Biden lashes out at how Ukraine wins and other comments

Race 2024: Biden lashes out

The latest CNN poll shows that even 70% of Democrats have “serious concerns about whether Biden…” . . is up to the job of president” and 67% “want another candidate,” a reason why almost any major GOP candidate could beat him in “a head-to-head matchup in 2024.” notes Byron York of the Washington Examiner. When “the pollsters compared Biden with all of his main Republican potential challengers,” they found that even though all the scenarios were close, the president was only able to defeat one of them – Vivek Ramaswamy – and only by a single point . ” Nikki Haley had the largest lead, 49% to Biden’s 43%, a sign that news of her “strong performance” in the first GOP debate was spreading “in a way that wasn’t measured in the quickie polls “.

Hitting Schools: Closings Fed Parent Revolt

Contrary to White House claims, President Biden’s actions to reopen schools in early 2021 were “hardly ‘quick'” Ingrid Jacques rages at USA Today. “His goal of fully opening schools within his first 100 days quickly failed” as teachers unions “played an outsized role in dictating health and policy guidelines that resulted in schools remaining closed much longer than necessary.” Now, “parents have new power” after the COVID closures — and they “are taking action when they don’t like what their children’s school is doing.” “Whether it’s COVID-related decisions or what schools are teaching, Parents are no longer sitting idly by.” They are expanding “school choice,” promoting “academics,” and “defending their values.” “Parents should remember what they have learned in recent years and continue to fight for their children.”

Libertarian: students Reject free speech

The new survey from the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression found that even at universities that protect free speech, many “have student groups that are not quite as tolerant.” reveals Reason’s Emma Camp. “Only a third of college students say it is never acceptable to yell at a controversial campus speaker. And a quarter believe that the use of force may be acceptable, at least in certain circumstances, to prevent someone from speaking on campus.” Of the more than 55,000 students, 71% “agreed that a college ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ should not allow a speaker on campus who has previously expressed the idea that ‘Black Lives Matter is a hate group.'” This “shows how difficult it is to change students’ attitudes toward free speech,” even if the school is okay.

War Watching: How Ukraine Wins

“The US and NATO must give in [President Volodymyr] Zelensky and his generals are coping” and “changing and increasing their support for Ukraine’s fight” to ensure Ukraine beats Russia. argue Jonathan Sweet & Mark Toth at The Hill. “The Russian way of fighting – mass fighting – underlies the Ukrainian way” of challenges on multiple fronts and also behind Russia’s front line. Ukraine is on the verge of at least one major breakthrough. But “winning the close fight – the main effort – will not win the war if Ukraine cannot capitalize on the breakthrough.” “Unless the next tranche of aid results in a precise depth attack capability – namely ATACMS, an accelerated training and operational plan for F-16 pilots, cluster munitions for its missiles, more artillery and technical means – Ukraine will be forced to continue fighting against its own forces on a deliberate schedule.”

Eye on NY: A Green Waste Disaster

“Within 25 years, New York will attempt to manage the disposal of five million or more old solar panels per year.” reports James E. Hanley of the Empire Center. Nevertheless, the state has “no plan” to deal with this. Current methods: Export them and their “numerous toxic metals” to developing countries.” In the United States, they can be disposed of in “hazardous waste landfills,” but often do not. “Most counties that operate landfills” say they have “no solar panel disposal policies at all.” Recycling would cost “up to $135 million per year” – and “much of the unrecyclable materials in solar panels” are “often burned after recycling.” Therefore, politicians need a real “plan for dealing with” New York’s green waste.

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