Father Pursues 13-Year-Old Daughter to Go to School After Seeing Her Son Get Out of a Car Who He Doesn’t Know – Story of the Day

A man became suspicious of his 13-year-old daughter when he spotted her getting out of an unknown man’s car after school and decided to spy on her. What he discovered in the process astounded him.

When Amanda leaves for her heavenly abode, Matt knows things won’t be easy for him. Their daughter Stacey was only 3 years old then and Matt had no other family to turn to to take care of her.

The first few years of parenting were quite a roller coaster ride for him, and dealing with housework and office work was a challenge, but things got even more complicated when Stacey grow up and become a teenager.

Matt sees Stacey back in a strange man’s car one evening | Photo: Shutterstock

She suddenly begins to experience physical changes right before his eyes, and he knows what that means: boys are coming for her. How can they not; His daughter had his late wife’s brown eyes and a beautiful smile that seemed designed to captivate people.

Even Matt is not immune to her eyes and has fallen prey to them many times. When she turned 13, she entered puberty and discovered a boy.

Matt decided to be strict with her daughter, so that she wouldn’t listen to him and do anything wrong, but because of this decision of his, there was a lot of misunderstanding between them, with him She sometimes lashed out at Stacey without waiting. an explanation and sometimes Stacey hides everything from him.

One day, Matt came home early from work because he wasn’t feeling well. He decided that since he was at home, he would prepare a snack for them. He waited for Stacey until 3 p.m., the usual time she got home from school, but she wasn’t there.

Maybe she’s busy with something, reasoning man, looking at the clock. However, by 4 p.m., he became worried and called his teacher, Mrs. Watson.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Mrs. Watson, but is there any extra lessons at school today? This is Stacey’s father, Matt Burks.”

Matt calls Mrs. Watson to ask about Stacey | Photo: Unsplash

“Not at all, Mr. Burks!” Mrs. Watson replied. “Classes ended at 2pm as usual. Is everything okay?”

“Actually, Stacey hasn’t come home yet, so I’m wondering if there’s any extra activity keeping her at school. Maybe she went to one of her friends’ house.”

“Perhaps you should call the bus driver first, Mrs. Burks. Doesn’t Stacey take the school bus every day?”

“Unfortunately not, Mrs. Watson. I usually take him to school in the morning and he comes home in the afternoon by local bus or taxi. However, I appreciate your help. I will dig deeper into the matter,” Matt said and hung up.

That afternoon, he called all of Stacey’s friends and asked if she was at their house. But most of them haven’t seen Stacey leave school yet, except for one who left early. When Matt heard that, his heart started beating fast.

Matt sees a black car outside his house | Photo: Unsplash

I just hope she’s okay! Where did she even go?! The man was close to tears and decided to call the police and inform them of the situation. But then he noticed a black car approaching their house, and shortly after, Stacey stepped out of it. He saw roughly the face of the driver, and he looked like he was probably in his 50s.

Matt had expected Stacey to have many male friends, but a 60-year-old man far exceeded his wildest dreams! “Stacey, where are you? And why did you leave school early?” he attacked her when she entered their house.

“Oh, dad, what are you doing here? You’re not for work?” Stacey stopped in front of the door, speechless.

“Don’t change the subject, Stacey! Where have you been, and who was the man who dropped you off in the black car?” Matt exploded.

“Calm down, Dad! You don’t have to lash out like that when you don’t know what’s going on, okay?”

“Then why didn’t you tell me? That’s what I was asking you!”

Matt worries about his daughter | Photo: Pexels

“Look, Dad, I’m tired, okay? We can talk later,” Stacey said, and went back to her bedroom, undisturbed by the serious expression on her father’s face.

This isn’t the first time she’s done something like this. As she got older, she had several such encounters with Matt to no avail. Matt initially ignores it, believing it to be because his daughter is underage. But after today’s incident, he couldn’t get it out of his head. So the next day, when he went to pick up Stacey from school, he decided to stay until her classes were over.

Around 2:15 p.m., a crowd of students exited the school’s main gate, and Matt recognized Stacey among them. However, instead of leaving school with her friends, she jumped into the black car he had seen the day before, as evidenced by the license plate. Suspecting his daughter was up to something, he decided to drive along.

Suddenly, it stopped in front of a dilapidated old cottage. He looked out the window and realized he was so focused on the car that he didn’t realize how far he had driven and was almost out of town and out of town. He then saw Stacey and the unidentified man get out of the car and into the cottage.

Matt ran out of the car and grabbed Stacey’s hand. “What the hell, Stacey?! I didn’t expect you to do something like this! What are you thinking?”

The car stopped at a dilapidated thatched house | Photo: Shutterstock

“Dad?! Did you just follow me? What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me?! What are you doing here with this man?” he snapped as he grabbed the man by the collar. “Do you really believe you’ll get away with it? I swear I’ll kill you if you touch my daughter!”

“Dad, calm down,” Stacey begged, tugging at him, but Matt wouldn’t budge. He clenched his fist and was about to punch the man when a weak woman appeared from within. “Carla, you’re here baby? You won’t leave me today right?”

Matt took a step back when he saw the elderly woman. “Who is she? What’s wrong?” he mumbled as he slowly removed his hand from the man’s collar.

“That’s my mother, Mr. Burks,” the man said. “Looks like Stacey didn’t tell you anything. Come with me.”

Matt saw an old woman come out of the cottage | Photo: Pexels

Once they had settled inside, the man introduced himself as Stacey’s music teacher, Mr. Collins. His mother was terminally ill, and the doctors told him she didn’t have much time left. One day, when Mr. Collins showed her pictures of the annual school day, the old woman noticed Stacey in them.

Stacey reminded the elderly woman of her niece, who had tragically died in a car crash a few months earlier. The woman has yet to recover from the trauma, and as her condition progresses, her desire to see her granddaughter grows stronger.

Seeing his mother beaming when he saw Stacey in the photo, Mr. Collins came up with an idea: introduce Stacey to her. And that’s when he asked Stacey for permission to visit his mother and spend time with her after school.

Matt felt ashamed of himself when he learned the whole story. “Why didn’t you tell me this, Stacey?” he asked, embarrassed.

“Well, Dad. I told you I’d talk about this later, but someone didn’t listen to me!”

“I’m sorry honey,” Matt apologized to his daughter, then to the teacher for assuming the worst. And every weekend after that, he took Stacey to the old woman’s home, where the three of them – he, Stacey and Mr. Collins – spent time with her until she left for her heavenly home.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don’t jump to conclusions. Matt believes that Stacey has a relationship with Mr. Collins and is hiding the truth from him without waiting for her to clarify.
  • Communication is important. Stacey should have told her father about what she does after school because he has a right to know.

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