Best new mobile game on iOS and Android – release in December 2021

Moncage – one of the best mobile games of the year (photo: Optillion Games)

The final mobile review for 2021 includes the excellent Moncage, a new Galaga title, and a really good Apple Watch game.

With 2021 finally over and Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on this month’s glitzy touchscreens, from the Un’s Apple Watch-based lock-breaking farce: safe before Moncage’s beauty and weirdness, and the melancholy shadow platformer In My Shadow’s creation.


iOS and Android, £3.49 (XD Network)

Entire Moncage takes place on the five visible faces of a cube, which you rotate to level into perfectly rendered 3D dioramas visible through each of its planes. Tap to zoom in or out, your goal is to find elements of different faces lined up, in vintage 2017 style, Gorogoa.

Moncage glory in playing with scale, perspective and interaction between background and foreground objects, the precise angle of the cube allows you to align distinctly different props from different sides. It’s a slow, meticulous, and incredibly satisfying process.

It can also sometimes be a bit too obscure for its good, a feature that is lessened by a series of increasingly directional suggestions, culminating in a short video just telling you what to do. It’s a useful way to reduce frustration and ensure as many players as possible progress through the mellow, mysterious puzzles and reach deeply emotional conclusions.

Score: 9/10


iOS & Android, Free (Crescent Moon Game)

Accurately billed as a minimalist skateboarding game, The Ramp lets you tap and release the screen as your skater traverses different sections of a half-pipe. As they fly into the air, you swipe to perform tricks or hit the grind button.

It plays like a rhythm action game, and although it’s quite complicated at first, once you get the hang of it, pulling off the sequence of tricks as you bounce off each side of the ramp is reward itself.

Its problem is that with no goals or goals scored, it quickly begins to feel lifeless. £2.49 to add three new maps to a single free map its a decent deal, but it doesn’t have the meta game and sense of progress.

Score: 6/10

Company Of Heroes: Tales Of Valor

iOS and Android, £3.49 (Feral Interactive)

Originally released in 2009, the Tales Of Valor DLC adds nine missions and a host of new vehicles to Company Of Heroes’ distinctive brand of World War II real-time strategy.

Like the main game and Front Opponents, its first downloadable add-on this allows you to capture strategic buildings and resources to guide your little soldiers and support their mechanization to win.

While well-produced and featuring the same cinematic storytelling, this offers a relatively modest chunk of extra content.

Score: 7/10

Galaga Wars

iOS, Apple Arcade (Namco Bandai)

Not a direct sequel, but an ‘inspired’ one, Galaga Wars uses the familiar-looking constellations of Galaxians and the same manipulator and one-finger shot as the Sky Force series.

While it’s uniquely challenging, here’s another Apple Arcade game that has plenty of free-to-play stuff, including timed loot crates, multiple currencies, short-lived power-ups, and more continue to pay fees.

The point is that you can either start every round at level one, or use extremely hard-earned and rare resources to move on to later levels. Without the ability to pay for those, progress will be amazingly slow, causing you to crush similar levels ad nauseam.

Score: 5/10

Coffee Inc 2

iOS, £1.79 (Party Lab)

In this coffee tycoon game, you try to build a mighty coffee empire from scratch. Start with renting space, hiring managers and staff, and sourcing and pricing the hot and cold drinks you need to grow your business while keeping your competitors out.

With no sound effects and music only running on certain screens in its interface, it would certainly feel a pity. Its isobaric cities may look cute, but this is all about managing the numbers.

If you revel in balance sheets and the delicate interplay of primarily numerical factors in your pursuit of winning, this will allow you to discover the content to your heart. For players who prefer action, this may feel a bit like the real work.

Score: 7/10

Infinite shooting

iOS and Android, free (NFLY Studio)

Vertically scrolling shooters may have largely disappeared from consoles, PCs, and video games, but it’s a genre that is thriving on mobile, with the majority of major releases. Most of it is free to download.

As expected, Infinite Shooting is a free-to-play game and lets you drag one finger around the screen to dodge the incoming bullet hell, while tapping with a second finger activates a special weapon that’s loaded. your slow back.

You’re forced to watch ads after levels and can optionally see a second ad to multiply your meager earnings, but this action is too weak to justify investing a lot of time, especially especially when the likes of Phoenix 2 and Sky Force: Reloaded are also available for free.

Score: 3/10

In my shadow

iOS, £4.49 (Alcon Interactive)

Telling the story of a woman wistfully recalling her childhood dog, In My Shadow’s action is in the background dance genre, which, oddly enough, all takes place in silhouette.

In each of its levels, you need to collect page-like memories while making your way through deadly spikes to see your hound. Getting there includes taking a step back into the 3D view to move foreground objects so their shadows merge together so you can move your way.

Spinning blades, moving spikes, shadows you can only jump on once and a host of other mechanics will soon complicate your journey in this clever, fun, and embarrassing tug-of-war adventure. .

Score: 8/10

Un: safe – Crack the Safe

Apple Watch, £1.79 (Emin Grbo)

Un:safe uses the Apple Watch’s haptic feedback to turn you into a safe spoiler. Slowly turn the digital crown until you feel a change in its tactile click, then gently tap the unlock button. If you are correct, you will open one ring of the padlock. Otherwise, you will lose one out of three lives.

Once all three are done, go back to level one to try again. There are 50 increasingly precarious safes to complete, but on our evidence of runs you’re unlikely to see many of them unless you have somewhere super quiet to hang out. practice.

With a simple interface and no scoring mechanism other than the number of safes you can open in a session, it’s a neat way to waste five minutes in line and enjoy the awesome Apple Watch.

Score: 7/10

By Nick Gillett

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