Check those home COVID tests delivered by admin Biden to your door

Our friends in the Chinese Communist Party are certainly knowledgeable. Not only are they exporting COVID to us and the world, but many – if not most – of the COVID test kits the Biden administration is releasing are made in – yes – China .

As well as N95 masks given to members of Conference.

Imagine. A country that locked itself in when COVID emerged under mysterious circumstances but still allowed travel to other parts of the world, now offers us some of the protection against the disease they allowed. spread from the start.

Let it sink in.

Lenin said that the capitalists would provide the rope to hang him. It was nothing – the Chinese were also handing us scaffolding, blindfolds and cheering crowds.


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On Tuesday, Fox News “America Newsroom” host Bill Hemmer told co-host Dana Perino about getting his test: “Yesterday I had my test. All four of them came. Congratulations to the US government. The United States Postal Service did a great job. ”

“I got four tests,” Hemmer wittily added, “And on the back of the pretty lettering, Dana, it’s made in China.”

GOP Senator Rick Scott of Florida is more outspoken about China’s tests: “General Secretary Xi’s genocidal regime” should not accept American taxpayer dollars.

Should US COVID testing be done only by Americans?

On Tuesday, Scott’s office told Fox News Digital that the senator, “Think it’s unacceptable that the Biden administration is spending the taxpayer dollars of the American people on COVID tests from Communist China, this is only to support General Secretary Xi and the regime to destroy his race, instead of supporting American manufacturers and jobs.”

“The federal government has a responsibility to support American manufacturers, and we cannot ignore the fact that it is the Chinese Communist Party that has lied about this deadly virus, trying to hide it and contact continuing to cover up the origins of COVID-19,” said a statement from Scott’s office, citing a letter from Scott wrote earlier this month to the Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra.

Saying he supports the administration’s efforts to make COVID tests available to everyone who needs them, Scott told Becerra it was “obligatory” for the federal government to fulfill its “public health mission.” in a cost-effective manner, prioritizing support for domestic production”.

The 500 million tests, distributed with the US Postal Service, were not all done in China, the Biden administration said on Tuesday, Fox reported.


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But American companies cannot produce enough to meet demand. Outside the US and China, some of the tests come from other countries.

The main supplier of 500 million rapid antigen tests is iHealth Labs in Sunnyvale, California, whose tests have the phrase “Made in China”. The lab belongs to a Chinese company, Andon Health Co., Ltd., Reuters reported.

The distribution of the tests is part of a $1.275 billion contract between Andon and the US Army under the US Rescue Plan Act of 2022, according to Defense.gov. There were a total of 20 bidders for the contract, but the Department of Defense’s website did not give details on that particular bidding, which was conducted over the internet.

There are two other contracts for COVID tests awarded, $340 million to Roche Diagnostics Corp. of Indianapolis, Indiana, and $306 million to Abbot Rapid Dx North America LLC., of Orlando, Florida, the website said.

Unlike the Andon and Roche contracts, the Abbot contract specifies where the work in the tests is done – in Orlando.

And on Tuesday, Fox quoted an administration official as saying: “We are making many of the US-made home tests available for purchase, and are also purchasing more FDA-authorized home tests to be performed. present in other parts of the world”.

“Together, this ensures that we are making as many home tests available to the American people as possible, and importantly, we are doing so in a way that ensures that we do not interfere with the Other channels where people can take the tests at home, including through their states, pharmacies and online retailers,” the official said.

Meanwhile members of Congress received KN95 masks. Fox said the masks were printed with the words “Made in China” and their packaging included a piece of paper stamped with a red star.

How appropriate – Red Star to Congress. After all, our government was complicit in allowing globalists to hollow out American manufacturing.

How many other things Americans can needonly to find out they’re unavailable except from China, the country we’ve been trying to build to our own detriment?


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