Edward Norton in Glass Onion reminds me of one man in particular – just say it

Did Edward Norton base his character on it? glass onion: A knife out secret on Elon Musk? Probably.

If you’ve read any entertainment news agency in the last six months, you’ll know three things: glass onion will be released on Netflix on December 23; Daniel Craig’s Southern detective is confirmed queer (but Craig himself “don’t want to make a song and dance about it”) and Edward Norton’s character is very likely, highly likely, almost definitely based on Elon Musk.

The film stars Norton as Miles Bron (a short, fleeting name that’s not dissimilar Ee-lon Muhsk), a billionaire tech bro CEO. Once a year he invites his friends – a smug band of people who are labeled “disturbers,” if only to themselves – for a lavish weekend away. These “interrupters” include men’s rights activist and online star Duke Cody (Dave Bautista) and racist model-turned-influencer (Kate Hudson). Bron has just become a multi-billionaire through his stake in Alpha, a tech giant. If you’re thinking, “Hey! That sounds very familiar to me” – You are not alone.

If you haven’t seen the sequel for yourself, you’re literally taking everyone else’s word for it. Because while reviews remain open, whether the knife out franchise has lost some of its poignancy, everyone agrees that Norton’s Miles Bron looks and sounds like another tech bro we’ve all come to know and… well. take it off Bloomberg, who calls Bron a “thinly veiled Elon Musk”. That Boston Herald agrees, writing that the character’s “deep seam of stupidity” and “immense charisma” is “Elon Musk-esque” while The guard speaks of the role as a “vile musky-esque plutocrat”. The Independent‘s own Clarisse Loughrey says Bron is “a distinctly Elon Musk-like” character. So “he’s basically Elon Musk,” tweets The Sydney Morning Herald.

But what everyone else seems to know, neither Norton nor Johnson are willing to admit — at least in full. (It seems not everyone is as willing to share their inspirations as John Leguizamo, who recently told reporters he founded his dingy, washed-up former actor The menu on “terrible human” Steven Seagal.) In an interview with meeting, Norton brushed aside the comparisons. “My take on that was really knowing that Miles is a character cut out of a very specific species,” he said fight club Star. But when asked at the London Film Festival if he had “beaten out” anything in contemporary culture, Norton said a knowing “yes” – and delivered the answer like a punchline to a joke. The actor describes himself as a “mixer”. The “Smoothie by Miles” consists of three ingredients: “Schmälon sleeveand Shmelizabeth Schmomesand Scmadam Schneumann“. For those who aren’t fluent in Schmedward Schmorton, these are Elon Musk, Elizabeth Holmes, and Adam Neumann.

Johnson also acknowledged “obvious real-world analogues.” Rather than dig into those people, however, the director said, “The moment I started thinking too specifically about one of them, it got so boring so quickly. And so it became a challenge to separate him from that and try to build him up as his own clownish character.” A challenge, it seems, ultimately proved insurmountable judging by the reviews.

There’s a reason people make the comparison to Musk as opposed to Holmes or Neumann. Maybe it’s because the new Twitter CEO has been at the forefront of timelines and minds lately. Or it’s because Miles is cut from a certain fabric. “A very specific species,” Norton called it. Perhaps even so specific that, despite what Norton himself said, it does not contain three specimens, but only one.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is in theaters now and will be released on Netflix on December 23

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