Best Robotic Window Cleaners for Housewives

Review of Robotic Window Cleaners

In our digital age, robots like automatic window washers becoming increasingly popular. These bots are invented to make home cleaning and maintenance faster, safer, and more efficient than before. These auto-cleaners give you free time for yourself and your family as you don’t need to spend the whole day cleaning.

Buying Robotic Window Washers

While Roomba floor cleaners have gained a lot of popularity over the years, the same cannot be said for robotic window washers. However, if there are many glass windows in your house, forget manual window cleaning, and buy a bot. It can be a good investment since you will use it many times.

Cleaning modes

Cleaning modes dictate the pathways or directions the bot will travel. For convenience, pick a brand with a smartphone app or remote control.

Suction or magnet?

With a magnetic adherence, you must attach another magnetic component on the opposite side. This can be complicated in some situations.

Suction is effective because you only have to adhere the device to your window. However, there is a chance that this connection type will fail. It may require installing a safety cord linked to the robot to keep it in place while it’s on.


Choose a bot with brushes or cleaning cloths and a squeegee. These components make sure that washers clean windows without streaks. Also, pick one that also works in other fixtures like mirrors, doors, and other surfaces.


If you have big mirror surfaces, choose a window washer that can cover more areas before the battery dies.

Cleaning pads

Microfiber pads for dry and wet cleaning are typically included in luxurious robots. They can clean better, not leave tiny fibers on the glass, and are reusable and washable.

Power cord

Although there are the latest cordless models, most still use power cords. In this case, look for a model with a long and superior extension cable. It is also better if the power cord has a tangle-free capability for uninterrupted performance.


In terms of cost, the rule is the more expensive the price is, the better the device works. Automatic window washers with basic features can cost anywhere from $99 to $159. These simple versions lack the ease of remote control functions.

Meanwhile, those priced between $175 and $300 are expected to have more features. If you want a machine that works faster, has several control options, or has advanced sensors, plan to invest $350 to $500 or more.

Top Robotic Window Cleaners


The HOBOT-388 is for those who are too busy to clean windows by hand and want a quick and efficient alternative. It’s also for those with mobility challenges who can’t wash their windows.

This bot is extremely helpful if you live in a densely wooded location where tiny particles of tree pitch accumulate on outdoor glass surfaces. This model also works great for homes with floor-to-ceiling windows and outperforms manual cleaning. The HOBOT-388 uses AI and algorithms to control the most effective cleaning path.

It excels in edge cleaning because the pads extend slightly beyond the unit’s body and reach straight to the edge. The HOBOT will automatically stop after its work is done.


The Hobot 298 has impressive features. This bot uses AI to identify the best route and maintains track of surfaces cleaned. This feature allows the bot to stop running once it cleans all the areas. Its advanced algorithm prevents the device from moving to another window or surface.

The Hobot 298 has a built-in tank that spreads the cleaning solution in a thick mist using ultrasonic technology. The tank is always visible and is used together with a microfiber pad that scrubs and wipes the surface for excellent results.

This model has three cleaning settings and a Bluetooth connection for total control of the robot’s path and frequency of spraying. When the spray nozzles get blocked, they can be changed by removing a screw to make this device last longer.

Fegrui R-C091

The R-C091 is one of the most affordable brands today. Despite its price, this bot has everything you’re looking for, like six interchangeable cloths and a spray bottle.

The R-C091 has a 4.6 kg suction force to keep the device perfectly adhering to the glass. In the absence of an App, an IR-based remote gives additional control choices, which is helpful if a specific area needs more cleaning. This is a simple device that every housewife can use without any problem.

Ecovacs Winbot X

The Winbot X is the only robotic window washer with a built-in battery. This feature makes it easy to set up the bot without worrying about cables, making it a good pick for those who like maximum convenience. Even though this setup renders the bot “wireless,” it still needs a safety tether to avert the unit from wandering too far and falling. This way, you don’t have to constantly monitor where the device goes.

The bot uses AI to choose the best cleaning route. When done, it will go back to its original location by itself. Winbot X can work on other surfaces, including resins, making it worth your money.

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