Euphoria season 2 episode 5: What happened?

Happiness need an episode like this. For one thing, creators Sam Levinson eventually slow down his scroll. The camera – usually gliding, gliding and spinning – produces breath. It was a welcome respite for audiences with about an elaborate shot left to follow Cassie’s footsteps and vomit from motion sickness. Instead, the lens pauses – and finds Rue in its field of vision.

Episode five kicks off season four: Did Rue overdose again? It’s a fair question given that we last saw her stuff the ling pill down her throat on a night that culminated in Rue hallucinating at her own funeral. Thankfully, the answer is no. But what happens in the next hour is hardly less emotionally devastating. Episode five extinguishes all happiness Happiness was left to deliver.

Of course, damaged below!

“You’re not a good person, Rue”

From the start, we knew this wouldn’t be a Happiness episode. No one has sex and everyone is fully clothed, to begin with. Instead, we see Gia – Rue’s sister – sitting in bed listening to what we’re hearing: Rue’s mother, Leslie, gently tells Rue she knows about drugs. Chaos ensued.

in my overall rating of Happiness series twoI wrote that episode five is pretty much guaranteed Zendaya another Emmy. On second viewing, I’m sure of that. When Leslie begs her daughter for help, Rue quickly shifts between a billion emotions. She was both scared and terrified. She is as ferocious as a small animal backed into a corner. She said the most hurtful things she could think of and managed to avoid the melodrama even while banging the glass case on the floor. The scene plays out like a horror movie as Rue repeatedly bangs on Gia’s bedroom door, where her mother and sister are sheltering from her rampage. Zendaya’s ferocity is reminiscent of Evan Rachel Wood’s arrested portrayal of a troubled teenager in the 2003 film. Thirteen. “You don’t scare me,” Leslie told Rue, her voice trembling and her eyes filled with tears believing what she was saying.

Things took a turn for the worse when Jules suddenly ran out of the kitchen to inform Rue that drugs had been dumped in the warehouse. Suddenly, Rue’s cruelty takes on a new goal. She hit Jules hard, reeling from insults with ease and aggression. But there’s also a moment of emotion here. Something we’ve been waiting for since Rue and Jules magically got back together in episode two as if Jules hadn’t left Rue at the train station at the end of season one. “You left me when I needed you – you left me when I was at my lowest and someone who loved you wouldn’t do that,” Rue tells her now. That hurtful ray seemed to break through her walls just enough for Rue to agree to rehab. At least for a moment.

Storm Reid is completely convincing as Gia, Rue .’s sister

(Sky Atlantic / HBO)

Note: Where is the medicine?

Ok, we’re all in Leslie’s corner here, obviously, but does she really need to flush? If you notice your teen – who has no income and therefore has no way to pay for a suitcase full of drugs – has a suitcase full of drugs in their room, do not flush it down the sink. bridge. Wherever there’s a suitcase full of drugs, there’s usually a creepy guy waiting to collect it. In this case, it is Laurie who is quietly threatening Laurie, the mother of a former footballer and longtime dealer. But more about her then.

Run, Cassie, Run!

It took all of five minutes for Rue to realize that actually no, she didn’t want to go to rehab. And just like that, she jumped out of her mother’s car like a bullet from a gun, into the oncoming traffic. Rue somehow gets to Lexi’s house. The group is all here, and after exchanging brief hellos, she goes looking for what she’s coming for. When she couldn’t find any pills, she decided to look for some expensive earrings but found her mother waiting when she left. Intervention: take two.

Cassie thought it appropriate to offer some advice without knowing the situation. “Just take it once a day,” she said, a bit condescending. Perhaps this is what prompted Rue to ask, “How long have you been in love with Nate Jacobs?” Either way, it’s hard to feel sorry for Cassie about what happened next. Admittedly we can’t see much – Maddie says something about getting violent before she chases Cassie up the stairs, but the camera stays on Rue as she uses chaos to make her he got out.

The moment of reckoning has come for elk-eyed Cassie

(Sky Atlantic / HBO)

Dropping the bomb so suddenly and by chance gives the reveal a more dramatic flair than if Maddy stepped into her best friend and possibly her own boyfriend. A sense of dread (will we ever see Cassie again? Or will Maddy beat her to death with a shoe cake and bury her body by next Sunday?) Follows Rue as she leaves her home Lexi and go to Fezco.

There’s nowhere left to turn

After being turned away by Fezco, Rue uses the kindness of strangers – or rather, she breaks into some Architectural Notice-play house and steal a bunch of stuff. However, our heroine heroine just can’t seem to rest. She didn’t have time to deal with the stolen goods when she happened to come across a patrol car. As a result, the chase leads Rue to escape the police encirclement. Looks like Zendaya is making good use of her Marvel training.

With no other choice, Rue goes to her dealer Laurie, to whom she owes a suitcase full of drugs or its equivalent. By this point, Rue was looking very upset as the side effects of the withdrawal worsened. Laurie gave her morphine to ease the pain. But she had to take it intravenously – something Rue had never done before. We’ve all been screaming on our screens for Rue to run away and never come back, but it’s in fact a misguided co-conspirator. As always, Happiness doesn’t shy away from the ugliness of it all and we get to see a close-up shot of the needle going into her arm, not once but three or four times as Laurie struggles to find a vein because Rue is violent shaking. Rue wakes up early in the morning and manages to get out of Laurie’s house undetected. She climbed out the window and caught it down the street. However, we don’t know where she’s running to.

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