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Is GamesMaster overrated? (image: E4)

One reader believes that not only was the old ’90s GamesMaster a bad TV show, but so was the recent resurgence on E4.

Can we be honest and admit that GamesMaster was never a good show?

The only reason our gamers watch it is because we are starved of video game news and reviews in addition to a monthly magazine. At the time, for console gamers, demos were nothing more than a pipe dream. If we’re lucky, the best we’ve gotten is a VHS cassette taped to the front of a console, previewing some upcoming titles, but they’re few and far between.

And so we eat the junk that is given to us, even under the probable Bad Influence, like a dog munching on a piece of dried chicken that has fallen on the floor.

What we want is a program that treats gamers with respect. A game version of BBC Popular Movies would be a good sample, with news features, previews and developer insights. What we got instead was B-listers and members of the public furiously waving their joysticks at pointless challenges, while disinterested host Dominik Diamond doubled over on the posts and the great late Sir Patrick Moore presided over the proceedings, clearly not knowing what was going on. Earth is happening.

Back in the early 90s, as a gamer, you would be stigmatized that you were a bookworm living in the basement, with no social skills, and perhaps a virgin. GamesMaster did nothing to help change that attitude, and it wasn’t really until the PlayStation era that things started to change and gaming became a more accepted hobby for the masses. Of course, gaming is barely seen in the same negative light now, but it’s still struggling to free itself from those old stereotypes.

And then the new GamesMaster series comes out and manages to set the image of the game back 30 years, as well as somehow manages much worse than the original show, and includes season 3 infinity. bad.

‘Let’s sweat,’ is Dominik Diamond’s catchphrase in the basement bargaining to see Robert Florence before every challenge, because, you know, that’s what happens when we play video games . We sweat. Yes, nerds in sweaty basements with poor hygiene.

But anyway, maybe the new challenges on the show will help us seem a little less eccentric. So, let’s take a look at some of those that the manufacturer has decided to come up with as a fair representation of modern gamers.

Right from the start, we’re introduced to Sam Tuff, an obvious gaming legend who wears Oculus Quest 2 (or whatever it’s called now), swinging his arms around in his living room. , his father stared at his son with eyes that said he had just died inside. How proud he must be when he sees his little apple hanging around in a virtual headset on national television.

After that wasn’t a good start, but it got worse. Then we meet two grown men, brothers who have devoted 10 years of their lives to playing Mortal Kombat, who call themselves, waiting for it… Ketchup and Mustard. You have read correctly. Ketchup and mustard. And they even wore red and yellow jackets, striding around the set as if they were about to enter a heavyweight awards war.

At this point, I’m glad I decided to watch the show alone, as if she’d seen what I was watching, she’d probably confiscate the PlayStation 4. In the next episode we have a female gamer wears mandatory cat ears. for no apparent reason, because apparently all female gamers wear cat ears.

In the final episode we found the bottom of the word ‘celeb’, self-titled (and possibly self-proclaimed) Elz the Witch (you can’t make these) who only claims to be famous doesn’t wear much of her Instagram. But at least she proved a bit of ’90s style to our sweaty virgins, right?

Aside from the challenges, the new GamesMaster completely fails as an entertainment show with its ‘news’ sections and attempts to sketch comedy. The whole ‘Grado Education’ part is absolutely lousy, pointless, and no one should use their fingers as a way to judge a game.

The most emotional moment was the pitiful attempt to draw attention to the apparent sexualization of female characters in video games, compared with their male counterparts, by comparing the page Quiet’s costume from Metal Gear with Big Daddy’s armor from BioShock and a soldier in a Ghillie suit.

Aside from making the mistake of assuming that only male soldiers can wear Ghillies, Big Daddies are neither male nor female (as far as I understand) but why have such contrasting outfits? How about comparing Kratos, who walks around with his suit on, exposing his oversized muscles, or any male character that might be considered excessive or physically unattainable?

So the new GamesMaster is bad. The presenters barely have any depth to them, the comedy isn’t funny, and the gamers are once again made to look like the weirdos.

The only salvation is Sir Trevor McDonald, who, like Sir Patrick before him, clearly has no idea what he’s talking about, which makes his absurdists even humorous. than.

Other than that, however, this series needs to be confined to its own fire pit once and for all.

By Readers RelaxedChimp (PSN ID)

(And yes, I find it ironic to have a RealxedChimp gamertag, compared to Ketchup and Mustard, but I wouldn’t call myself that on national television!)

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