Fans horrified after Harry Styles was attacked by Skittles

Harry Styles didn’t want to taste the rainbow.

During one of his “Love On Tour” residency shows at The Forum in Los Angeles, California on Monday, the 28-year-old singer appeared injured after a concert-goer threw Skittles onto the stage.

A fan shared the moment it happened in one Video on Twitter, shows several pieces of the candy flying across the stage and hitting Styles in the left eye.

The “As It Was” singer flinches from the impact and holds his hand over his eye while seemingly bending over in pain.

“Whoever the hell threw a solid object at their eye, you’re literally ruined [the song] kiwi bc he wouldn’t open his eye to the whole song,” the fan wrote.

Styles rubbed and touched his eye and visibly blinked for the rest of the show.

Pauli Lovejoy, a member of Styles’ band, confirmed during an Instagram Live that it was actually a skittle that was thrown and that the singer is fine.

“But do me a favor, stop throwing skittles on stage,” Lovejoy said.

Styles fans took to Twitter to share their frustration with the concert-goer who attacked the singer.

“The fact that anyone would have had the audacity to throw a handful of skittles in Harry Styles’ face at his concert and hit him in the eye with them is absolutely beyond me,” said one fan wrote.

“Whoever threw those pins I hope you’re embarrassed and crying and never get to go to a Harry concert again.” another tweeted.

“I just saw the video of Harry getting hit in the eye by skittles that someone threw on stage and it pisses me off what the hell is wrong with people why would you throw a solid object that could potentially hurt him and some people have? no f–king respect isg [I swear to God]” someone wrote.

“Who in their right mind thought throwing skittles at Harry was a good idea?” for example, what the goal was there”, another questioned.

“I can’t even tell you how LIVID I am that someone would throw anything at Harry while he’s performing, let alone a handful of skittles?!?? That is the most humiliating thing you can do to someone!! and you call yourself a fan? I’m so damn angry rn’ said an angry fan.

“Whoever threw a cone in the apple of Harry Styles’ eye, I hope you step on a plug every day for the rest of your life.” someone joked.

Following the unfortunate incident, Skittles issued a statement on Twitter.

“I didn’t think I had to say this: please don’t throw Skittles,” according to the Skittles account tweeted.

One person replied to Skittles call her “Public Enemy #1”, to which said Cone: “I had nothing to do with this incident.”

Someone otherwise asked“What if Harry wanted to taste the rainbow?”

“There are safer ways” said Cone.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles can be seen flinching from the impact and holding his hand in front of his eye as he leans forward, seemingly in pain.
Harry Styles
Several Skittles fly across the stage and hit Harry Styles in the left eye.

“Not just bowling, don’t throw anything in your favorite artist’s face! You’re at a concert enjoying the songs and the vibe and singing along, you don’t necessarily have to get his attention by hurting him,” one fan said answer to skittles.

Harry Styles arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere "my cop" at Regency Bruin Theater on November 01, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
Harry Styles Styles rubbed and touched his eye and blinked visibly for the rest of the show.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Concert-goers have a history of throwing things at Styles while he’s performing on stage.

During his residency at Madison Square Garden in New York City, a fan threw a chicken nugget onto the stage, in what Styles called a “very interesting approach.”

And while performing in Chicago, he was hit in the groin with a bottle. Fans horrified after Harry Styles was attacked by Skittles

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