Bette Midler’s zodiac sign fueled her fascinating career

Abracadabra. She cast her spell over you, and throughout a career spanning six decades, you and the world were hers.

The lyrics resound like thunder – and Bette Midler, 77, has always had exactly this effect. No matter where you know the iconic multi-talent from throughout her long career, the legend has commanded the spotlight for decades with strength, humor and grace.

With a slew of accolades — including four Golden Globe Awards, three Grammy Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Tony Award — as well as two major Academy Awards nominations, “The Divine Miss M” isn’t afraid to rule the quarters. Equally known for her vocal performances, recordings and stunning performances, she carries emotion and humor in perfect balance.

Her feisty personality and sharp tongue have also built her fame, amassing fans and feuds in return. Some of their notable hits have included Hocus Pocus, which recently had a sequel and may have a third in the works, Beaches, The First Wives Club, and Netflix’s The Politician.

Midler, now known as one of the greatest living gay icons of all time, has shown she can raise awareness of causes important to her and have loads of fun doing it! So was it luck that made her a star, or was it the fabulous charm of her talent and personality? Join me as we dive into their stars.

Bette Midler Astrology
Bette Midler is a Sagittarius Sun.

Bette Midler’s birth chart shows that she was always destined to be a rebel

Bette Midler was born on December 1, 1945. This makes her a spicy Sagittarius Sun with an intuitive Scorpio Moon with a fiery Aries Ascendant. She and I haven’t crossed paths yet (come to me!), but I can still make out a lot of her birth information that I’ve tracked down. When it comes to elemental energy that composes it, it is heavily built of fire and air. This brings her so much intensity in passion, creativity, expression and communication. Looking at her birth chart reveals many key themes.

First and foremost, when we look at her astrological aspects, we can see that she has always been intensely built across the board. Her sun, which rules her life, and her moon, which is connected to her inner emotional world and soul, are both precisely connected to Pluto, the planet of dominance and power. She has always strived to be recognized and admired, with a powerful ability to command. She has an incredible level of sensitivity and emotional awareness and due to situations that probably took place early in childhood with family and her parents, she has used this to propel her to greatness.

Bette Midler Astrology
Bette Midler has a passionate Scorpio Moon.
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While these initial factors do not guarantee success, they do show that throughout her life she has consistently strived for rebirth and transformation in order to rise to the highest levels. However, she is also blessed with some remarkably fortunate alignments in her natal chart, showing that she was destined to make her mark on the world. Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, faces her ascendant, bringing her excellent leadership skills and enormous favor to the public.

Her Jupiter then connects with Saturn, the planet of endurance and strength, increasing her ambition. Then, with her Ascendant tied to her physical body and identity, and also receiving a lot of attention from several other planets, such as Mercury, her Sun, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, she creates one simply by the exercise of her will enormous memorable effect. speak their mind and follow their impulses.

The next big theme running through her natal chart is that she was born to break conventions and pursue progressive ideas and plans. A natural rebel, she fights for originality in who she is, what she creates and those she supports. For their sun is directly opposite Uranus, the planet of eccentricity and the future.

Bette Midler Astrology
Bette Midler has an Aries ascendant.
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Uranus is one of the most significant planets in your natal chart because it is so active. It is associated with her Ascendant as I mentioned before and brings with it her unique beauty as well as a shocking demeanor and presentation of herself. It also dances with Pluto and Uranus. She is inventive and a true contemporary dedicated to the betterment and transformation of society as a whole.

To further strengthen this in her, Neptune, the planet of fantasy and Hollywood, kisses Pluto, signifying that she is energetically attuned to the unconscious energies of the human collective – a visionary.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about all the lively banter, wit and humor, that’s obviously there too. Her fiery confidence and active and determined personality exist because her Sun dances with Mars, the planet of courage and war. Her Moon also cackles with Mars, giving her an impulsive nature. And then, with her Mercury, the planet of spirit and communication going wild with Uranus, she’s one of the hottest icons around!

Divine Miss M Astrology
The Divine Miss M has an exciting journey ahead of her.
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What are predictions for Bette Midler?

So what lies ahead for the Divine Miss M? Will she continue to build her legacy or are her glory days behind her? Let’s take a look.

First of all, she’s in it right now – and she’s going to have a big pinnacle in her life around everything she’s ever built and her karma. This is because Jupiter, the planet of fortune, is currently spinning in a sector focused on “connecting” things from the past, making them come back to either solve them and find a way to fix them to integrate into the next chapter of her life.

Saturn, the planet of strength, circles her sector of fans and followers, helping her dig deep into the aspirations and goals she wants to work toward in this next great era. By the beginning of 2024, Saturn will bring its potency here.

The best news of all, however, is that Jupiter will be dancing in her Ascendant at the end of March 2023 and ushering in a golden era in her life – an era in which she will begin a whole new chapter and show the universe her intention towards who she wants be next. This is an immensely happy time that will last about a year as she builds the next decade of her life.

The last thing to note is that she also experiences eclipses in her Ascendant, causing her to throw off the shackles of projects, plans, and relationships that don’t fulfill her, and instead set out on a path of only pursuing those that do . This started in 2022 and will continue into 2024. As she reflects on where she’s been and what’s to come, we’ll see what she chooses next. God I hope I’ll meet her one day.

You are a LEGEND, Queen. Thank you for making gays proud. You heard it here first.

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