“Blue Ink Leaking in Expectant Mother” describes rare pregnancy symptom

Do you feel blue?

Mom-to-be Keisha Sethi, 24, thought she was turning into a blue ‘avatar’ when she started experiencing strange pregnancy symptoms.

“It just happened overnight. It was actually pretty crazy, it was like spilling blue ink,” Sethi told Kennedy News. “I felt like an octopus.”

After Sethi finished using the toilet, her boyfriend Brad noticed bruises on the toilet seat. He asked, “Keisha, are you wearing something blue?”

The Londoner, who wore white pyjamas, noticed she left a trail of bruises on her toilet, clothes, bed linen and pillowcases.

“I thought I was going to transform [a creature from] Avatar,” she admitted. “I tried wiping it off, but it just wouldn’t come off.”

Determined to find out what was going on, Sethi contacted her doctor, who initially thought the mother-to-be was joking.

Keisha Sethi, 24, revealed she sweated the color blue for a week during her pregnancy.
Kennedy News and Media
Sethi’s boyfriend first noticed the bruise after she used the restroom.
Kennedy News and Media
The expectant mother noticed that there were bruises all over her clothes.
Kennedy News and Media
She could not determine what was causing the blue color and medical professionals were of no help to her.
Kennedy News and Media

“I called triage and they said they had never heard of it. It’s so rare. The person I spoke to laughed because they thought I was joking.”

The couple researched why the pregnant mother was bruised for a week.

“I thought, ‘Isn’t my pregnancy okay with me?’ is it my clothes Did I eat something wrong?’ “

Sethi, who was seven months pregnant at the time, ruled out the possibility of jeans stains as she had stopped wearing jeans three months before the incident.

Eventually, the couple discovered that she was experiencing a rare pregnancy symptom.

“Turns out it was just my skin and sweat changing color due to hormones,” she revealed.

The fitness trainer found that she was sweating blue due to her hormonal changes.
Kennedy News and Media

As a fitness trainer specializing in women with PCO syndrome – a problem with hormones that occurs during the reproductive years – and hormonal changes. Little did Sethi know that hormonal changes could cause someone to turn blue.

“It lasted about a week. It came “out of the blue” and then just stopped,” she said.

Although Sethi did not disclose a doctor’s diagnosis, Apocrine Chromhidrosis is a very rare, idiopathic disease of the sweat glands characterized by the secretion of colored sweat, according to the National Institutes of Health.

To raise awareness of the rare pregnancy symptom, Sethi released a viral TikTok video with over 747,000 views, in which she revealed her bizarre pregnancy experience.

“Mom, has anyone experienced this? Does it affect the baby in any way? I called the maternity hotline but they said they hadn’t heard of it and weren’t really helpful. I feel like a squid,” she captioned the clip.

Sethi shared her story online to see if other mums have experienced blue leakage.
Kennedy News and Media
Sethi announced after a week that she had stopped staining her clothes and linens.
@zoegriffinphoto/Kennedy News

Apparently, Sethi wasn’t the only mom who had felt bad throughout her pregnancy. Everywhere mothers commented on their experiences under the viral video.

“When I was on maternity leave, I met someone else who had the same thing! Apparently it’s a hormone thing!” shared one mom.

“Oh my god this happened to my white clothes and I was convinced it was dye from my jeans but it never made sense,” sighed another.

The 24-year-old admits TikTok made her feel better given the scenario she went through.
Kennedy News and Media

“IT HAPPENED TO ME! I thought I was turning into a Smurf!” confessed one mother.

Sethi admitted social media gave her “extra reassurance” and helped her relax after hearing stories similar to hers.

“I would say Google is probably not very helpful these days,” she continues. “TikTok can be a lot more helpful when people post their experiences there.”

Thankfully Sethi won’t have to see blue for a while as she and her partner are expecting a baby girl any day.

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