Boy gets a DNA test after years of doubting he was adopted and talks to his parents afterwards

A 19-year-old boy grows up suspecting that he is an adopted child because he is unlike anyone else in the family. He secretly took a DNA test and faced the results of his parents.

For many years, Redditors 02LetterJenny lives with the suspicion that his current parents may have adopted him. He was about nine years old when he first asked them about this because he felt something was wrong.

Years later, he secretly took a DNA test and then revealed the results to them. They were shocked and eventually confessed something he never dared dream of.

OP goes for a DNA test behind his parents’ back | Photo: Flickr

The Original Poster (OP) grew up knowing that he was not like anyone in his family. He felt like an outcast, and the constant questions people asked him frustrated him even more. Posting his harrowing experience on Reddit, he stated:

“People outside of my family kept asking if I was going to be adopted or if one of my parents was really a stepparent.”

Whenever he talks to his parents about it, they completely rebut his claims and say that he is their biological child. However, he was unmoved by their words.

OP is frustrated because he doesn’t know his ancestry | Photo: Pexels

At one point, he even thought he was in labor at birth. But his parents made him feel guilty for thinking this way. He to add:

“I spent years confused as to why I felt so out of place… It made me eavesdrop a lot, and for a long time I did an ancestry DNA test.”

The results showed that he did not match the ethnic background of his family. OP knows the DNA test results by themselves are not definitive proof, but he thinks that just facing the parents is enough.

OP thinks he might have been converted at birth | Photo: Unsplash

“I feel like I could go to my parents and exaggerate a little bit about the amount of evidence I have so I can get some final answers,” he said. explain.

OP was traumatized by the way his parents purposely concealed his identity for years.

OP went to his mother and told her about the DNA test. In the end, his father knew, and both his parents were very angry.. They claimed that he didn’t trust them, but he was stubborn in making them tell the truth.

OP’s parents are very angry with him | Photo: Pexels

“Then I was finally told I was adopted, at 19, a decade after I first asked,” OP stated, and claimed his parents refused to divulge details of his biological parents beyond claiming they were both dead.

The OP then turned to social media for advice if he had gone wrong on the test and confronted his adoptive parents about it. While some sympathize with him, the user bbn0305 commented:

“My daughter is this year and already knows all about her adoption. Our goal is for her to never remember the day she found out. We wanted it to be something she was always known for. It’s not fair what they did to you.”

OP doubts his parents’ statement | Photo: Unsplash

Redditor New-Influence2549 said she had a similar stressful experience when she learned she was adopted. She Written:

“The same thing happened to me. I was seven months and 18 months pregnant. Everyone in town knew and lied to my face. And they wondered why I had trust issues. I I feel betrayed a lot.”

Meanwhile, users SKrivvaCat asked the OP in a comment that read: “Honestly, I would consider this enough to be out of touch. Are you in a position where you can eliminate them from your life? ”

One revealed she was seven months pregnant when she heard she was adopted | Photo: Pexels

“No, I live with them, and I cannot work because of health problems. So I don’t have money to move out,” OP answered.

User Garden_Disaster said he was 33 years old when he learned he was adopted. “It was terrible, and I am still working through the injury. I just want you to know you’re not alone,” he said stated.

Experts like Dr. Steven Nickman suggest children need to know about their adoption between the ages of 6 and 8 and that waiting until adolescence is not advised. Grandfather speak.

OP still lives with his adoptive parents when he can’t move out due to health problems | Photo: Unsplash

OP was traumatized by the way his parents purposely concealed his identity for years. “I am an adult and after years of struggling with my identity and false family history, I wanted to find answers about my background and medical information,” he said. stated.

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