DeSantis is the governor Florida needs and other comments

Conservative: DeSantis is the governor Florida needs

“All eyes have been on the Sunshine State for nearly two years since Gov. Ron DeSantis reopened beaches, schools and businesses. No other state has been subjected to a similar scrutiny. No other politician has been similarly dissected.” Karol Markowicz is watching for RealClearPolitics. And the results prove that “DeSantis was right and other governors were wrong.” DeSantis made “hard decisions contrary to popular thinking”; his policies “showed how other states deeply hurt themselves and harmed their citizens.” Moving on: The government just signed the Parents’ Rights in Education Act, which prevents children from being indoctrinated in left-wing sexual mores, and simply “wiped down” the media outrage. “They can talk what they want, he does what he wants.”

Gaffe watch: Joe’s ‘improv’ is endangering the world

“At what point,” wonders Gerard Baker of the Wall Street Journal, “Is Joe Biden’s verbal incontinence beginning to become a deadly threat to Americans?” His missteps are so common that the White House “has stopped correcting his words about chemical weapons, troop movements, and now regime change in Russia” — and instead claims that each word means “exactly what”. [they] choose to mean it.” This “ruthless language . . . jeopardizes the ability of the US and its allies to achieve our goals” and increases “the risk of miscalculation”. During World War II, Churchill “mobilized the English language and sent it into battle”. “Biden seems keen to do the same — just potentially sending it into battle on the wrong side.”

Pandemic Journal: Lockdowns a tragic mistake

Global excess death data (all deaths during the pandemic minus the average number of deaths in the years leading up to the pandemic) proves that “the few places that have rejected draconian Covid restrictions have not seen the catastrophic death tolls” that some have predicted. report Martin Kulldorff & Jay Bhattacharya at Spiked. So politicians were wrong when they claimed “draconian lockdowns” would save lives. Rather, “collectively, most nations walked the path of folly in ignoring fundamental, longstanding public health principles during the pandemic.” Politicians “will be fine” but the “devastation among children, the poor, the working class and the middle class” caused by the lockdowns “will take decades to mend”.

Libertarian: Joe’s desperate tax flip-flop

“On the campaign trail,” Joe Biden “rejected wealth taxes as punitive, divisive and unworkable. Now, as President, he has embraced the idea.” marvels Peter Suderman from Reason. Biden criticized Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s tax plans “for taxing the wealth of a small, specific group of people.” He “even went out of his way to insist that tax policy is not about punishment.” Now he’s offering a “Billionaire Minimum Income Tax” that applies “to all realized and unrealized income of households valued more than $100 million” — that is, it taxes “money that someone hasn’t actually seen, based on it.” on the value of their holdings.” It’s a “desperate political ploy by a White House struggling with low business support ratings.”

Liberal: GOP Supreme Court Clown Show

“Americans were awakened from the heroic struggle in Ukraine and confronted once again with the moronic culture war that’s garnering attention in Washington,” as “Republican senators attacked Ketanji Brown Jackson and took positions she never had.” Rauch Creators columnist Froma Harrop. GOP senators “hit a new low” with “exhibitionist appearances” and accused Jackson of being soft on child porn offenders, despite her clearly mainstream condemnation in such cases. Republicans continue to howl badly, but in 2016 “then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to even give [Merrick] Garland held a hearing using the false excuse that the winner of an upcoming presidential election should vote. That election was seven months away. Four years later, less than a month before the 2020 election, McConnell scheduled a hearing for Trump’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett. It was confirmed a week before Americans were allowed to vote.”

— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board

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