Bill de Blasio gives Eric Adams coals for Christmas

Outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio is leaving such a hardship to his successor, it is surprising that Eric Adams has not decided to extend his recent visit to Ghana – for example, by eight years.

Not since Franklin D. Roosevelt left a new atomic bomb in Harry Truman’s lap, has a Democrat transferred office to a fellow member in such a radioactive state.

The difference, of course, is that FDR died on the job, unlike de Blasio – who used to wake up every morning in a tailored suit and was probably still cleaning out the Gracie Mansion’s closet after Adams move in.

Recovering the structural and psychological damage de Blasio caused to the NYPD, public schools, and homeless “services” will be even harder than rebuilding Giants and the Jets. “Progressives” like de Blasio need to prove that the American system is corrupt and unreasonably racist. Their way of doing things is to make people’s living conditions worse. In that way, nothing without revolution can wash away the sins of society.

De Blasio worked on that toxic street for eight years, to this day.
Plus, he put a few coals in Adams’ holiday stockpile to clear out. The new mayor not only has to compete with the abandoned City Council but also has to face a new controller who wants to take down the police and a new Manhattan DA who looks more working in the city. Eric Garner’s 2014 death than he’s stopping crime on the streets in 2022.

Upcoming NYC Mayor Eric Adams has selected 49-year-old Keechant Sewell as the new NYPD Police Commissioner, pictured in Brooklyn after giving his first exclusive interview with the NY Post.
Keechant Sewell is a respected sheriff of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department. Adams will ask her to return the police department to pre-solved Blasio conditions.
Matthew McDermott

Number 1 on de Blasio’s list of gifts to Adams is probably an unconstitutional law to bestow 800,000 “legal” immigrants – ie non-citizens – the right to vote in municipal elections starting in 2023.

The law was written in the City Council, but de Blasio had the power to veto it. He didn’t. He confessed to “mixed feelings“But will “respect” the council. What does it mean for Adams? If he runs for re-election, he will face pressure from 800,000 non-Americans (to use the appropriate term) whose politics can only be further left behind by a majority vote. elected by the Democratic Party 9-1 of the Big Apple.

May the Force, and the blessed hand of Jesus, Yahweh and the Prophet Mohammed, be with Adams’ rightful policeman, Keechant Sewell. She is responsible for restoring the NYPD to something like its pre-de Blasio state, flawed but fully functional.

Elect Mayor Eric Adams (pictured) today announced his selection for Principal of NYC Schools.  David Banks (pictured, salt and pepper goat) will run the school system starting January.  He was born in Crown Heights, and he has been attending PS #161 since 5th grade. The event was held at PS #161. He also founded the Eagle Academy for Boys, and hopefully will make major improvements in the school system.  330 Crown Street, Brooklyn, NY.
Adams’ choice to lead the schools is a promising one with renowned educator David Banks as the new principal.
Gregory P. Mango

But morale was so low, and the force’s mission so disparate, that we might impolitely judge whether Adams would have chosen Sewell – a respected but little-known sheriff of the Department’s 350 detectives. Nassau County Sheriff – to run the nation’s largest police force, 36,000 people or not. forced because all the other applicants turned down the job.

No, it’s not all the fault of the outgoing mayor – the criminal bail-free laws set forth by the state of New York, outlandish court decisions and City Council intervention are all cause. But the money stops with de Blasio. His enthusiasm to get rid of the alleged “racist” policy on broken windows makes our street at its best. clearly dangerous state (and lots of broken windows) since the David Dinkins years.

Then came the succession of public schools. Adams’s selection of renowned educator David Banks as the new prime minister is promising. The new hire, however, was hell on earth as de Blasio and his UFT puppeteers left our “study” hall in disarray.

Homeless camp at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge on the Manhattan side.  (pictured) Some homeless have set up camp beneath the columns of the Manhattan Bridge.  On Canal Street near the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, New York, NY.
The homelessness crisis will be Adams’ number one challenge when he takes office.
Gregory P. Mango

Sign up for discount 4.5 percent since the fall of 2019 when families send their children to charter and private schools or take up residence part-time outside the city. De Blasio found that the regulations had no room for expansion. He has further accelerated the likely flight with his plan, announced in October, to quit the “gifted and talented” program the following year, when he left office.

Classes that kids can actually take are all the things that keep many middle-class families away from consolidating the system and the city. Adams has vowed to keep the show intact, but to do so he has to fend off the prevailing “diversity at all costs” that have awakened the winds that Team de Blasio has stirred.

One of the first things New Yorkers will look for when Adams takes office is to improve the homelessness crisis. De Blasio and homeless social services commissioner, Steven Banks, previously made a living suing the city (i.e. taxpayers) on behalf of homeless people.

De Blasio's shooting galleries for heroin addicts may have been his most ruthless last-minute parting gift to Adams.
De Blasio’s shooting galleries for heroin addicts may have been his most ruthless last-minute parting gift to Adams.
AFP via Getty Images

Why would a mayor choose a supporter whose agenda is contrary to the needs of the entire city? Simple: like he did with law enforcement and education, de Blasio wants to make things worse.

And the strategy worked. Banks presided over the proliferation of mentally ill people on the streets and sidewalks, in subways and transit halls, under bridges and scaffolding. For good measure, he authorized the construction of an archipelago of shelters, hotels and other establishments normally operated by corrupt landlords and operators.

By De Blasio shooting gallery for heroin addicts possibly his most cruel last-minute parting gift to Adams. The police, who are full of increased crime, now also have to deal with the additional street turmoil that such establishments (essentially legalizing smack) would bring.

To make things fair, de Blasio made things worse for everyone.
To make things fair, de Blasio made things worse for everyone.
Stephen Yang

The unlucky neighbors of the “supervised injection facility” were all self-sufficient. Harlem residents – even including Al Sharpton National Action Network officials – rallied last week to protest at one of the addictive locations at Park Avenue and East 126th Street. They clearly missed de Blasio’s tweet that “compassionate and caring work. ”

But de Blasio’s compassion never extended to the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of any neighborhood.

Of course, de Blasio could not be done. He has two weeks left to torment Adams with unknown acts of cruelty. Happy New Year, Mr. Mayor! Bill de Blasio gives Eric Adams coals for Christmas

Tom Vazquez

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