Dad plays a trick on the family with the atomic bomb

A British father’s sick sense of humor is bombarding social media.

Wayne Coldicutt is facing backlash online over a gruesome prank in which he convinced his family they would die in an impending Russian nuclear attack across the nation ongoing invasion of Ukraine. The atomically stupid video has broke Nearly 1 million views on Twitter as of Friday morning.

“It went great. Exceeded expectations,” prankster Coldicutt, 32, told SWNS of the sick gag just beginning to explode online after Russia seized Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant.

The camp operator said he was inspired after seeing a mock video on YouTube titled “UK Emergency Alert – Nuclear Attack Warning” and decided to hatch a plan to start an “ongoing prank war” with his bride-to-be Becca Redhead, 31 , to win .

“When I saw the video on YouTube, all I thought about was pranking her,” explained the Liverpool native. “I knew she would fall for it because she’s so dramatic and gullible about everything. I knew she would be an easy target.”

The following two-minute clip, shot by Coldicutt and tweeted by his fiancé’s brother, Alan Redhead, shows the amateur videographer in his living room, watching a bright red television screen.

A BBC and state-sponsored program entitled “Emergency Show” then warns audiences to “prepare to take shelter 14 days after the strike”. Meanwhile, a creepily monotonous narrator can be heard advising viewers to build an “inner sanctuary away from windows and doors” to protect them from “radiation sickness” from fallout.

At this point, Coldicutt calls his fiancee, whereupon she rushes downstairs with the couple’s 3-year-old son, Louie Coldicutt, in tow.

“Is this a joke?” the incredulous redhead stutters as he hears the mock show. Then the panicked parent takes the bait and calls her mother, Ann Redhead, 61, with the “bad news” and screams hysterically that an “attack is imminent” and “make sure to stay indoors”.

At that moment, her happy husband-to-be can’t hold back and starts laughing out loud, whereupon redhead realizes that she has been cheated on.

"It went brilliantly.  Beyond expectations" said prankster Wayne Coldicutt.
“It went great. Exceeded expectations,” said prankster Wayne Coldicutt.
Kennedy News and Media
A BBC and state sponsored program entitled "emergency call," warns the audience against it "be ready to take shelter for 14 days after the strike."
A BBC and state-sponsored program entitled ‘Emergency Show’ warns audiences to ‘prepare to shelter 14 days after the strike’.
Kennedy News and Media
"I can honestly say that I feel like I've witnessed the start of a world war," said redhead.
“I can honestly say I feel like I saw the start of a world war,” Redhead said.
Kennedy News and Media

“He’s lucky to be alive, trust me,” she told SWNS. “He almost gave me a heart attack. I thought the Russians were coming.”

She added: “I can honestly say I feel like I’ve witnessed the start of a world war. That’s how it felt. It felt real.”

Redhead says she’s seen the humor in the prank by now, insisting, “I’ve watched it over and over again because I keep laughing at myself.”

“I’ll try to get him back with one prank, but I don’t think anything can top him if he causes WWIII,” she added.

Redhead called her mom to let her know "bad news."
Redhead called her mom to alert her to the “bad news.”
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Suffice to say, the mindless stunt didn’t sit well with many social media users with a tweet: “Yeah hilarious. I bet people in a real nuclear threat would piss off about it.”

“And who says that can’t happen anyway if it escalates? [Russia] the largest country in the world,” they added.

Another horrified gawker fumed, “Yes because my family in Ukraine would find this hilarious right now while their home has been wiped out, their young children are now homeless and friends/colleagues are found dead. Hold on tight.”

One gallows humor enthusiast said he would have happily pulled a prank if it hadn’t been pulled during the international crisis mentioned above.

“Look, I see the humor in it” They write. “If you did that at a different time it would be hilarious … but to do it now is just really unmusical. There are people in Ukraine for whom these messages on TV are real. Spare them a thought.”

Becca Redhead carries her three-year-old son Louie Coldicutt down the stairs.
Becca Redhead carries her 3-year-old son Louie Coldicutt down the stairs.
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However, Coldicutt insists that he didn’t think about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia when he designed the prank.

“The situation in Ukraine didn’t even cross my mind, so that’s not the point,” he said, before joking smugly that his wife “would never be able to top it”.

“I won the war and the battle,” he boasted.

The United Nations recently reported that 227 civilians died and 525 were injured between February 24, when the invasion began, and March 1. However, they noted that they are likely underestimating the number of casualties.

Becca Redhead texts her brother Alan Redhead after watching the fake show.
Becca Redhead texts her brother Alan Redhead after watching the fake show.
Kennedy News and Media
Commentators didn't take too well to the toneless gag.
Commentators didn’t take too well to the unmusical gag.
Kennedy News and Media
Wayne Coldicutt and his fiancee Becca Redhead
Wayne Coldicutt and his fiancee Becca Redhead.
Kennedy News and Media

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