Car review: Genesis GV80 – affordable Bentley looks exactly like

So there I am heading back to the parking lot near the shops in Oadby to enjoy another drive in the lovely Genesis GV80 and what I will discover but can only be described as a The character is not suspicious when looking at its opulent interior. Older chap, lightweight flat hat that looks like you’re golfing, Marks & Spencer bags, breeches, specs; no different from a comedy character in Harry Enfield, and clearly not dangerous. The dialogue went roughly as I expected.

I salute you.”

Harry Enfield-style comedian: “I was wondering what it was.”

Me: “It’s a Genesis”.

HESCC: “What is it?”

Me: “It’s the product. Genesis is creating. It’s a luxury Hyundai. It’s the premium brand of Hyundai. [Astonished expression on face of HESCC]. They say it looks like a Bentley.”

HESCC: “That’s what I think. How much is this?”

Me: (No real answer) “About £50,000”

HESCC: “Bet you’re glad it’s not a Bentley.”

Then he joined his Golf Plus and started playing. I really don’t know how to repay him, but I’d like to think that he thinks I’m a wise man who would save around £100,000 by buying an actual Bentley Bentayga. Or maybe he’s trying to tell me I’m a scammer and fraudster. Since I can’t afford a Bentley Bentayga – or Genesis GV80 – and I’m not fooling him with the idea that the car isn’t really mine, I assume he has a point.

Have all the soft leather and real black ash you care about


Either way, we’re all right and the GV80 does a very good job of looking as elegant and stately as a Bentley. Having a winged badge that looks a lot like a Bentley on the nose of the car where you’d expect it also helps. Indeed, you could say the GV80 is a “plus royal que le roi”, as it manages to carry large volumes (slightly smaller) more luxuriously than its much more famous “rival”. Of course there is no great surprise, this similarity, because the Hyundai Group, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, has comfortably spent as a leading football statement of the league to hunts for the best talent it can find, and that includes a fair number of designers and stylists from the VW Group, and as we all know, Bentley Motors is a real brand. wholly owned by the VW Group (through their tendency not to mention its usual relationships).

Genesis has been a well-known brand in its home country of Korea and other markets for about 15 years, and was established as a luxury brand in 2015. Hyundai hopes to successfully compete with Lexus, its subsidiary. premium Toyota, and it deserves to be well done, as it’s a nice, comfortable car. But quality newbies, and indeed respectable non-German shops, find the challenge of breaking into snobby European markets particularly difficult. Nissan tried with the Infiniti, and failed despite some of the cars being literally Mercedes-Benz improvements. Honda did not dare to mention Acura. And Saab, Rover, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Maserati have all suffered from automotive Germanophilia. The only exception to the German brand erasure is Volvo, which is sheltering in a particular Scandi niche. What chance for a Korean invader?

Styling lines, all the creases and bulges, beautifully combined


Genesis can at least partially see. Mine comes in a pleasant country green which is “Cardiff Green”, which I assume you will interpret as “Welsh Racing Green”. The GV80’s grille is a cross between contemporary Bentley and Range-Rover, complete with that doppelgänger logo, and the styling lines, all ribbed and muscular bulges, combine beautifully. They’ve provided it with dual-stage front and rear lighting, which is nice and attractive, huge 22-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, and tasteful details – against the trend of class abuse. chrome plated or piano black. The GV80 is about the same size as the BMW X5, Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GLE, but looks better than any of them. It’s actually a baby Bentley Bentayga that Bentley hasn’t built yet.

In-house, things are a little less Bentley, though no one really expects the quality of craftsmanship you get on a Crewe-built product. Even so, there’s all the soft leather and real black ash you care about, as well as the modern gadgets. It will drive itself, park itself, and it’s totally complicated. If it’s important to you, the audio system will enhance or eliminate any extraneous engine noise. There’s the usual touchscreen (14.5 inches), plus a rotary knob between the front seats as an optional control, but sadly that doesn’t work as well as on its competitors. In Germany.

Cross-country, it’s quick and can be driven with a bit of fun, but it’s not a 12-cylinder Bentley


It is only when you start that the advanced spell is broken. The 2.5-litre petrol engine sits at the top of what’s realistic with the four-cylinder, which means it’s a bit contemplative. The upside is that the design gives it a lot of lift at low speeds/revs, which is great for off-road use (it’s a permanent all-wheel drive rugged all-terrain vehicle) , but it makes for a poor drive, to be honest. A V6 (as in the diesel option) or a V8 would be great. Cross-country, it’s quick and can be driven with a modicum of enjoyment, but it’s not a 12-cylinder Bentley (nearly unidentifiable on greenfields, of course). Indeed, the GV80’s characterization would be well suited to all-electric propulsion (and sister brands Hyundai and Kia are world leaders in battery electric vehicles).

In any case, I enjoyed my time in this automotive novelty, and I like to think that complete strangers, like the man in the Oadby parking lot, think I’m a rich man. with an appreciation for British craftsmanship. How little do they know about me, or Genesis.

GV80’s grille looks like a cross between Bentley’s and Range-Rover’s grille



Price: £66,970 (as tested; range starts at £56,715)

Engine capacity: 2.5 liter gasoline; 8-sp manual; 4WD

Output Power (PS): 400

Top speed (mph): 147

0-62 mph (seconds): 6.9

Fuel economy (mpg): 30.5

CO2 emissions (g/km): 248 Car review: Genesis GV80 – affordable Bentley looks exactly like


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