Game Inbox: Nintendo Switch for Christmas, Praey For The Gods and Metro Exodus love review

A good idea for a Christmas gift? (photo: Nintendo)

Inbox Wednesday was shocked at how good the graphics in The Matrix Awakens were, as one reader questioned the need for a Silent Hill remake.

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Christmas console
So it’s almost Christmas now and my girlfriend is badging me for what I want, because I just can’t decide. I got a PlayStation 5 last year and nothing bigger that I particularly wanted. So the idea for a Switch came up and I obviously wanted to get my hands on the best one, the OLED model – which was basically sold out to everyone and sold for around £350.

We can afford it, we’re doing fine, but my question for Inbox is is it worth it at this point? The format is becoming stale now, and while Nintendo will never admit it, it will certainly be superseded relatively soon, I assume within the next one to three years. Although I realize that assumptions and Nintendo don’t really go together.

But I worry about the lack of new games this year, basically Metroid Dread and nothing else. I realize that Nintendo’s way of doing things has been hit hard by the pandemic but can we really expect anything better for next year? There are a lot of games with a vague 2022 date but nothing concrete, which makes me worried that they will be delayed again.

It seems a bit odd to buy a new console for a format that has had so few new releases in the last two years, even if there are external reasons for that. What do people think? Does the Switch still have life in it or have I missed the boat and should just wait for the next one?

The next generation awakens
Just released another The Matrix Awakens demo and I can’t stress this enough, but the graphics look absolutely stunning. unreal in there.

It’s unbelievable that Epic has been able to assemble a playable engineering marvel of this caliber on current gen systems at this stage in their console cycle.

Remember that iconic T-Rex tech demo on PS1? In my view, this creates a similarly amazing, amazing effect, and it’s a fascinating insight into what the state of the art of this medium will look like a few years from now. for this generation.
Galvanized Gamers

The exodus of players
Metro Exodus has had my backlog for a long time, since your 9/10 review, and I finally started it after the next generation upgrade. It’s still pretty early on – just finished the first large(ish) open-world area you’ll set foot in – and I’m, despite your rather bright review, still quite shocked how good it is any.

I know some gamers get bored with sequels, but this series has shown the benefits of design iteration, with each game improving dramatically towards the end.

The new-found freedom in Exodus, away from the cramped, constricted corridors of Last Light is a breath of fresh air (literally), with my own favorite marketing buzzwords – the game Emerging – there are many in the semi-open world, with its option of targeting and encouraging exploration.

My only real clarification so far is the map, oh my god maybe Artyom killed Artyom writing his note on the slightly larger map? Maybe I just need a bigger TV. One very minor issue aside, I’m really looking forward to the PlayStation 5 launch tonight and as a Hot Topic discussed recently, you know you’re into a game when you think about it on your desk. their own (aka kitchen table).

All the best to you and yours for Christmas.
Henshin Agogo

GC: We never understood why it was so overlooked. It is really very good.

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Instant Game Collection
Just a quick tip for anyone. Buy or get yourself a PC or an old laptop as cheap as possible, just so you can get a pretty decent collection of PC games for absolutely nothing. Then, as long as you remember your login details, you can upgrade to your gaming device – who knows how long you’ll wait for the graphics card.

So far, I’ve got Rage 2, Control, Deliverance: Kingdom Come, and more all for free. I also had Subnautica 1 and 1.5 each with coupons that Epic gave out at random times. You might disagree with them paying to win the competition with Steam but at these prices you’d be an idiot to ignore them.

Hidden release
GC covered Shadow Of The Colossus and its impact last week and then Praey For The Gods released a complete surprise on PlayStation 5 yesterday. I would have assumed it had sunk into the deep scar of development hell but apparently not. Only problem is that there aren’t any proper reviews, which isn’t always a good sign (hello Cyberpunk 2077).

So can the GC spend the 25 doubt gold needed to play it and inform its loyal followers that it’s worth playing?

GC: At this time of year, the more question is whether we have the time. We know it’s in early access but it seems very unwise for them to release it as such, unless they actively don’t want reviews.

No disturb
After thinking for a few days about Reader’s Features I’ve realized that crossplay never ends. Sony didn’t want that to happen but said OK we’ll give it a try and Xbox is all for that and I think still is. Game developers are making a lot of money from crossplay, they don’t care about cheaters, they care about money.

Activision proved it when they changed the terms and conditions to say you can get a restraining order but not an outright ban. Xbox brought out Halo, and even though they knew cheaters would be in every hallway, it still allowed PCs to play with Xbox, so they weren’t bothered. I turned my back on Call Of Duty this year, in part because of the way they laid off workers to save money but then gave him more. But it’s also cheaters.

I’m a PlayStation fan but I had a good laugh with Xbox players, if it was just PlayStation and Xbox it might tempt me back but they need to sort out how they treat the public. core. First, you don’t fire them like that and think it’s okay. The way it looks, next year’s Call Of Duty I’ll also turn my back on, if they don’t work it out on their own. Crossplay is here to stay and will never stop because companies only care about money and while they are, I’m not going to spend my hard earned money on them.

Build a new hill
Assuming the Silent Hill remake gets cancelled, I wonder why? The original director was clearly right that this was a difficult game to update but did they only realize that halfway through trying to make it?

I don’t really understand the obsession about trying to remake it though since a new sequel or reboot would work too. The second one is essentially the same game, so it’s not like the first one is a unique gem you can’t just take the best from and make a new game. With a little interface, that would be this new Slitterhead game.

Dream game
Further on last weekend’s Hot Topic, I wanted to add my belated thoughts.

The first game I ever dreamed of was the sublime Eternal Darkness on the GameCube. With its unsettling and foreboding atmosphere, playing it at night means it’s conducive to permeating one’s dreams – not ideal!

The only other games that invaded my thoughts day and night were the two magnificent Zeldas: Twilight Princess and Breath Of The Wild.

After I finished playing Twilight Princess, whenever I entered a large building, I would subconsciously scan the wall and ceiling areas for potential hookshot spots.

The same goes for Breath Of The Wild, although with that game I dreamed about it many times over the 200+ hours immersed in its wonderful world.

The reason, in my opinion, is because of the complexity, depth and variety of game mechanics it has. Nintendo’s unrivaled game design can fit this sort of thing, as compared to, say, a Souls game, versus Zelda is only slightly different.

I’m sure some people have dreamed of Super Mario Odyssey, maybe even Metroid games.

The less talk about “game” Leisure Suit Larry the better.

By the way, GC, what do you think about It Takes Two winning Best Family Game at the Game Awards – there’s hardly a family-friendly theme in that game. Do you think it won because they were fed up with Nintendo winning every year?
BEER Symphony

GC: Let’s just say we don’t vote for it.

Inbox also-rans
I thought the ending of The Game Awards was weird at the time. I mean, my brain was working at the time it was 4am, but it felt like something was cut out. Unfortunately it’s Bully 2, I really want to do it.

I love that the first time we hear about Peter Molyneux in years, it’s him trying to leverage NFT. Is he upset because he doesn’t hate enough yet? I can only imagine his face when he saw the Ubisoft fallout.

Hot topic of this week
With Game Award As the last big reveal of the year, the theme for this weekend’s Inbox asks which new game you’re most looking forward to… and which unannounced title you’re still hoping for.

The confirmed game you’re most looking forward to, regardless of when it will be released and why are you excited about it? What new game do you most hope to be announced in the future (especially if it’s already rumored), whether it’s a sequel, a remake, or a new game from a developer who hasn’t released it yet? doing anything for a while?

How excited are you about games that are still months or years away and you want to know about a game as soon as possible or just if there’s a lot to show?

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