Granny gift Expired Lottery ticket for teenage girl to notice the letters circled on it – Story of the day

A young girl was ridiculed at her birthday party after she was given an expired lottery ticket by an old woman she was fighting for; however, nothing is as it seems.

Laura Chaney is famous… but not for the reasons she likes.

Everyone in the district knew her; The woman always feeds pigeons in the local park. Rain comes, sun comes, the old woman can be found there, surrounded by her pigeons.

Stacy wins the lottery when she decides to befriend Laura, whom no one wants to be friends with. | Photo: Shutterstock

She has no children of her own, and ever since the man she once called her soul mate died in a motorcycle accident when she was 25, she refuses to let herself out there again. When she makes that decision, she literally becomes alone, but instead of hating it, she accepts the change and chooses to move forward with life.

It quickly became a part of her so that when she got older and moved into where she now resides, loneliness was a state that was always present for her. So she didn’t see the need to let other people get into her business.

This woman refuses to utter a word unless it’s absolutely necessary, and her new neighbors don’t like all secrets.

“Today I tried to extend an olive branch to that old tree again, but she turned me down. Who does she think she has become so domineering?” One of her neighbors complained one day at the local sauna.

Loneliness is a state of Laura. | Source: Pexels

“That woman was just as rude as they came, and that’s probably why she was dressed in rags. There were only pigeons like her,” said Thelma, the garbage collector’s wife.

But Laura didn’t care; she just kept doing her job, mostly feeding the pigeons and talking to them.

One day, a teenager named Stacy arranged to go for a walk with her friend Alice in the park. If Laura is the epitome of loneliness, Stacy is the opposite.

The girl loved to have friends and was always liked by many until she made a social mistake one day at the coffee shop. It was just a simple mistake – her fork fell off the tray, and she reached down to pick it up when a particularly loud hiss escaped from the back of her car.

One of her neighbors thinks Laura is domineering. | Photo: Pexels

For some reason, the normally noisy cafe went silent, everyone’s eyes were fixed on her immediately, and then laughter began to roll. She escaped quickly, but word spread quickly, and soon everyone was sneaking glances at her.

When Stacy asked Alice for a walk, she was just testing her to see if she would risk going out with her. However, she phoned Stacy and said that she had decided to go out with other girls, proving that no one wants to be attached to Stacy anymore.

That injured Stacy, but she kept walking anyway. The young girl cried quietly as she walked alone, and when her vision began to blur, she found a bench to sit on.

It was right across from where Laura sat, surrounded by her pigeons as usual. The woman seemed oblivious to Stacy, but nonetheless the girl felt like she was being watched.

“Look at me,” she said desperately. “I’m just as lonely as Laura.”

A few minutes after she whispered, Stacy saw Laura get up and walk towards her.

“Want to feed the birds together?” she asked in an unpleasant voice.

Stacy almost rejects her, then thinks, “What harm can it do?”

“I don’t mind,” she replied, and that was the beginning of their friendship.

No one wants to be associated with Stacy anymore. | Photo: Unsplash

As time went on, Stacy spent more and more time with Laura, and that began to draw negative attention to her as all her schoolmates considered her lame for doing so.

It increases her partner’s hatred for her, and the social distance widens until they start bullying her.

Of course, this did not shake the determined young lady who fell in love with Laura, a quiet but wise woman. Sometimes they play games together after school or feed pigeons while talking about her challenges at school.

On Stacy’s birthday, she doesn’t want to throw a party because she has no friends to show up. However, her parents held a secret session and invited her classmates.

To her surprise, they all agreed to come, and when Stacy found out, she decided she wanted Laura there too.

“I couldn’t say I had all my friends there if Laura wasn’t around,” she told her mother.

“Okay honey, contact her,” the woman replied.

Stacey’s parents planned a birthday party for her. | Photo: Unsplash

Stacy called her and invited her to his birthday party, but when Laura arrived, the guests mocked her and Stacy.

Laura saw that she was about to spoil things for her young friend, so she slowly decided to leave. But before that, she gave Stacy an old lottery ticket.

Everyone had their eyes on them, so they saw the exchange – one bully even stepped forward and snatched the paper to see what was on it.

“It’s an expired lottery ticket,” laughed the boy, and the others joined in. “This ticket expired a year ago, ma’am.”

“Give it back,” Stacy said, taking it from his hand and shoving it in his pocket.

When she looked up, Laura was gone, and her parents were waiting to tell her she couldn’t leave the party on her own.

Stacy’s guests mocked Laura. | Source: Unsplash

A few days later, Stacy noticed that some of the fine print on the back of the ticket was circled – that was encryption. Something she and Laura enjoy working on.

She took out her pen and quickly connected all of the circled letters, forming a message that read: “I’m old and I want to leave someone’s savings. You can find it in luggage box at the station.”

On the main side of the ticket, she noticed other numbers circled and realized it was a combination with the storage box at the station.

The next day, Stacy went to the train station and found the money inside the box. She couldn’t believe that Laura had given her her savings. It was quite substantial, so her parents helped her secure it by opening her own account.

Stacy bought two puppies with that money, one for herself and one for Laura, so that she would no longer feel lonely at home. And every weekend, the two take their dog for a walk in the lovely park.

Laura leaves Stacey with years of savings | Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story?

  • There is always a silver lining. Stacy is embarrassed at school because of what happened in the canteen, and her friends shun her. It broke her heart, but in the midst of all that chaos, she met a true friend who helped her feel better about herself.
  • Never be ashamed of your friends. No one in town liked Laura except Stacy, but despite that, she didn’t think twice about inviting her to her birthday party even though she knew everyone would be there. Laura saw this and saw it fitting to reward the young friend for her bravery.

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