem to do this is because they have an underlying personality disorder or are having trouble getting their needs met that aren’t self-defeating,” he said. “Instead of asking for attention or care, they engage in pathological behaviors that allow them to indirectly get what they want.”

Finch nibbled on salt crackers — claiming at the time it was the only food she could digest — while her skin paled and her head pounded. She even went as far as fitting a fake port catheter and faking vomit in the bathroom to keep the lie alive.

Her achievement of her life led to her own chair in the writing room, which no one would dare sit in even if she weren’t there, and she reportedly invented a slew of supporting lies that portrayed her as a magnet for misfortune.

Elizabeth Fink
Finch was applauded by the cast and crew of “Grey’s,” but quickly disappeared when the truth emerged.
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“She always had some tragedy or bizarre hardship in her life,” recalled an unnamed colleague. “Things that don’t happen to others happen to her all the time.”

A Gulf War veteran chased her, slashed her tires and stabbed her apartment door, she alleged. A man exposed himself to her while masturbating in a traffic rage when he stopped at a red light, she said. She also claimed she was bombarded with anti-Semitic posters slipped under her door.

Finch insisted to the clerk that these stories were true, though her word was tainted by her cheating habit.

She once even claimed she had an abortion due to her cancer diagnosis while filming a video for NowThis amid rising political tensions over reproductive freedoms.

She was only caught in March 2022, after more than a decade of carefully crafted lies. Inside sources revealed that their stories that were too good to be true were actually just that.

At least they were too good to really happen to her. Doubts about Finch’s claims first surfaced when a colleague called Jennifer Beyer, Finch’s wife, and found that Beyer’s own complaints and incidents bore a striking resemblance to the stories they had heard from Finch.

When Beyer met with both Shondaland and Disney, which owns the ABC network, it was clear their ailing screenwriter was healthier than they thought.

“If you’re caught up in a lie, forget who you told it — what you told that person and if that person knows that — and that’s the world you can get caught in,” Finch said.

Now her paranoia has dissipated and the only thing left to do is clean up her mess, she said.

“I could only hope that the work I’ve been doing will allow me to get back into those relationships where I can say, ‘OK, I did that, I hurt a lot of people and I’m going to be my friggin’ king too work off ass because this is where I want to be and I know what it’s like to lose everything,'” she said.

https://nypost.com/2022/12/07/greys-anatomy-writer-reveals-she-lied-about-having-cancer-dead-brother-i-f-ked-up/ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ writer reveals she lied about cancer and dead brother: ‘I screwed it up’

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