Best Valorant Controller Agent: Astra, Viper, Brimstone or Omen?

Looking for Valorant’s best controller agent? This is where Astra, Brimstone, Omen, and Viper sit in the meta.

When it comes to Riot Games Flagship FPS, Valorant, there are many aspects to dig into. Not only will you be looking for the best agent to take over the battlefield with, but you will also have to decide what role you want to play in the team.

From Sentinels to Duelists, there’s a whole range of characters to choose from – but if you prefer to roam your enemies around and leave them clueless, the Controller class is for you. Valorant’s four controllers revolve around using smoke to guide your enemies to their impending doom, shaking up the battlefield.

So are you wondering who is the best controller agent in Valorant? Here’s our ranking of all four, including the Astra, Brimstone, Omen and last but not least, Viper.


Best Valorant Controller Agents: Ranked

4. Sulfur

Valorant Brimstone Controller Agent
Riot games

Brimstone is an American native and brings fire to battle.


  • His Sky Smokes can really transform the battlefield landscape, but the best part about them is that they can be deployed without having to reveal your position – perfect for just before a push (or a fake).
  • Stim Beacon is always useful to increase the rate of fire for the team.
  • His Mollys can clip enemies and remove chunks of those health bars when they make contact.


  • His Orbital Strike Ultimate is one of the strongest in Valorant and deals a significant amount of damage. Just like the Sky Smokes, it can be used almost anywhere on the map no matter where you are.
  • When attacking enemies break through bottlenecks, open up the skies and let them rip. Additionally, if you hear a cheeky defuse, you can use it to remove enemies from the stinger to save precious seconds or, best of all, take out the stinger defuser.


If you’re a new player who still wants to contribute to your team, Brimstone is a great choice. However, when it comes to gaming at a higher level, it lacks a bit of the bite of its controller companions. While his Smokes and Ult are perfect for pushing players around, his Stim Beacon is a bit lackluster compared to some other Agents’ abilities.

3. Omens

brave omen
Riot games

Manipulating the darkness at his whim, Omen is one of Valorant’s most mysterious agents.


  • Omen is every offensive player’s dream come true. His loadout makes him a natural flanker, using his signature dark cover to effortlessly attack enemy positions.
  • Shrouded Step makes him even more dangerous and means you never really know where he’s coming from.
  • His ultimate, From The Shadows, seems like an insane ability, but it’s actually the weakest part of his gear. Since a replica of him appears before he fully materializes, it’s easy to shoot his shadow and cancel the ult, especially if you’re trying to teleport to the back line of a well-defended site. What it does help, however, is scout ahead without risk or teleport to an angle before enemies can pivot for some easy kills.



Omen’s mobility sets him apart from other controllers, but it’s a blessing and a curse. The perfect timing is so important. Despite that, and the fact that its kit might not be as beginner-friendly as Brimstone’s, it has every opportunity to impact the game just as much, if not more.

2. Astra

Astra Official Splash Art Valorant
Riot games

Astra basically invented the term “galaxy brain”.


  • Valorant’s galactic controller, Astra, has tremendous attack flexibility. You can lay out stars in front of your team to drop smoke, stun commonly held lines, and even pull enemies out of cover. You can call the shots from behind and let your team play.
  • Her attack power is also only boosted with her ultimate. Being able to block not only line of sight but also sound can really put off enemies in a post-plant. This makes repetition almost impossible.



Astra certainly lives up to her controller tag – following her cosmic whim, she can control the entire map with her stars. On both offense and defense, their gear is valuable, but it takes a little time to master them considering they exist a lot of Come on. Additionally, her lack of mobility in her Astra form means she only narrowly tops the charts.

1. Viper

Valorant's viper on the logo
Riot games

Fancy a bite? Viper is here for you.


  • Valorant’s toxic controller offers the best post-plant denial of any agent in the game – period. Between her snakebites and her toxic decay, it can be almost impossible to defuse the spike when she’s on the board.
  • Your utility doesn’t offer as much access to a site as the other controllers, but you’d give up everything to have just a gram of the post-plant denial that Viper has. Brimstone may have his Molly, but it’s nothing compared to the American chemist’s utility.


  • Defense is where Viper certainly shines. Both Poison Cloud and Snake Bite can make an attacking team think twice before trying, and punish them with nasty decay damage if they do.
  • Her ultimate ability, Viper’s Pit, might be one of the best in the game when it comes to holding the defuse point. Throwing a massive cloud of poison at the point before attempting to recapture it will definitely swing things in your favor.
  • It’s also perfect for fending off enemies from more open areas and into tight chokepoints where your own teammates can lie in wait to take them out. For example, dropping it in the middle of Icebox will disrupt an entire game route, forcing enemies to choose B or, more likely, A.


Constant patch-to-patch buffs have made Viper a must-have in pretty much every Valorant game. Her side denial is unparalleled, and since you must plant (or defuse) her to win every turn, her gear is far too good to pass up.

So that’s it for Valorant’s best controller agents! Do you want to become a Future Earth Champion? Be sure to check out our list of guides: Best Valorant Controller Agent: Astra, Viper, Brimstone or Omen?

Emma Bowman

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