Dog warns mom about baby in trouble, makes unbelievable rescue

When the Boston Terrier repeatedly disobeyed his owner’s orders, Kelly Dowling thought it was just some mischief, but she quickly discovered he was trying to tell her something.

Kelly and Jeff Dowling of Glastonbury, Connecticut, have two daughters. Their youngest child, 9 months old, has been ill and is on antibiotics after a trip to urgent care on December 12. She was scheduled to have a chest X-ray at the weekend. that, according to Hartford Courant, but until then, she is cared for at home.

Henry has been known to have opened the nursery door – it had a malfunctioning latch, which made it easy dog to push the door open.

But on Monday night, he continued to headbutt the open door, sniffing baby, turned back to the doorway and stared at her.

Kelly told the Hartford Courant: “I kept kicking him out, a bit angry. “I just put her to bed, and she’s not feeling well.”


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Most, once scolded, Henry would sulk under the bed, but by Monday night he insisted until he woke the baby.

“In the end, he succeeded in waking her up, and she started crying, but her crying was very strange,” Kelly said. “I went in… I was furious with the dog, but then noticed that it was very stiff and hard to breathe. We tried aborting her, but she started turning a little blue.”

They immediately recognized their 9-month-old baby was in trouble and took the whole family in the car to Connecticut Children Hospital in Hartford in record time.

The couple’s eldest daughter said, “I think you’re breaking some laws.”

At the hospital, the nurses cleaned baby airway and keep an eye on her, and she has improved a lot.

Kelly tweeted about the horrific incident.

She wrote: “Last night the dog broke into the nursery and woke the baby. “She was sick, and I was so fed up with him.

“Until she stopped breathing.


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“We spent a night in the hospital. I don’t know what will happen if you don’t wake her up. We don’t deserve the dogs.”

“He was not a fan of children, but he was very interested in girls,” Dowling said. “He goes where they go. He watches.”

Since then, the family has expressed deep gratitude to their four-legged friend and protector.

“Henry has spent the last two days being treated like king of the castle, which – if I’m honest – is no different than any other day,” Kelly tweeted.

There will definitely be many present under the tree for Henry this year after his very good behavior.

“I’m going to have to go shopping for him again because I gave him everything in his inventory,” Kelly said.

“He’s a good boy.”

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