Biden admin’s reverse channel to Big Tech, making a request so secret it’s ridiculous that even YouTube says no

Dissident journalist Alex Berenson says he was accidentally sent an email that, if authentic, would shed light on the extent to which President Joe Biden’s federal government is working to influence censorship. Browse social networks.

It’s no surprise to learn that this could happen, as White House press secretary Jen Psaki proudly admit throughout the summer, explaining that the White House, along with the general US surgeon general, flagged “problematic” posts for Facebook to crack down on.

Berenson is a former medical reporter for The New York Times who, from the safety of the independent Substack newsletter Unreported Truths, shared his deep concerns about the truthfulness of the federal government’s response. pandemic as well as the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine.

One of the most egregious examples of how Big technology has been working to prevent COVID-19 “misinformation” from targeting posts promoting the effectiveness of potential treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, along with its restrictions on content promoting treatments that are less effective than they actually are or claiming the virus itself isn’t real.

However, when a Food and Drug Administration official contacted Google lobbyist to specifically demand that a video promoting the potential effectiveness of a little-known drug is not even available in the United States, not even YouTube, the company owned by Google, in the end think they’ve gone a little too far, theo Berenson’s Report on Saturday.


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The journalist said he received the email after it appeared to be inadvertently included in a Freedom of Information Act request he made to the FDA and several other federal agencies about emails between related officials. bang and Big Tech executives related to his own content.

The email had nothing to do with him, but the FDA seems to have inadvertently given him a big story.

According to the report, the FDA’s director of social media, Brad Kimberly, sent Google lobbyist Jan Fowler Antonaros regarding a short YouTube video showcasing the drug leronlimab, an HIV treatment that has not yet been approved. FDA approved and probably not even available in the US.

“I just wanted to flag a video that we believe is misleading when it comes to COVID-19,” reads the email saying the same day the video was posted.

Is the Biden administration trying to control what Americans see and hear through Big Tech censorship?

Kimberly said the drug is not considered safe or effective for COVID-19 and has not been approved for such use, noting that the video, which has been made private on YouTube, has contradicted the Philippine FDA and the US FDA. .

“Overall, video is very problematic when it comes to Misinformation about COVID“, he wrote, reportedly concluding that due to misinformation as well as intellectual property concerns, it “should be withdrawn. “

Berenson explained that “the monoclonal antibody, leronlimab, is being developed by a small and troubled pharmaceutical company called CytoDyn, whose stock trades at about $1 a share. CytoDyn has repeatedly touted leronlimab, but clinical trial results showed that the drug had no effect on Covid. “


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FDA announced in May that “available data do not support a clinical benefit of leronlimab in the treatment of COVID-19” and that no plans are underway to approve the drug.

This certainly highlights the fact that the drug can be useless against COVID-19 — but it would also be useless to anyone trying to buy and use it, Berenson noted.

“Because leronlimab has not yet been approved, it is not available to patients. So regardless of its potential side effects or lack of effectiveness, it really isn’t a risk for anyone – except Cytodyn investors, who aren’t a concern to the FDA. ,” he wrote.

This could be why – YouTube is strict however content guide for COVID-19 there may be misinformation – this particular video was ultimately not deemed harmful.

In response to Kimberly’s email, Antonaros replied on May 6 that YouTube had reviewed the video and found it did NOT violate company guidelines – possibly because they didn’t promise that leronlimab would cure Covid, only its potential advertisement and encouragement FDA to allow it under emergency use permission,” reported Berenson.

He explains that it’s easy to see why the FDA might be frustrated with efforts to advertise leronlimab’s effectiveness — but there’s nothing new about it. group or patients urge the agency to approve new treatments, yet their effectiveness remains doubtful.

What’s new, Berenson noted, is the agency’s efforts wash such campaigns from the internet.

Furthermore, in the case of his FOIA request, he said he had been told by federal officials that an email could not be found demonstrating the efforts of any of the agencies to which he submitted the request. demand will have, in the word, express “effort to shaping public opinion around lockdowns and vaccines as well as anti-‘disinformation’ enforcement efforts on the part of platforms owned by Google, Facebook and Twitter.

However, Berenson said, they appear to have accidentally provided him with an email that proves this.

Perhaps it is best to approach his report with some skepticism – as we should all use media accounts.

That said, not only Biden Manager fully open about efforts to reach out to platforms like Facebook to flag “problematic” posts, but Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has called on Big Tech to censor more information about the COVID-19 virus.

Berenson was sued from Twitter earlier this year for criticizing vaccines, and the social media users who are still allowed to post face a potentially real minefield of bans or outright bans if they dare. Stepping through the lines is considered permitted speech in Silicon Valley.

What’s worrisome is that the federal government is trying to pressure Big Tech, which has been so willing to censor speech in line with federal agencies’ Official Facts about COVID-19, to check Browse more.

Yes, there is a certain extent to which it is conceivable that, in the midst of a pandemic, the government wants to make sure that misinformation is being refuted. At the same time, this also confuses the public, as we are expected to assume that the federal government and Big technology are all acting out of sincere altruism, with complete honesty.

Ha. Who really believes that?

How can we be expected to publicly review the statements of the same federal agencies that have handled the pandemic so poorly so far?

How can we trust the kind of ideologically motivated tech executives who aren’t shy? suppress a disastrous news story about then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, on the eve of last year’s presidential election?

“Disinformation” or not, we cannot continue to stand by while this incestuous relationship between Big Tech and federal agencies continues, or we will never be able to decipher the truth. Verify the truth for yourself, as it should be, again.

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