Disgusted Christians Rise Like Biden Attempts To Use The Bible To Promote His Liberal Agenda

Politicians cite the Bible as akin to Olympic gold medalists singing the national anthem. We’ve all witnessed cases when these early winners and heroes embarrassed themselves when they stumbled over words.

The lesson should be clear: Don’t try to quote or sing along unless you know the words. In the case of politicians, unless you know the Word.

Unconcerned with the lessons from a large number of politicians who have demonstrated their biblical illiteracy in front of a national audience, President Joe Biden remains reeling from his Bible and memory bank. to find something to back up his argument for the day. As pointed out by AJ Berkovitz in his paper “(Other) Biblical Quotes in American Politics,” Biden confused the songs with the Bible in the process.

Presidents have long invoked the Bible to advance their political agendas. Former President Donald Trump’s mention of the “Two Corinthians” worried some Christians; however, he never claimed to be biblical literate.

Unlike Trump, Biden openly prides itself on regularly attending Mass and saying the Rosary. However, he repeatedly misused the Word of God that he claimed to know very well.


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Biden once stated that “loving God and loving others is the main foundation of my faith” and that “my Catholic faith has instilled in me a core truth – that all people on earth are equal in rights and dignity.” price.”

Then in a address in Atlanta, he self-righteously supported the weakening of the vote requirements as if it were part of a divine mandate to “hate evil, love good, and establish justice in the gate” . This is a serious misapplication of biblical teaching.

Many Christian leaders are fed up. They believe Biden’s use of biblical references to defend his platform is more than a stretch. It was an outrage. His recent statements about the Democratic Party’s proposed electoral reform are deliberately misleading. In leveraging the Bible to advance his political agenda, he exploited in the face of the principles upon which our nation was founded.

America’s Hispanic community, which is predominantly Roman Catholic, will question Biden’s misuse of the Bible and his identification with the Catholic faith. Hispanic Christian leader Rev. Samuel Rodriguez believes that some of Biden’s policies directly violate basic human rights, as provided in the Bible.

Do you think Biden’s use of biblical references is dishonest?

Comment on the fact that people must present proof of vaccinations and photo ID to enter Washington, DC, restaurants and not be required to provide photo ID to vote in The US election, says Rodriguez, “The absurd is spectacular. White, elite libertarians believe that people of color’s inability to provide identification to vote is racist. It is deplorable to continue to racist every aspect of American politics to advance other political agendas.”

To scratch the Bible looking for words that can prove your point has a name: “eisegesis”. The opposite is “hermeneutics,” which involves reading the Bible to find the truth. One is to align the Bible with human ideas; what remains is to conform human ideas to biblical standards.

In My Faith VoteWe take the Bible very seriously. That means we don’t manipulate it to support our political goals. We use it to relay God’s Truth.

As Christians, we have the opportunity to carry our faith forward and influence our communities and our nation for good. We cannot stand idly by in the face of a public official who misuses our Bibles to deceive an entire nation. When a politician masquerades as one of the loyalists and throws the Bible into a salad of words to deceive the populace, it’s not just a poor exegete – it’s to blame.

Christians take the Word seriously, and we know our nation thrives when we elect leaders to do the same. We, the people, must reject any politician’s attempts to appropriate the Bible for political gain.

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