Big media and big tech got away with censoring the New York Post

President Joe Biden says he never discussed business with his son.

Maybe he didn’t.

Maybe this Ukrainian gas company paid Hunter Biden half a million dollars because he has unique business skills that no one else has noticed.

It is possible. But unlikely.

Now, a Justice Department investigation could tell us if Hunter is a seedy opportunist who broke the law, and if his father knew about it or even helped.

But equally revealing is the arrogance and bias that coverage of Hunter’s laptop revealed among swathes of media and big-tech gatekeepers.

Even today, most will not admit that they were wrong.

The New York Post broke the laptop story nearing the end of the presidential campaign. The story was explosive, of course, and that Media pile intense. Some piled on Hunter Biden, however more stacked on The Post. They questioned the authenticity of the disk and the timing and accuracy of the story.

Hunter Biden
Much media ridiculed The Post for exposing Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal.

Twitter even prevented the story from being shared. Facebook hid the story. Politico said it could be “Russian disinformation.” A Washington Post column called it “ridiculously weak.” A New York Times article called it a “farcical makeover of the Russian hack-and-leak operation that helped torpedo Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.” The story was mocked and buried.

Now, a year and a half later, The Washington Post and Times admit that much of the story was correct. You know what they didn’t say?

“We’re sorry. We can’t stand the idea of ​​another Trump term, so we haven’t reported on bad things the Democrats have done.”

The Washington Post eventually wrote that the way the media handled the story was an “opportunity for reckoning.” But then it spent the rest of its editorial making excuses for its mistakes.

Nobody was fired. Nobody was suspended. No policy has been changed.

This is nothing new. For months, Facebook blocked any mention of the theory that COVID-19 might have leaked from a lab. Most of the media scoffed at the fact that it was “fake news”. The Washington Post called it “a fringe theory.” The New York Times, a “conspiracy theory”. PolitiFact rated it Pants on Fire!

It wasn’t until the Biden administration said there might have been a lab leak that Facebook dropped its censorship.

Did Facebook say, “Sorry? We shouldn’t censor such important discussions?” No.

Have we seen apologetic comments on CNN and MSNBC? I must have missed her.

New York Times
After numerous jibes about the scandal, The New York Times agreed that most of the story is correct.
AP/ Mark Lennihan
Washington Post
The Washington Post apologized multiple times for its mistake.
AP / Pablo Martínez Monsivais

Maybe none of this is a big deal to you, but it is a big deal to you me.

I make my living posting videos on digital platforms. I made two videos that suggest that fears about climate change are overdone.

I didn’t say that climate change isn’t real. I didn’t say there won’t be any problems. In fact, I said it was already causing problems.

But because I said the fear might be overblown, Facebook’s climate activist “fact-checkers” are keeping fewer people from seeing my work.

I once got millions of views on Facebook. No more.

Nothing I said in my climate videos was wrong. In one case, Facebook’s own fact-checker authorized that I have not misunderstood any facts. Despite this, Facebook continues to slander my work as “partially false.”

You even quote me something I never said!

But even after I pointed this out, Facebook will not make a correction.

Facebook, Twitter, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, NBC, the Poynter Institute “fact checkers” and most of the elite media are now part information exchanges, part left interest groups.

I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I’m not obsessing over whether Hunter Biden was paid to do shady things and whisper in his father’s ear. If so, I doubt he had much influence anyway.

I feel far more threatened when America’s major media outlets don’t report facts, don’t speak up when censors get it wrong, and don’t fix errors when they get caught.

Apologizing for mistakes is something we teach young children. Is that asking too much of our media and social media giants?

https://nypost.com/2022/04/07/big-media-and-big-tech-got-away-with-censoring-the-new-york-post/ Big media and big tech got away with censoring the New York Post


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