“Chemical warfare is used here”

New documentary #FillerNation covers the exploding trend of cosmetic beauty – and procedures like botox and fillers – in people in their 20s.

The document, which is now streaming on Peacock — part of NBC News Stay Tuned and also on his YouTube page — features interviews with experts including Manhattan-based dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman.

“I feel like my patients are getting younger as they get older,” Engelman, 46, told The Post. “There has definitely been a destigmatization of getting cosmetic procedures and a normalization that you can see by that [posts about it on] social media. People used to not even tell her sister they got botox. Now my assistant will film people while I stick the needle in their face.”

#FillerNation covers the connections between the cosmetic beauty industry and social media as more influencers post about their filler or botox procedures. This trend has increased in recent years, thanks in part to celebs like the Kardashians who have popularized the practice.

“I find it both good and worrisome,” Engleman said, noting that the average age of her beauty patients is 29.

dr  Dendy Engelman, right, with one of her patients in their 20s.
dr Dendy Engelman, right, with one of her 20-something patients in #FillerNation.
Courtesy of NBC News
One of #FillerNation's social media influencers posts about her procedures.
One of #FillerNation’s social media influencers posts about her procedures.
Courtesy of NBC

“It’s nice that people feel comfortable being transparent about what they’re doing to maintain a more youthful appearance. But it’s a slippery slope when you compare your worst selfie to an airbrushed, greatly enlarged Kardashian image,” she said. “It can create a lot of false self-reflection, where people are unsure of how they look, where they may not have taken care of their nose and lips before.”

Engelman, who has had her practice in Manhattan since 2009, said she has noticed a change in the way the public talks about such procedures.

“If they want to put that on their social media [when they’re in my office], I do not mind. It happens so often it’s not weird,” she said. “I remember about 10 years ago a patient from Brazil spoke about how he likes to film his procedures and show them to his friends. I thought that was crazy because no one here has even admitted to having cosmetic surgery at this point. But now it has become the norm.”

dr  Dendy Engelman.
dr Dendy Engelman stars in new documentary #FillerNation.
Courtesy of NBC News
A lip into which a needle is inserted.
A young woman gets a lip filler.
Courtesy of NBC
One of #FillerNation's influencers takes a video to post.
One of #FillerNation’s influencers takes a video to post.
Courtesy of NBC

The documentary highlights the dangers when people don’t do proper research. Engleman said it’s important to be informed, and she sometimes says “no” to people who come to her to request cosmetic procedures when she feels it’s not appropriate for them.

“I can’t believe people don’t check their injectors. These are neurotoxins that can do real harm,” she said. “Chemical warfare is used here. You want to make sure you know who is giving you the injections and what they are injecting. It’s crazy how many people say, “I don’t know, it was a syringe, it had pink packaging,” and they don’t even know the name [of what they got]. You want to make sure you go to someone you know has been trained and who you trust. If you have too many artists on your face, you end up looking like a Picasso.”

“On the whole, I would say [influencers] were good. They’ve raised awareness of available procedures,” she said. “I advise my clients to be cautious when taking advice from influencers. They are not the holy grail of information. But when they post their procedures on Instagram or TikTok, they help destigmatize cosmetic procedures and minimize patient anxiety.”

https://nypost.com/2022/12/05/fillernation-doctor-on-beauty-trends-this-is-using-chemical-warfare/ “Chemical warfare is used here”

Emma Bowman

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