Best Freakin Christmas Episodes, Rated

Family boy is a show that pokes fun at everything, so it only makes sense for them to get a few hits at Christmas. Have a lot of Family boy Episodes about Christmas throughout its 20 seasons, and some are better than others. Watching the Griffins try to throw an ordinary Christmas is as hilarious as something always bad.

Whether it’s Brian & Stewie trying to save Santa or Lois who ends up losing her mind after nothing happens over Christmas, these episodes can get you in the Christmas spirit while also making you laugh. They have smart social commentary and even provide a sense of humor that many people might associate with when it comes to vacations. Also, no holiday movie or Christmas special is safe because there are so many parodies out there. Here are seven of the best Family boy Christmas special, ranked.

7. The First No L (Season 19, Episode 9)


Moms can often feel unappreciated during the holiday season and this episode shows what happens when they’ve had enough. When Lois gets bored with her family’s lack of help, she leaves and the Griffins decorate the house and buy Christmas presents on their own. However, the Griffins ended up doing just fine without her, leading to Lois destroying all of their hard work out of jealousy.

“The First No L” is dotted with homages to How the Grinch stole Christmas when Lois broke into the house and recreated some scenes from the animated special. Stewie even dressed up as Cindy Lou Who. However, she needs to keep the house neat and tidy when she checks the laundry and cleans up after herself. This episode is a reminder to appreciate the hard work everyone does during the holidays, especially the moms in our family.


6. Christmas Guy (Season 12, Episode 8)


“Christmas Guy” takes place right after that Family boy made the bold decision to kill Brian. However, fans could cool off knowing he’ll be back in this episode as Stewie travels through time to save him. Brian’s departure was brief, but his return gave Stewie the Christmas he really wanted. This is also the last time we see Vinnie the dog (Tony Sirico), the Italian mafioso has a brief presence but isn’t a bad addition.

Also in this episode is Peter trying to bring Carter Pewterschmidt back with the spirit of Christmas to save the Christmas festivities. This includes a hilarious and crude scene where Peter forces Carter to drink what looks like rotten egg nog. “Christmas Guy” describes a bit of everything; It’s sweet, fun, and filled with the holiday spirit.

5. How the Griffin Stole Christmas (Season 15, Episode 9)

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Peter often finds a way to manipulate others and here he does it by using their love of Christmas against them. Peter finds Santa at the mall and becomes intoxicated with power as he discovers the many benefits of posing as Santa himself. However, when the real Santa threatens him, the two go after each other and of course, the real Santa wins in the end. Many of the ways Peter uses his newfound powers are odd, but so is Peter again.

Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie start throwing Christmas parties at the office to eat food and meet women. Stewie becomes too absorbed in one company and ends up getting people fired. It has a happy ending as Stewie fixes this and everyone hopes to have a nice stay. “How the Griffin Stole Christmas” can be a little mean at times, but it still ends happily and with lots of laughs, like the scene where the whole family goes sledding and gets horribly injured.

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4. A Very Special Guy in the Freakin’ Christmas Family (Season 3, Episode 16)


This first Christmas special from Family boy coming from Season 3. The animations are still unrefined but the jokes are still there. “A Very Special Family Guy Freakin ‘Christmas’ simply follows the Griffin family as they strive to have the best Christmas possible. Lois is trying to get everything ready, Peter is drunk, and Stewie gets scared thinking that Santa is always watching.

This episode has a lot of clever ideas, especially with Stewie, as it’s always interesting to see a kid’s point of view where they think Santa is really evil instead of being funny and kind. There is even a fake special in this special where the band Kiss Save Santa Claus from dinosaurs. However, the highlight of the episode is when Lois goes on a rampage after things go awry. This includes her pushing George Bailey away from It’s a wonderful life turn off a bridge and light Frosty the Snowman on fire. Lois tends to have a tough time on vacation but this episode shows she’s at her absolute best.

3. Don’t Be A Dickens at Christmas (Season 16, Episode 9)


So many TV shows have parody content A Christmas Carol and this is Family boyversion of. Here, Peter loses his Christmas spirit which leads his family to go to Lois’ parents house without him. While watching a Patrick Swayze In the film, he falls asleep and is visited by the ghost of Swayze, who will take him on a journey through Peter’s Facility in the past, present, and future.

Along the way, we also see how other citizens of Quahog spend their vacations. When Peter sees that he will die in the near future, he decides to regain his sanity and realize the importance of family. Swayze’s idea of ​​using ghosts is a weird choice but actually makes sense in terms of this show. By Swayze Roadhouse The series became a popular joke on the show. This episode managed to do A Christmas Carol in a unique way that sets itself apart Family boy rotate on it. It’s certainly not the most accurate but it can be the most fun.

2. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (Part 11, Episode 8)

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In this volume, Family boy Travel back in time to tell the story of Christmas. Peter told his family the story of Jesus’ birth. Of course, each character in the series is played by a different character including Peter as Joseph and Lois as Mary. In this story, Family boy poke fun at not only the story itself, but also the length of time it takes place. Many of the jokes talk about how short human life is, how unfairly women are treated, and not much to do around this time. There are also jokes made at the expense of Christianity and the story itself. There may be people who have problems with this episode but Family boy They’re notorious for messing with things and it’s hilarious that they’re telling this story. It doesn’t have to be educational but it’s an entertaining way to tell this story.

1. Road to the North Pole (Season 9, Episode 7)


In another episode of “The Way To,” Stewie and Brian travel to the North Pole to find Santa. However, when they get there, they discover that Santa is living a horrible life. He can’t keep up with everyone’s gift list and the elves and reindeer are starting to mutate due to the terrible conditions. This is easily the most ambitious Christmas episode yet Family boy finished as it was about 45 minutes long. There are even two musical numbers, “All I Really Want For Christmas” and “Christmas Time is Killing Us.” This is a rather dark episode as it shows Santa nearing death along with killer reindeer eating goblins. It’s still hilarious, though, especially when Stewie and Brian have to take on the role of Santa and it’s a total disaster.

This episode reflects what Christmas has become, with attacks on commercialism and greed. What happens to Santa Claus could be what if he were real trying to meet the needs of more than 7 billion people. “Road to the North Pole” still ends happily as the whole world realizes they are asking too much for Christmas and greed is starting to take over. They decided to ask for only one thing and Santa was saved. Family boy share the message that Christmas is not only about receiving gifts but also about giving.

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