Chris Cuomo’s latest move means things could soon turn bloody between him and CNN

Trouble in fake news paradise.

Recently, CNN has had a lot of shaking, from the network new contact with former longtime Fox News host Chris Wallace arriving The producer has been arrested for allegedly involving minors and their mothers in illegal sexual acts – and that was just last weekend.

It can be hard to keep up, but the biggest news at CNN just a week ago was Overthrow top anchor Chris Cuomo, who was fired after new information came to light about the extent to which he supported his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, when he later brought allegations of sexual harassment .

Looks like the younger Cuomo tried out of schoolabout his now-disgraced brother from other outlets and, following his suspension as CNN brass pondered this new information, he became the subject of private sexual harassment allegations on the part of an attorney representing an unnamed former colleague at another network.

Yeah, that’s bad.


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And CNN, to his credit, or perhaps simply out of caution, misled him. But the scandal did not end there.

In fact, this may just be the beginning of what could turn into a heated legal battle between CNN and CNN. former top anchor.

This is also where things get pretty murky.

You see, Cuomo made an appearance through his personal spokesman, who stated that at CNN it was “widely known” that Chris and Andrew Cuomo were “extremely close and in keep in touch,” based on Vanity Fair.

Should Chris Cuomo sue CNN?

This includes “details of Mr. Cuomo’s support for his brother. There is no secret about this, as individuals other than Mr. Cuomo can attest. “

In other words, Cuomo is claiming that CNN knows that he help his brother prevent media attacks on sexual abuse allegations.

CNN hit back hard.

“We are disappointed with Chris’ statement. He made a number of false accusations. This reinforces why he was terminated for violating our standards and practices, as well as his lack of seriousness,” a network spokesperson said.

Follow New York Post, a CNN insider said that Cuomo’s claims were “absurd” and “substantially untrue.”


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“If Jeff had known it all, Chris would have been fired sooner rather than suspended,” the source said.

For his part, Cuomo is willing to give up money that he will not be paid from CNN According to a source who spoke to the Post, where is he, and is set to sue for the roughly $18 million he will earn for the remainder of his contract.

And CNN “has no intention” of paying Cuomo “a dime,” the source said.

As another source told the outlet, CNN feel sure that it has grounds for termination.

“CNN has a standard ethics clause in their contract that says if an employee does anything against their will, they can be fired immediately,” they said.

However, as legal expert and entrepreneur Aron Solomon recently wrote in his Op-Ed, “This is how Chris Cuomo can make millions of dollars from CNN“, it can be difficult for carriers to bring Cuomo’s case for violating its ethics clause.

If you recall, New York became one of the hardest hit states In the midst of the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the Cuomo brothers regularly had a little schtick where young people would interview older adults who were still governors at the time, which was really great for ranking. class.

Not only is the network fully aware that the two are close, which is why, but it’s probably fair to say that they’ve openly encouraged housewarmingism for their own financial gain, only to end up ultimately barring Chris Cuomo from interviewing his brother as a sex scandal overtook the current governor’s status as a COVID hero.

“CNN has a standard ethics clause in their contract that says if an employee does anything against their will, they can be fired immediately,” a source told the Post.

“For CNN to now claim that Chris Cuomo violated an ethics clause by helping his brother would be a notable and challenging matter for the courts and one that many of us I’m looking forward to seeing,” Solomon noted.

Obviously while CNN is trying to create a lot of distance between itself and Cuomo’s activities, the two are closer than they’d like to admit, not least because of the very embarrassing fact that CNN is showing off the relationship between two famous brothers as a news network and as a journalist for Chris Cuomo.

Imagine if Cuomo managed to get the network to pay on the sole basis that it was as completely unethical as he is?

Many critics of CNN and its distinctive label of “fake news,” i.e. biased bias disguised as unbiased reporting, will find this extremely relevant.

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