Ehrlich: The transformation of the GOP into the Party of the Working Class is now complete

The seismic shifts of constituency coalitions have dominated our political party structures since the New Deal was subsequently enacted.

The ongoing reorganization deepens each election cycle but somehow remains of little interest to the grassroots media. You see, the reconstructed parties don’t fit their fancy storytelling. Plus to follow.

Things get a lot easier when Republicans are synonymous with white and wealthy business elites and Democrats are the preferred party of immigrants and working-class minorities. That New Deal era line has been in place for most of the past ninety years. The advantage is that America’s institutional centers of power are also following: Wall Street and corporate America fund the GOP, while organized labor does the same for the urban machines led by Democrats. control and construction.

But the new millennium has brought rifts in the respective party coalitions. Those fissures have now widened into craters in the first year of the Joe Biden era.

America’s “labor party” is now manifesting genuine disgust with its former core supporters. Here, a new generation of progressives finds it easy to vilify the working class (“the perverts”, “the overpasses”, “the gunmen and the religion”), an indictment uglier and more prolific in the Trump era.


‘America is next’: Grassroots protest that wipes the globe begins in the land of the free

Millions of former enthusiastic Democratic grassroots voters have suggested and switched sides. They are particularly drawn to Trump’s habit of calling out both party bases because their liberal-fair attitude toward trade deals has soured – and of course, both parties are generally supportive. murder and genocide regime in Beijing. That these staples attend church services and favor the color blue and gun rights and a secure border has made it easier for them to turn right over time.

On the other side of the aisle, a formerly monolithic business community has slowly diverged from the GOP.

The Trump era – with its tariff wars and strong opposition to Chinese economic imperialism – played a role here. But the divorce goes much deeper. After all, there are few locations that are more awakened in America today than corporate C. Campaign dollars follow that. For context, see Silicon Valley and Wall Street’s contributions to Democratic candidates and popular campaigns. wake up ads in the past two election cycles. It seems the era of socially conscious capitalism has arrived just in time for the Biden era.

An interesting trivia: Big business’s support for the Democratic Party has cooled all that Citizens United said not too long ago was a major factor in the protests of the United States. Hillary Clinton. You will recall that the former secretary of state’s promise to overthrow CU always received thunderous applause. Today, the landscape has changed, giving big businesses a budding enthusiasm for all things.

Is the GOP now the party of the working class?

Indeed, large corporations want you to believe they are all on the equity agenda. If you have any doubts, just watch the ads that signal the virtue that will come your way this month Super Bowl.

Back to the Republicans. The “new” GOP represents the fulfillment of a long-sought goal. Here is the transformation of the white-collar GOP into a party of working men (and women). Main Street party, not Wall Street. The Party of Equality (Dr. King’s version) and fair trade, free speech and law and order. All in all, pretty awesome for us Jack Kemp followers.

However, such rearrangement is very inconvenient for the old media. The barefoot workers in MAGA hats and voting Republican were simply too far a bridge between the main elements of the fourth estate and the bicameral elite.

Accordingly, our cultural value makers will continue to use the worst types of derogatory judgments about people with dirty nails. Madison Avenue will continue to double upon waking. (Probably Tom Hanks will do more advertising.) And millions of ordinary working people living in the overpass country – formerly romanticized by media flattery – will continue to adjust their voting habits of them before without thinking.

Reassignment, really.

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