Curb Your Passion Season 11 Episode 8 Review: All Setups, Small Amounts

Only three more episodes left, and the birth of Irma Kostroski (Tracey Ullman) last week, Curb your enthusiasm trying to set up all the pieces for the end of the season with “What did I do?” Rarely do episodes feel like they’re plotting the plot in order like “What did I do?” in the final moments of the episode. While most episodes usually offer some sort of move to Larry’s antics, this week’s final episode seems like an ellipsis for what’s to come.

Season 11 was a weird season for Curb your enthusiasm. Although we’ve had episodes like “Angel Muffin” that focus primarily on the success of Young Larry, this season usually keeps the creation of Larry’s latest performance on the back burner. The show has appeared in almost every episode, but this is clearly not the focal point of the season it seems to have been. In retrospect, this makes sense, since we’ve seen Larry create new entertainment projects over the course of a season, and if that season was focused on creating Young Larry, the show could be accused of going back to that well.

Season 11 is more concerned with the casting of Maria Sofia, who has the participation of Young Larry either make or break the program. The focus of this season so far hasn’t been Young Larry, it’s Maria Sofia’s shadow over Larry, and the blackmail that will destroy his latest project. However, the very strange thing about Season 11 is that until last week’s “Irma Kostroski” it seemed Curb your enthusiasm didn’t know this was the case. With Kostroski’s introduction, it looks like the show finally knows how to end this story, as opposed to the one leading up to this point.

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For Larry, Kostroski was a means to an end. She smells like pickles and is always talking about her gas, but Larry has to get close to her to change city regulations that could get Maria Sofia blackmailed. At the end “What did I do?Madeline Wise), and now Irma is living in his house. There is no real conclusion to “What did I do?” because it’s clearly setting up the final two episodes of the season, and while that’s fine, it’s odd that an episode that doesn’t have many of its themes pays off.

The same can be said about Jeff (Jeff Garlin) deceive Susie (Susie Green) headed by Hulu’s assistant, Carly (Liz Carey). There’s a whole story about Jeff using a different body wash to mask Carly’s odor from Susie, and the purchase of the aforementioned shower gel leading to Larry getting into an argument over the purchase protocol at a convenience store. profit. But all of this is mostly unrelated, as at the end of the episode, Susie finds Jeff’s secret phone, causing her to discover that Jeff is cheating on her again. Again, though, this sequence is like a setup for what’s to come instead of encapsulating in any significant way.

“What did I do?” It’s also filled with moments where Larry accidentally becomes the creator of chaos. After Leon (JB Smoove) save Larry money for a plumber (Horatio Sanz, in a role that literally anyone could take), Larry decided to start a business called The Home Husband. If a certain type of repair seems to cost too much, Leon will go to the person’s home and convince the mechanic to repair it. Leon admits that he “knows a little bit about everything, and a lot of it” so naturally, every fix Leon has “helped with” ends up horribly wrong. At best, this story is a great way to give Leon something to do this season, but in the end, with his repair help resulted in Irma falling down the stairs and moving into Larry’s house, that’s another topic that serves mainly to establish what. is to come.

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But beyond this chaos, “What did I do?” Larry has a lot of energy and no one to really focus on. For example, when he was invited to Diedre’s oath renewal ceremony, he was told that the party started an hour earlier than it should. Instead of leaving and coming back, he becomes an ownerless guest, exploring Diedre’s house like a child. He messes with the thermostat, touches basically everything in sight, and even turns around in his chair until it makes him dizzy. While watching Larry on her security camera, Diedre said that she hoped he would burn out and just let Larry do what he wants without any hindrance in his way, just like like watching a child try to entertain.

In a way, Larry as a guest without a host is emblematic of “What did I do?” Generally speaking. We’re watching Diedre watching Larry run around, looking at himself under a magnifying glass, wondering what the hell he’s doing and what the point of this is. Sure, “What did I do?” There are moments of it, like watching Larry and Leon discuss whether Larry’s actions at the convenience store were racist, or watching Ullman make a bruschetta-like meal in every scene she attends. but mostly, we just kept an eye on Larry until he was exhausted.

Rating: B-

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