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The Canadian video game industry is still on the rise, both in the country and worldwide. Since last year, this trend has continued to grow, and all gamers, regardless of whether they are amateurs who do it in their free time or are real virtual professionals, are closely following what is happening on the gaming scene. It would be striking information for you to know that some of the world’s best and most popular video games are produced in Canada.

So, here we would like to tell you about the general facts about the gaming industry of this country as well as the selection of the recent exciting games.

The Video Game Industry in Canada Today

The gaming industry is growing exponentially, but Canada has a long and successful development history. The country’s government recognized the importance of this business and offered subsidies to companies based in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal back in the 1980s and 1990s. The milestone was in 1983 when Don Mattric and Jeff Sember launched the Distinctive Software video game company. A couple of years later, the studio merged with now-giant Electronic Arts Canada, employing over 1,300 people.

Over the past forty years, companies such as Ubisoft, BioWare, and Silicon Knights were forerunners of changes that resulted in the video games industry as one of the most significant parts of the country’s economic landscape. In 2021, the Canadian video game industry was the third-largest worldwide contributing $5.5 billion. In addition to new jobs, Canadian authorities also think of the future and education in this segment.

The province of Ontario started to offer a two-year scholarship program to students in various domains of the gaming industry, such as game design, esports, and marketing. Currently, the gaming and sports industry in Canada creates over 55,000 jobs. The Ontario Esports Scholarship program will inspire a new generation of young people and help them to find their place in the sports and gaming scene. In the meantime, we will show you some of the finest examples of game development in Canada.

Top Canadian-made games

Canadian game developers are famous for their original solutions, innovative technical requirements, and ideas that blend mobile and desktop gaming experiences. So, let’s check the gameplay and some of the most exciting features of the top Canadian-made games that you can play across multiple devices.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons restores the true feeling of flying in space and more complicated commands while maintaining a high level of affordable spectacle of arcade-style games. Players can master the art of starfighter combat in the authentic Star Wars: Squadrons pilot experience. While playing, you can feel the adrenaline of space battles for all the players in the first person. Pilots will enter the cockpits of starfighters from the New Republic and the Imperial Fleet and fight in strategic space battles five vs. 5. Change your starfighter, adjust the squadron’s composition to suit different game styles, and overthrow the opposition. Finally, the pilots will triumph as a team and meet tactical targets on known and never-before-seen battlefields.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed is a racing game full of excitement, where the boundaries of the law are lost as the sun sets down. During the day, players race to get money, while at night, they risk everything earned in street races by fighting with a renegade police unit to raise their street rating. In addition, it is possible to compete in the Speedrunner Showdown legal races, where you earn money for fleet upgrades. You can make money and use it later to tune up your vehicle. If you want to make real money to withdraw and to spend them in the real world, try a $15 minimum deposit casino from the highlighted list of gambling sites with a low amount to start.

A complete novelty is the free mobile application. You may choose cars, tune them, do everything you want, and even pick up specific bonuses for the first rides.


In the years behind us, we got many platformers with classic pixel-art graphics and exciting mechanics that continually surprise us. One of the best indie platformers that appeared last year is Celeste, in which we follow a young girl who fights against her demons through a series of hand-created levels and stories. Celeste is a one-player adventure marked by storytelling and over 700 levels of complex challenges and twisted secrets. Players will also enjoy excellent sounds with more than two hours of original music with pleasing synthetic piano rhythms.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

After receiving an invitation to a luxury hotel, Luigi and the company set off on a dream vacation. However, his dream turns into a nightmare when King Boo captures everyone except Luigi. And now the frightened hero Luigi, with the help of other characters, has to go through the dangerous floors of the hotel to save Mario and company. Nintendo and Next level have tried to ensure that the gameplay never becomes too repetitive and bland, so there is a well-balanced influx of new tricks that Luigi can use that open up entirely new ways of interacting with the environment. It would help if Luigi could earn more like he was playing on the best casino platforms of https://lowdepositcasino.org/ which provide the possibility to bet with the smallest amount of money to reinvest funds in better equipment.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising by Ubisoft is built on the model of Greek mythology, with all its miraculous creatures, recognizable sites, and gods. The world consists of fascinating landscapes, from sunny meadows, exotic forests, and rugged deserts to the snowy peaks of Olympus. A dark force threatens to destroy the world and the gods. So, your task is to free the country from tyrants. The map has five important regions, four tied to one god each, and the fifth is the cold Olympus.

Gears 5 

Gears 5 kept the recognizable look & feel of the predecessor for which the series became famous. The game focuses on the young Kate Diaz’s search for origins and the destiny that life has determined. The technical characteristics are, as always, fantastic, which with excellent optimization lead to the fact that you can play at maximum settings using even an older piece of hardware.


The number of players is increasing with the number of video games, and the interest in new games is also growing. Canadian video games may be played on a PC, a mobile phone, and on multiple consoles (PlayStation and Nintendo). The developers give a variety of technical and storyline choices. From sequels and expansions, better graphics, and advanced artificial intelligence to stories that leave you breathless, we are looking forward to it — what’s next?

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