Does Hush Kratom Get You High?

Although most kratom brands strive to deliver high-quality products, strain variety, and multiple consumable forms like capsules and powders, Hush Kratom stands out. Hash Kratom has made its mark in the kratom industry with its full-spectrum kratom product range, featuring kratom capsules, softgels, gummies, and extracts.

The brand is popular for exceptionally potent kratom products, but can they make you “high?” Moreover, what effects do Hush Kratom products deliver?

If you are curious about Hush Kratom, you’ve made the right stop. So, keep reading to learn more about Hash Kratom and how to use it below.

What Is Kratom?

Before delving into Hush Kratom and its effects, begin by understanding kratom in general. Kratom is an herbal tree from the coffee family and thrives in Southeast Asia’s tropical climate.

It is the latest herbal sensation in the supplement market, popular for its purported therapeutic effects. Since it is federally legal, you can buy kratom products from any kratom physical shop and online via kratom e-commerce platforms. However, the herb is a banned substance in some states, including Alabama.

Kratom consumers take it for its purported therapeutic effects, with one consumer survey revealing that pain relief, anxiety relief, and mood elevation are its dominant therapeutic uses. Moreover, the survey also concluded that kratom has a lower potential for abuse because although it has a psychoactive compound, its opioid-like effects are less harmful.

Although research on kratom’s full potential is scarce, one study concluded that the herb is an atypical opioid. Typical opioids like heroin and morphine have active compounds that bind fully to the endogenous opioid system’s receptors. The endogenous opioid system is the body’s pain-relieving system, though it also modulates motivation and feelings of pleasure.

Typical opioids’ full receptor binding capacity means that they can alter brain function and have a high propensity to cause dependence with chronic use. In contrast, kratom only binds partially to the system’s receptors, substantially lowering its capacity to cause dependency and other undesirable side effects like paranoia. Moreover, kratom is biphasic, delivering stimulant effects at lower doses and sedative effects at higher doses.

The herb exists naturally in multiple strains denoted physically by leaf color venations, although different vein colors also mean different alkaloid profiles, causing distinct dominant effects. Second, although the herb grows throughout Southeast Asia, the region has topographical differences that influence kratom’s alkaloid profiles. Therefore, kratom experts also denote its strains by region of origin.

What Sets Hush Kratom Apart?

As stated above, Hush Kratom is a leader of sorts in the kratom industry, beloved for its innovative products. The primary factor that sets the brand apart is that while other brands sell kratom powder blends, Hush Kratom sells full-spectrum kratom products. Moreover, the brand infuses top-grade full-spectrum kratom in all their products, including kratom capsules.

Full-spectrum kratom refers to kratom isolate retrieved from kratom leaves via solvent extraction to create a potent kratom tincture. The solvent extraction process entails maceration or soaking kratom leaves in a liquid (typically water and ethanol) for an extended period to release its alkaloids.

Solvent extraction helps maximize the alkaloid concentration while creating a smooth kratom experience for the consumer, free of unnecessary plant parts. The realized solvent undergoes a purging process to rid it of excess extraction liquid and other impurities, leaving a pristine, potent kratom extract.

Hush Kratom does not have the typical kratom by strain category in its product catalog. However, the brand uses different kratom strains with similar or complementary properties to create their kratom extract. Therefore, you get outstanding alkaloid concentrations from different kratom strains with each Hush Kratom dose.

Can Hush Kratom Make You “High?”

Although kratom is mildly psychoactive, various factors determine how the herb makes you feel, and the criterion is no different for Hush Kratom products. Such factors include:

1.    Pharmacogenetics

Unique genetic factors often determine how the metabolic enzymes that break down drugs and other chemical compounds work and the drug’s effect on you.

2.    Dosage considerations

As previously stated, kratom is biphasic and functions in a dose-dependent manner.

3.    Method of ingestion

Kratom tinctures may kick in faster due to the instant mucosal lining absorption, while ingestible forms like gummies and teas take longer due to digestion.

4.    Strain

The herb’s strains vary in potency, and more potent strains may cause a more intense experience.

5.    Tolerance

Newbies to kratom may find the standard Hush Kratom product doses overwhelming, yet experienced kratom users may find the experience tolerable.

You can expect to experience a sense of euphoria, calm, feelings of wellbeing, an energy boost, enhanced focus, and relaxation after taking Hush Kratom products. The products are exceptionally potent and deliver sustained effects from the full-spectrum kratom extract. However, whether you can classify the Hush Kratom experience as a “high” comes down to personal preferences.

Hush Kratom Dosage Considerations

Starting low on the dosage and going slow is always the best way to go with kratom, and the concept is no different for Hush Kratom products. However, depending on potency, the brand gives dosage recommendations for each product because your regular dose may prove excessive. Regardless, do not hesitate to lower the recommended dose if it proves overwhelming to you.

Where Can I Buy Hush Kratom

Hush Kratom products are available for sale on the brand’s official website and among authorized online vendors. However, note that the kratom industry is highly unregulated, and unscrupulous characters may try to sell you counterfeit products.

Therefore, only consider buying Hush Kratom from vendors who post certificates of analysis and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. You can read consumer reviews to establish trustworthy vendors.


According to the kratom strains guide, Can Hush Kratom get you “high?” Well, it depends on various factors. Regardless, the Hush Kratom brand sells exceptional kratom products curated to enhance your wellbeing. Therefore, consider trying at least one of the innovative kratom goodies in their product catalog.

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