Eerie “alien” corpses found in Peru mine, “not part of our terrestrial evolution”

A hearing in Mexico this week featured two suspected “aliens” allegedly found in a diatom mine in Peru.

“These are not creatures found after a UFO wreckage. They were found in diatom mines and later fossilized,” said ufologist Jaime Maussan.

“Non-human corpse” shown hearing Mexican aliens
Canal del Congreso México | Youtube

“Aliens” found in diatom mine

Diatom is a word that describes any type of algae, particularly microalgae, found in the world’s oceans, waterways and soils.

When this algae becomes fossilized, it turns into a naturally occurring, soft white sedimentary rock called diatomaceous earth.

The term “diatom mine” means that the “non-human beings” were discovered deep in the ground, surrounded by diatomaceous earth.

The substance is actually used in many everyday products such as insulation, abrasives, paints and varnishes, and as a base for dynamite.

“Not part of our earthly evolution”

Maussan demonstrated two skeletons this week that he claimed were found in Peru and were “not part of our terrestrial evolution.”

He said this during a public hearing on foreigners on Tuesday (September 12) in Mexico City, claiming that the bodies were “aliens.”

The ufologist said almost a third of their DNA was “unknown” and claimed “eggs” could be seen in one of the bodies.

A video of the unveiling went viral on social media, showing the gray alien creatures lying in rectangular coffins.

The 70-year-old said all this under oath and has been involved in the alien conspiracy since its discovery.

“Non-human corpse” shown hearing Mexican aliens
Canal del Congreso México | Youtube

Mummies discovered in 2017

The bodies were found by Russian researchers in 2017. They discovered six mummified bodies with three fingers and elongated heads in Nazca.

At that time, Dr. Korotkov from the University of Saint Petersburg said that the facial features were not a deformation and that it was “a different creature, a different humanoid.”

One of the bodies, named Mary, was found to be female and dated back to an incredible 1,700 years ago, dating back to the 5th century.

A nine-month-old child named Vavita and four male mummies were also found, although many long believed they were fake.

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