Cat climbing to the top of Snowdon

Orion climbed Snowdon in September of this year (Image: PA Real Life)

A rescue cat swapped trees for climbing, taking it to the summits of Snowdon and Sugar Loaf in Wales this year – accompanied by a close friend and veterinarian nurse owner.

Part-Maine Coon Orion was rescued by Katie Bowen, 31, about two years ago, after he was taken to the rescue center she works with her sister.

At just two days old, they were separated from their mother, so Katie raised them by herself.

Katie, of Bracknell, Berkshire, said: ‘Orion was found as a kitten, so not much is known about her background or even her breed.

‘I’m a veterinary nurse in a rescue centre. We usually bring kittens and I ended up with Orion and his sister. They are very small. I have raised them myself since they were two days old. ‘

With just enough room for a kitten, Katie decided to keep Orion, loving his gentle demeanor (while his sister was more independent).

Since bringing home the tomcat, he’s been in strength after strength, mingling with life with his five-year-old stalker, Pongo, and exploring with his friends.

Katie started training Oriona on a harness when she was nine weeks old, saying: ‘He’s such a chill cat. He often comes to work with me and nothing seems to bother him

‘So I thought, “I put Pongo on all these adventures, why shouldn’t Orion go into it?”

Katie keeps Orion warm in special coats while walking in winter (Image: PA Real Life)
The vet nurse trained Orion from a kitten how to wear a harness so she could take him for regular walks (Image: PA Real Life)

He started walking right away, and two years on the Orion was a veteran racer – even joining Katie on an eight-day camping excursion in Wales.

“I usually take Pongo and Orion anywhere,” she said.

‘Orion even goes on vacation on vacation. Most of our vacations are camping or riding in a van. We just hit the road and go.

Orion still leads on more dangerous roads (Image: PA Real Life)
He’s come a long way since being saved just two days old in June 2019 (Image: PA Real Life)

‘He likes to sit in the van because he can just watch the world from his little domain.

‘He was really nosy. When we had a yard to camp, he liked to sit at the picnic table and survey the entire campsite. ‘

It was September this year when Orion explored Snowdon – Wales’ highest mountain – with Katie and Pongo.

Maine Coon the cat was described by Katie as ‘the mummy’s boy’ (Image: PA Real Life)
Katie’s top tip is to give liquid snacks to your furry friends while out for a walk (Image: PA Real Life)

Katie said: “I had to carry him up Snowdon for a while, but we still climbed there together. “He’s made some discoveries that are amazing.”

Orion happily takes pictures at 1,085 meters at the top of the mountain, but prefers wooded areas for his brave journeys.

Katie said: ‘His favorite thing to do is walk in the woods. We went to the New Forest in Hampshire a few weeks ago and he really enjoyed it. He loves to explore.

On a walk with his reclusive friend Pongo (Image: PA Real Life)
Orion loves to explore nature on his hikes (Image: PA Real Life)

‘Snowdon wasn’t his favorite expedition, as it was a bit windy, which was the main factor he didn’t like, so for some trips he hid in his cat boat. I.

“But we managed to get a picture of him on top of Snowdon, which is brilliant, and he’s come a long way and loves it.”

With pet food brand, ORIJEN, reporting that one in five owners want to bring their cats along but lack the confidence to do so, Katie wants people to see that, with the right training, what that can be done.

‘I would say just pick a harness, they’re really cheap, and see if your cat accepts it,’ she said.

‘The first time I go for a walk, I’ll choose somewhere quiet and just go at the cat’s pace. Some cats won’t want to do that, especially if you’re starting with an older animal.

‘But if your cat loves to go for walks it can be a great experience. I strongly encourage cat owners to try it. ‘

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