Coffee can cause hair loss, says one doctor

Hair loss can be distressing and affect your self-esteem.

But one doctor has revealed how your morning routine could actually make the problem worse.

Most people will reach for a Cup of coffee or tea first, and while it might give you a boost of energy, it might harm you hair.

Ingredients in black tea and coffee can stress your iron levels, which can lead to hair loss.

dr Sara Kayat explained that losing around 100 to 150 strands of hair a day is normal, but that some people can lose more due to stress.

Most of the time, hair loss will stop once your stress levels subside, but that’s easier said than done.

In that sense, dr. Kayat who works with Viviscal said you should avoid consuming caffeine — it could cause your hair to fall out.

She explained: “Did you know that the tannins in black tea can block the absorption of iron, which can increase the risk of iron deficiency and in turn lead to hair loss?

“If you’re a black tea drinker – try to minimize your intake, or better yet – stick to green tea as an alternative.”

Coffee contains about 4.6 percent tannin while tea contains about 11.2 percent tannin.

A woman shows hair loss on her scalp.
Lactose intolerance can also lead to hair loss.

Tannins are molecules that attach to proteins and are found in tree wood and bark, unripe fruit, and the leaves of plants.

dr Kayat said that not only can iron deficiency be harmful to your hair, but people with lactose intolerance can also suffer from it.

While most people with lactose intolerance don’t drink pints of milk, said Dr. Kayat, if you have an intolerance, you should try to avoid products that could cause a flare-up to prevent hair damage and hair loss.

“Lactose intolerance is common and for those with a sensitivity to it, eating foods containing dairy products can aggravate skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dandruff, which can affect scalp health and therefore hair health.

“If you’re a black tea drinker – try to minimize your intake, or better yet – stick to green tea as an alternative.”

dr Sara Kayat

“A healthy scalp is so important because follicles affected by infection, dandruff, oil and debris can impair hair growth.

“Signs that your scalp may not be healthy include itching, flaking or flaking, redness, oiliness, and spots or bumps.

“Often simple changes to your usual hair care routine are enough to fix this, but if not, you should get checked out by a doctor,” she said.


dr Kayat said you should also make sure you stay away from hair products that contain alcohol, as they can damage your hair and dry out your scalp.

A woman drinks coffee in bed.
Instead of drinking coffee or other highly caffeinated beverages, Dr. Kayat before turning to green tea.

She said: “Always read the ingredient list before choosing hairspray – and avoid styling hair with hairspray unless it’s necessary.

“Repeatedly using hairspray between washing your hair can create build-ups and layers of flaky particles that flake off.

“If you style your hair with hairspray, try to wash the hair regularly to avoid styling product build-up and scalp irritation.”

How you manage your stress levels can also impact hair loss, and if you don’t try to help them, it could mean you experience more hair loss down the line.

A man shows hair loss.
Signs that your scalp may be unhealthy include itching, flaking or flaking, redness, oiliness, and spots or bumps.

“I also recommend stress management techniques you can use at home, including yoga, meditation, deep breathing, journaling, and spending time outdoors,” added Dr. Kayat added.

This story originally appeared on The sun and is reproduced here with permission. Coffee can cause hair loss, says one doctor


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