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One man became worried when he saw his young daughter sneaking out of the house every evening, so he decided to spy on her and made a surprising discovery.

How do we know our children? Do they live secret lives? Michael Rolson discovers that his daughter Tammy has been hiding a secret from him, a very big and very serious secret.

It all started one afternoon when Michael forgot to text Tammy, 10 years old. Tammy had gone up to her room to play video games before dinner – or so she told her father, but when Michael entered her room, she was gone.

The old house hides a mystery that surprises Michael | Source: Shutterstock.com

Michael came downstairs and asked his wife Angela if she had seen Tammy. “She went up to her room, I just made her a sandwich and she took it up…” Angela said confused.

Michael shook his head. “She’s not there, honey!” he say.

“Perhaps she’s in the backyard, or in the treehouse?” Angela suggests, and Michael goes out to find Tammy. But his daughter was not found.

Michael even went to the house next door to see if she would pass by to meet his best friend Olivia. Neither Olivia nor her mother can see her… Where could she be? Michael is becoming seriously worried when he hears humming from his garden.

To Michael’s surprise, Tammy is in the garden | Source: Unsplash

And there’s Tammy on the swing, happily kicking her legs and singing to herself! “Tammy!” Michael cried. “Where have you been?”

“I was right here, in the garden, father, looking for goblins…” Tammy said with a smile.

An act of kindness can transform a life.

“Goblin,” Michael muttered to himself. “But I searched the whole garden…”

Tammy was so happy and relaxed that Michael decided to drop the subject. However, the next day, he notices Tammy – and she’s gone again!

Tammy keeps eating clumsy with bread | Source: Pexels

Once again Michael searched everywhere, including the cellar and the garden shed. No Tammy! Then she simply walked into the kitchen and complained that she was hungry!

“But I made you a sandwich an hour ago, Tammy!” Angela cried.

“I’m a growing girl, Mom!” she cried. “Are you trying to starve me?” And of course, Angela made her another sandwich.

Michael just watched her more and more carefully. He didn’t know what was going on but it worried him. He went up to his daughter’s room and knocked on the door. “Honey, where are you this afternoon?” he asks.

No matter Michael makes Tammy keep her secret | Source: Unsplash

“I was in the garden, Dad!” Tammy said with an innocent smile.

“I looked for you,” Michael said. “And I didn’t see you. Maybe the elves hid you…”

But Tammy just giggled. “Dad, don’t be stupid, goblins are the ones who believe.” But while conversing with his daughter, Michael’s curious eyes scanned the room and saw a piece of paper on the ground that appeared to have been ripped from a diary.

The passage reads: “…the old house on Oak Street that used to be his grandmother …” His mother’s house? His mother lived only two blocks from Michael and his family, and when she died two years earlier, he inherited it.

A scrap of paper fell out of Tammy’s diary | Source: Pexels

Angela constantly pressures Michael to sell his old house, but he doesn’t want to lose his childhood home. Is Tammy playing at the old house? He was determined to find out.

The next day, at a time when Tammy usually disappeared, Michael was standing across from his mother’s old house, and sure enough, she ran up the driveway and opened the front door.

To Michael’s amazement, someone met her at the door, a thin, snow-white elderly woman… For a split second, he thought he was seeing a ghost!

The woman turned and Michael saw that she was much older than his mother and looked much weaker. He crossed the street and called out: “Tammy!”

There is an old woman waiting for Tammy at the door | Source: Unsplash

Tammy stopped and gaped in surprise, while the woman covered her face in fear. “Dad!” Tammy exclaimed. “Please don’t scare my friend!”

And then Tammy told her father that she had found the woman – her name was Betty – sleeping on a park bench and had taken her to her grandmother’s house. “It’s all empty,” she explained. “And Betty is so sick and cold…”

Tammy took care of Betty, brought her food, and visited her every day. “But don’t you have a family?” Michael asked Betty. “Is someone taking care of you?”

Betty shook her head. “No, my son is long gone, and my nephew hasn’t seen me in years. The people at home… They were horrible to us. They would scream, beat us like children … “

Tammy found Betty sleeping on a park bench | Source: Unsplash

Michael was appalled. “Well Betty, you stay here, but I’m turning on the water and the lights, and finding you a proper bed and food!”

The story of Tammy saving Betty quickly spread throughout the neighborhood, and before long, people showed up to help Michael fix the homeless old woman’s house.

Thanks to Tammy’s loving little heart, Betty found a home, and her community discovered they had great compassion.

Thanks to Tammy, Betty got a new life | Source: Pexels

What can we learn from this story?

  • An act of kindness can transform a life. Tammy’s generosity saved Betty from the streets and helped her find a permanent home.
  • If we all work together, we can change the world. Tammy’s Neighborhood discovers the power of pulling together for a good cause.

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