Ghislaine Maxwell trial – live: Prosecutors say they will take a break this week as third accuser details abuse

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Second accuser testifies

Prosecutors in the trial Ghislaine Maxwell, a British social networking site and a former partner of Jeffrey Epstein, closed the seventh day of proceedings with the surprise announcement that it planned to settle its case this week, presumably on Thursday.

Mrs. Maxwell, 59, was charged with grooming teenage girls because the abuse by late convicted sex offenders and financiers. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges against her.

The day began with jurors being shown photographs depicting Ms. Maxwell’s relationship with Epstein. Judge Alison Nathan agreed that the photos were relevant because they show the relationship between the couple, who were a married couple during the 1990s and 2000s.

Much of the day was taken from the accuser “Carolyn”, who is said to have been paid by Ms. Maxwell to massage Epstein from when she was 14 to 18 at his Palm Beach mansion. he. She said that something sexual happened every time she visited the house, that she was cuddled by Mrs. Maxwell, and that she was encouraged to recruit other girls.

If Ms. Maxwell is found guilty, she could face up to 35 years in prison.


Epstein showed Maxwell more than $30 million in bank records

Oliver O’ConnellDecember 8, 2021 02:30


Court sketch artist responds after image of Ghislaine Maxwell sketching her back goes viral

New York painterWhose drawing? Ghislaine Maxwell A drawing of her during her experiment went viral, saying the social media site had sketched her “a few times in a row”.

Talk to Intelligencer, Jane Rosenberg spoke of the image that captured everyone’s imagination and said: “In that little courtroom preliminary, that’s when the sketching started. She sketched for me several times in a row.”

Maroosha Muzaffar reports.

Oliver O’ConnellDecember 8, 2021 01:30


Never before have the pictures of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion been shown to a jury

Sketches of Ghislaine Maxwell hanging in Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion appear in one of dozens of never-before-seen photos released by prosecutors as evidence during the trial on social media.

The images were taken during an FBI raid of Epstein’s Florida home in 2005 and show his bedroom, office and massage table, where he received an aphrodisiac massage.

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Oliver O’ConnellDecember 7, 2021 23:30


The prosecutor’s office said they will process the case this week

In a surprise announcement late Saturday for the trial, the prosecution said it would take a break this week, which could theoretically shorten the trial considerably.

They decided not to call “Brian” brother to “Jane” who was the first accuser to testify against Ms. Maxwell.

Only one more accuser was given a stand against the social system, with the court hearing from three in the first seven days of the trial. Testimony can be completed as early as Thursday.

Originally expected to be between five and six weeks, proceedings could be cut considerably short.

Oliver O’ConnellDecember 7, 2021 22:19


Maxwell’s defense attorney’s final question was to see a photograph where Carolyn claimed to have seen the defendant naked and pregnant. After confirming that she had seen it, Mr. Pagliuca finished the cross-examination.

When Comey initiated the prosecution’s diversion, Carolyn cried when she replied that no, she had not written her own legal complaint that was mentioned earlier.

The defense protested again when Carolyn was asked if she was going to court to get the money and replied that no, what Ms. Maxwell did was wrong.

When Ms. Comey finished her question about Carolyn, Mr. Pagliuca asked what happened to the $446,000 she received in 2009. Carolyn replied that she did not know.

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Another comment from Carolyn was to be looked down upon by the judges.

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Judge Nathan asked the jury to ignore Carolyn’s remarks, reminding her that she must follow the rules of the court.

In response to Mr. Pagliuca’s question, she asked what any of this had to do with what she was here for today, adding that Ghislaine Maxwell had caressed her and made her soul melt. broken.

Mr. Pagliuca asked if it was true that she never mentioned Ms. Maxwell in therapy, which Carolyn confirmed was.

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Pagliuca asked Carolyn if she had moved from Florida to Georgia for rehab, to which she replied that it was to escape traumatic life events.

When asked about whether she used cocaine at Epstein’s Palm Beach home, she also replied no.

Referring to her previous testimony in the lawsuit, in which she said she did not have sex with Epstein, she explained: “I said ‘No’ because I’m not a willing person. willing to participate. He had sex with me and I stopped him.”

Oliver O’ConnellDecember 7, 2021 21:35


The cross-examination continues, turning to Carolyn .’s drug and alcohol use

At the end of the break, Assistant U.S. Attorney Maurene Comey asked how long the cross-examination would take because it had outlasted Carolyn’s testimony. She received no answer.

The defense turned to Carolyn’s use of drugs and alcohol.

Mr Pagliuca asked if she recalls abusing drugs at the age of 13, to which she replied: “If you call it drugs then yes.”

This line of questioning from the defense side was anticipated as a tactic to discredit Carolyn before the jury, hence why the prosecution included that in her testimony.

Oliver O’ConnellDecember 7, 2021 21:19 Ghislaine Maxwell trial – live: Prosecutors say they will take a break this week as third accuser details abuse


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