Drake’s friendship with Bobbi Althoff in an alleged feud

She started from the bottom – and now she is here.

Mom influencer Bobbi Althoff, 26, shot to fame when she interviewed rap superstar Drake, 36, in his bed for her podcast in July. “The really good podcast,‘ which she began in April.

Now, that unlikely friendship seems to have ended as quickly as it began, as the two are rumored to be locked in a feud that’s as embarrassing as the now-viral encounter that sparked it.

Althoff’s interview with Drake ended on July 9th. Appearing indifferent to him, she questioned him in an awkward manner that has drawn comparisons to comedian interviewers Ziwe and Amelia Dimoldenberg.

In the bedridden chat, she told Drake she’d never heard of his music, and asked the ‘Nonstop’ rapper questions like, ‘Why are you following so many people on Instagram?’ and ‘Will you buy me a flight home ?

Althoff also criticized him for being “sad” for drinking during the interview.

“The idea was that it would be funny that you wanted to do it so badly that you bothered him while he went to bed,” she said told today by the time.

If you interviewed Lil Yachty According to Drake, mid-interview, Drake called Lil Yachty and said, “What’s up, Bobbo?” indicating an ongoing friendship between Drake and Althoff.

However, now she is Drake no longer followed And removed The full interview from all their platforms. Just a pair of “shorts” Stay tuned to her YouTube channelwhich has 714,000 followers.

This abrupt feud between Althoff and Drake appears to stem from Drake’s concert in LA on Saturday.

The Post has reached out to representatives of both parties for comment.

Meanwhile Althoff posted a video of himself in the crowd at what appeared to be a Drake show last week – arms crossed, looking grumpy while everyone around her danced. “I’m really in my element at this guy’s concert,” she wrote.

Several fans criticized her video.

“Am I the only one who doesn’t find this humor funny at all? I don’t know, it’s frightening. said one person on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Another fan grabbed“She seems so unbearable. For example, how does your personality relate to being the most boring and negative person in the room?”

Another fan complained“Okay, now this girl is annoying. We can certainly continue.”

Drake in bed next to Bobbi Althoff.
Drake chats in bed with Bobbi Althoff during her interview.

Drake in bed with Bobbi Althoff, with microphones in front of them.
Drake and Bobbi Althoff chat in bed during their bizarre July interview that put Althoff in the spotlight.

Bobbi Althoff smiles.
Bobbi Althoff, a mom influencer who suddenly found fame.

On Monday, Althoff’s podcast episode with Drake was removed from Spotify and her YouTube page, and the two unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Some fans have speculated that Drake wasn’t amused by her “uninhibited” reaction to his concert, prompting a falling out between them.

“This Bobby Althoff girl is weird. I won’t blame Drake if he’s offended. Who goes to someone’s concert looking like that?” Support him like he supported you, honey. He gave you relevance and views,” one fan posted.

However, others have speculated that the mutual unfollowing was merely a publicity stunt – because after they unfollowed each other, Althoff penned a cryptic text Instagram Story on Monday: “Big announcement coming next Monday. Set a reminder because you don’t want to miss this. Nine in the morning, someone’s time zone.”

Some fans believe Drake was offended by Bobbi Althoff’s video in which he pretended not to be impressed with his concert.

Althoff, who now has over 5 million TikTok followers, has been posting since 2021. She started out with content about life as a new mom and raising children and only recently turned to celebrities. She also interviewed disgraced YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, Lil Yachty, Mark Cuban, Rick Glassman, and YouTuber Funny Marco.

“When I started my podcast in April, I wanted to do celebrity interviews but didn’t know how to get there. “It’s been really hard getting guests, so I made a video on TikTok saying I would give $300 to any person who successfully hooked me up with a celebrity for a podcast,” she said said Cosmopolitan.

“Rick Glassman, the comedian, was the first person I was able to interview because someone tagged him and he was like, ‘Okay, I’ll do it.’ So I sent her $300 and did the episode with Rick Glassman.”

That’s how she ended up at Funny Marco, she explained.

“Then I got a random comment on TikTok asking if I’d heard about Funny Marco… I took a screenshot of the comment and posted it to my Instagram Stories and tagged it with the words, ‘Marco if you like this Girl wanna make $300.'” ‘Dm me.’ He had over 4 million followers back then and I only had 500,000. I thought, ‘He’s not going to see this.’ But he answered about a second later. So I sent the girl $300 and he got on the podcast. Our joint video I got so many views.”

One of those views came from Drake, who then followed her, she said.

Drake talks in bed.
Drake during his chat with Bobbi Althoff on her podcast.

When that happened, she decided to “try and get my shot.” She sent Drake a direct message inviting him to her podcast, and he agreed.

“He sent me his tour schedule and I knew I had to do it quickly, so my friend and I flew to Memphis two days after the original DM shipped to record the episode.”

She missed her daughter’s first birthday to interview Drake.

She defended that decision, telling Cosmo, “We celebrated her birthday the weekend before, and she’s 1. She doesn’t know anything.” For her, it’s like any other day. People are so dramatic. They said, “You did that for Drake?” I don’t even know what my parents did for my first birthday. They probably worked. I know I’m a good mother. It was work and much needed.”

Bobbi Althoff sits in bed with a microphone.
Bobbi Althoff missed her child’s birthday to interview Drake in bed.

Due to her abrupt rise to fame between April and August, there was even speculation that she was an “industrial plant” backed by Hollywood insiders. She made fun of this rumor post a tiktok videoo of herself dancing to Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie World,” captioned “Celebrating Because the Industry Planted Me.”

She told Cosmo that while she has ties to Snoop Dogg, she is not a “Nepo baby,” as some of her detractors have speculated.

“My dad is a contractor and worked on Snoop Dogg’s neighbor’s house… I couldn’t be further from someone with connections and money. People say, “Your father had ties to Snoop Dogg. My father was a handyman.”

Although she denied that she’s “someone with money,” she did admit that she self-funds her flights for her podcast, and she didn’t reveal where she gets the $300 that she regularly offers to influencers join her podcast.

Althoff, mother of two daughters and married to computer programmer Cory Althoff previously said At Dave Portny’s BFF Podcast that she and her husband sleep separately while she sleeps with her children.

“I like dry humor; That comes naturally to me, so I want to see where that takes me,” she told Cosmo.

“I would like to start acting. That’s definitely my goal. I know my 10 seconds of fame could be gone at any moment, and then what? But that doesn’t matter because my life is bigger than me. My kids are my goal, and after all this, if I need to find a job at McDonald’s, I will.”

Althoff and Drake didn’t respond when The Post reached out to them for comment.

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