Feeling exhausted? 16 simple steps to boost your energy levels right now

It’s dark, cold, overcast and we still have Omicron and its fires to deal with. So it’s no surprise if you’re feeling sluggish and tired, or lacking some of the 2022 spirit you’ve been hoping to get at the moment.

But fear not, a few tweaks to your routine can make all the difference to your flagging energy levels…

Get rid of that sluggish feeling and achieve your health and fitness goals with our top tips


Get rid of that sluggish feeling and achieve your health and fitness goals with our top tips


Is there anything a good laugh can’t do? Many studies have proven that it is a stressful behavior, whether you are snickering, giggling or giggling. Laughter also works your abs (yes, really), improves heart health, helps fight anxiety, and activates feel-good endorphins.

Press Snooze

We’re not saying schedule a three-hour nap every afternoon – it can really ruin the quality of your sleep when it comes to night time. But if you’re trying to keep your eyes open during the day, 26 minutes of closing your eyes can improve alertness by 54 percent, according to the team at NASA. Just imagine everything you can achieve!


Get a glass of water instead of an energy drink


Get a glass of water instead of an energy drinkCredit: Alamy

Don’t look for sugary drinks or some jellies to give you a boost – drink a glass of water instead. Dehydration can cause fatigue, brain fog, and even low mood, all of which can make it harder to face the day. So stay hydrated – your body and brain will thank you for it.


Bananas are arguably the best fruit when it comes to goodness and energy, and endurance athletes swear by them all the time. One study found that bananas are just as beneficial as sports drinks but packed with additional antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6. *


Not only is it more fun than running, but dancing and singing are associated with increased energy levels. Dancing is a good exercise for the heart, which means that the heart rate increases and the release of energy-boosting endorphins. And as it turns out, singing can also be considered aerobic exercise, helping to reduce stress, increase oxygen levels and again, release endorphins. So power up the karaoke machine, pronto!


This is especially important if you’re on a restrictive diet, as you may not be able to access all of the nutrients your body needs through food alone. According to the NHS, vegan diets are often deficient in vitamin B12 (found in meat and dairy), which can lead to extreme fatigue. Meanwhile, the National Diet and Nutrition Survey found that about one in six adults have low levels of vitamin D, which is linked to fatigue. **

Taking a supplement, especially during the dark winter months, when you’re likely not getting enough sun – which your body needs to naturally make vitamin D – can actually boost your health. your energy level. But if you’re concerned that you’re deficient, always talk to your GP.


Exercise is the key to feeling less tired


Exercise is the key to feeling less tiredCredit: Alamy

Be it a half-hour walk during your lunch break or a quick 10-minute lap around the block while you wait for the washing machine to finish, exercise is key to feeling less tired. In fact, a University of Georgia study found that sedentary people were able to increase energy levels by 20% and reduce fatigue by 65% ​​during low-intensity exercise.

Walking also reduces stress, increases oxygenation and blood flow, and fresh air can really wake you up, especially first thing in the morning.


Yes, a cup of coffee will give you a quick hit, but if you’re prone to that dreaded hangover, followed by a slight drop in energy afterward, try green tea instead. It still contains some caffeine, and research has found that it can help stave off fatigue, regulate alertness and, with ease, it also contains antioxidants. ***


Easier said than done during a pandemic – or if you have children, a chronic illness, insomnia, or a serious case of not being able to stop looking at your phone (we feel your pain).

However, you should try to get some quality sleep if you want to feel refreshed and energized the next day. Classic advice that can help: don’t snack or drink caffeine at least an hour before bed, put your phone in another room or sleep mode, take a relaxing warm bath, wear a mask or blindfold and go to bed from 10pm to 11pm every night.


A sip of tequila can get you excited, but as a diuretic and alleviating depression, alcohol isn’t your best energy booster. It can make you feel drowsy, especially after a day’s work, and disrupt sleep. Scientists at Harvard University say alcohol may account for 1 in 10 cases of persistent insomnia.


Often our bodies feel like shutting down and sleeping to avoid something or because we feel overwhelmed. But having a goal or a checklist for the day can help you feel more motivated.

Researchers at Florida State University found that making a plan can reduce your anxiety about “unfulfilled goals,” and a short to-do list is a good place to start. head. We find it extremely gratifying to pass items with a red pen!


Cold showers have been shown to speed up your metabolism, by 8% to 80%.


Cold showers have been shown to speed up your metabolism, by 8% to 80%.Credit: Getty

You’ve probably heard about the health benefits of taking a cold shower, then shaking your head and thinking, “I wouldn’t do that at all” before turning on the hot water faucet.

The thing is, a cold snap can actually do you a lot of good, from helping boost immunity to losing weight and, you guessed it, increasing energy levels, thanks to the fact. it has been found to help speed up your metabolism. , from 8% to 80%. By the way, jumping into the sea also works!


If you really can’t get away from your desk to rest, make sure there’s at least one houseplant on it.

Even looking at plants has been shown to improve mood and reduce stress, and according to a study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, their mere presence can help raise levels attention. A small potted plant can be enough to change the entire energy of your day.


Just the idea of ​​getting yourself out and socializing (especially on a weeknight) can seem utterly exhausting. But seeing friends is really worth the effort. In fact, according to a study from the University of Notre Dame, the strength of your social circle may be a better predictor of happiness and health than physical activity tracking data. Simple.

We already know loneliness and social isolation increase the risk of premature death, so having children and meeting a partner can also do wonders for your energy levels and mental health. friend. You can even go for a walk outside together and laugh about shared memories, while sipping a large bottle of water and nibbling on a banana.

See, things are starting to look brighter and we’re just over a month into the new year!


Sometimes your energy levels are so low and your mood is so shaky, only a sweet treat will do. Choose two dark chocolate squares, or one that also has peanuts, for an extra boost of energy and protein.

The sugar and caffeine will quickly put you in the mood, while theobromine boosts alertness. Just don’t overdo it, as too much sugar can cause you to fall again.


Our sense of smell is connected to memory (just smelling someone’s perfume on the street can bring you right back to a memorable childhood), but strong scents can also continue. invigorating us – the Victorians had a habit of using smelling salt to carry. people around after they fainted.

A little bit of essential oil – mint has been found to increase energy levels – can really wake you up, but you don’t have to buy a luxury bottle. Cut any citrus fruit in half and breathe. A lemon or grapefruit will make you dizzy in no time.

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