Apex Legends Season 13 buffs and nerfs for Legends so far

Apex Legends Season 13 is guaranteed to bring players a variety of exciting new content, but what Legend changes does Respawn have planned for the big update? These are the expected buffs and nerfs that we know about so far.

With Apex Legends season 13 on the horizon and all signs pointing to Newcastle becoming the new legend, it’s more important than ever that Respawn keeps all of the characters on the roster balanced and viable.

While it’s impossible for every Legend on the list to maintain a high pick rate, each character should have an identity and role within a squad.

When a particular Legend struggles in the meta, Respawn is often forced to tweak their numbers or, in some cases, completely overhaul abilities. Heading into Season 13, Respawn developers have already hinted at a number of changes in the works. So here’s what buffs and nerfs you can expect in the upcoming season.

Season 13 buffs & nerfs

Note: Not all of these changes are confirmed yet and we’ll have to wait for the full patch notes to include them. This is exactly what Respawn and Leaks hinted at. Some changes may be released later in Season 13, e.g. B. in the mid-season update.

Wall: Buff

Rampart Apex Legends
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Rampart has the lowest pick rate in the game in Season 12.

With a 1.4% pick rate in Season 12, Rampart is the least popular Legend in the Outlands, and much of the community desperately wants Respawn to bolster it.

Well, according to reliable dataminer shrug, a number of buffs for the Amped Modder were found in the game files. While they haven’t been introduced to the game yet, it’s possible they were added before the Season 13 update.

The changes all revolve around her Amped Cover Tactical, making the ability significantly more powerful, speeding up Wall deployment and increasing the building’s initial health.

It’s worth noting that the developers haven’t made any announcement about a Rampart buff, so it’s impossible to know when or if these changes will ever go live.

However, their discovery ahead of Season 13 will surely give hope to many Rampart fans that tactical buffs are on the way in the next big patch.

Gibraltar: Nerf/Changes

Apex Legends Gibraltar
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Gibraltar has a pick rate of 3.2%.

Despite only having a 3.2% pick rate, his skills make him invaluable on a well-coordinated team, especially in the upper tiers of ranked and pro play.

As a result, Live Balance Designer John Larson revealed in an interview with Kijanna Henry in Season 11 that the developers are trying to make small changes to his shield that make him a little less powerful but also more fun.

“It’s difficult though because a lot of the ideas I see are things like giving health to the bubble… I don’t like how that would affect Gibby and so I wouldn’t really weaken the bubble, that would be a lot too big of a nerf.”

As it’s been a full season since John Larson made that statement, it’s evident that the Balance team are still evaluating how best to change Gibraltar’s kit. So it’s possible that the changes for Season 13 aren’t ready yet, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Pathfinder: Passive rework

Pathfinder Grapple Aim Apex Legends
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Pathfinder has a 9.2% pick rate in Season 12.

While Pathfinder’s passive remains a major talking point in the community, the developers have made it very clear that making changes to the ability is not a priority for them.

In the same interview, John Larson revealed that the team was open to reworking Pathfinder’s passive, but they didn’t want to give him a “straight-up buff”.

So while we can keep our fingers crossed, it’s extremely unlikely that the Forward Scout will get a new passive in Season 13.

Scan Meta: Changes

Seer Apex Legends Tactical
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Seer was already released in Season 10.

In the Raiders Collection event patch in Season 11, Respawn mentioned that they would evaluate the legends that fall into the scan or “meta reveal”.

While some characters in this pool are incredibly strong, like Bloodhound, others like Seer maintain a very low pick rate and are rarely seen in game.

It looks like Respawn wants to solve this problem and bring all these Legends back to par. Unfortunately, the nature of their recon kits makes this extremely difficult, as balancing scanning abilities is no easy task.

Since this was already mentioned in Season 11, it’s possible that we’ll see some of these changes in Season 13. There is even a possibility that the developers will even release a buff for Seers, but at the moment there is nothing to suggest it.

So those are all the changes that Respawn staff and leaks alluded to in the lead up to Season 13. Keep in mind that none of these buffs and nerfs have been confirmed for the upcoming season, they could arrive at a later date.

https://www.dexerto.com/apex-legends/apex-legends-season-13-buffs-and-nerfs-for-legends-so-far-1802541/ Apex Legends Season 13 buffs and nerfs for Legends so far

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