Anna Chlumsky Interview: ‘When I Was Young… I Was For Sale’

In 1991, when Anna Chlumsky At 11 years old, she was cast in My girl facing the curious boy Macaulay Culkin. Culkin has broken out protecting an intrusion Home alone last year. In My girl, they play childhood friends in 1970s Pennsylvania, and Chlumsky outshines her co-stars for her dazzling charm. Audiences flocked to watch. Chlumsky’s world exploded. After an ordinary childhood in Chicago, she was instantly popular, the center of her family and the main breadwinner for her mother, whom she hired as her manager.

For all the wealth and opportunity it offers, she said, the experience was traumatic over Zoom from her home in New York. “I was lucky because I didn’t have any other trauma at the time. I am the base of [child stardom] went relatively well. However, it was only as an adult that I discovered any sense of trust or security. When I was a kid, those things didn’t exist, because I was sold. “

“There is a huge social blind spot about young people in the public eye,” she added. “Not only actors and people in the public eye but athletes, musicians, even now these online personalities. Children do not have the right to self-determination. It’s one of the things they want to learn. So when you suddenly put professional, financial, adult and public pressure – often pornographic – on them, you are not just opening them up to a world of commoditizing and protesting against them. You are also causing them to lose the ability to grow. So when they are faced with [adult life]the tools are not there. “

Her sudden fame rocked her youth, adding pressure to Hollywood for the body and social insecurities commonly seen in adolescence. By his late teens, Chlumsky – pronounced Klumsky – had enough showbiz circles. Rejecting Hollywood, she ran away from the circus to go to college. In 2002, she graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in International Studies with a non-showbiz boyfriend, Shaun So, now her husband, and vague plans to start publishing. She worked as a fact-checker for Zagat, a restaurant concierge, before joining the sci-fi company HarperCollins. Just four years later, after a chance meeting with singer Roberta Flack, Chlumsky once again felt the attraction of acting. She attended drama school in New York before beginning her return to the industry.

“The years apart have certainly given me many perspectives. Going to college was my first act of standing up for myself and asking myself what I wanted, making my own decisions. You have to start somewhere, if you don’t start at the optimal age. “

Now 41 years old, Chlumsky is almost full. Thanks to her lead role as longtime political worker Amy Brookheimer in Veepas well as parts in Within, Hannibal and countless Broadway plays, she’s one of America’s most trusted comic actors, a warm presence capable of surprising sharpness. The woman on the other end of the line seemed definitely unsatisfied, open, chatty and worried about her unusual childhood. On the chair behind her, a dog looked out the window. “It was Zaza,” she explained. “She’s eleven years old.”

Anna Chlumsky in Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’

(Nicole Rivelli / Netflix)

Her latest role is Invented AnnaNetflix’s new nine-part drama series about “fake heir” Anna Sorokin, who, under the moniker “Anna Delvey,” poses as the daughter of a German tycoon to swindle the New York heiress with amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars before being arrested and convicted and imprisoned. OzarkJulia Garner as Delvey; Chlumsky plays Vivian, a fictionalized version of real-life journalist Jessica Pressler, based on the series article.

“I was in the mood to play a journalist and discover all the qualities that I believe journalists must have,” says Chlumsky. While I wondered if she meant bitterness, poverty, or alcoholism, she filled the void. “Like, insatiable curiosity.”

I always find a lot of safety in protecting my privacy

Vivian is our way in this strange story, a sort of lore for the Instagram age. Delvey appeared in 2013, seemingly out of nowhere, talking about the members’ plans to start a club. By roleplaying and surrounding herself with the rich, powerful, and famous, she managed to maintain the illusion of wealth for years before reality caught on. During the series, Sorokin repeatedly insists she is “building something”, despite giving evidence to the contrary. In a world of people who fake it until they make it, she just doesn’t quite make it.

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“I don’t want to condone Anna’s actions, but I think if she were an older man, people wouldn’t be willing to set an example for her,” Chlumsky said. “There is a patriarchal fear of women who are able to think for themselves and make their own decisions.” Is Delvey, who has played such a compelling role in real life, a particularly attractive character for actors?

“To be able to understand how ephemeral a personality is, is not surprising for an actor,” says Chlumsky. “We know the feeling of having to dive into a different way of thinking. Maybe the skill set isn’t too different. Although legal options are better”.

Netflix is ​​said to have paid Sorokin more than $300,000 (£221,000) for the rights she used to help repay her victims. Chlumsky doesn’t see her, although Garner does, but in New York’s fancy circles, she’s only a degree apart. “The whole experience of making this story was like a snake eating itself,” says Chlumsky. As a case in point, Macaulay Culkin is mentioned in the original article as having been at one of Sorokin’s parties. Did Chlumsky call him to exchange notes? “No, I don’t have his number,” she said, slightly more seriously, shaking her head and perhaps breaking the hearts of some 11-year-old moviegoers in 1991.

Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky in ‘My Girl’

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Already a star and back again, Chlumsky can take the ups and downs of his career with a pinch of salt. Iannucci said: “Anna is very grounded. “I’m sure she learned a lot very quickly as a child actress. At auditions, I always ask people to improvise and she’s happy to be in.” Humor becomes useful Veep; For her role as Brookheimer, she was nominated for six Emmys for Best Supporting Actress without winning.

“In sixth place, everyone was beaten, but I told them not to worry,” she laughs. “I’m used to being nominated. Winning would be a huge paradigm shift. “

The only time she appeared slightly annoyed was when I noticed that it was her married name, Anna So, that appeared on her Zoom. She is protecting her family life. Partly it’s a legacy from her childhood, and partly because the weird thing still happens to her from time to time. If you search for her name, one of the top results is a story about Marilyn Mansonwho purchased her character’s severed arm prop after she appeared in an episode of Hannibal. In 2017, the singer told an interviewer, “I ran into Bryan Fuller, the creator of the show, and he said, ‘Oh, I heard you bought all the stuff – I’m the creator. out Hannibal. ‘ I said to him, ‘Tell Anna I’m rich enough to buy her arm and make my own money on it.’ Rolling Stone about Manson’s abusive treatment of women.

Chlumsky as Miriam Lass in the horror series ‘Hannibal’

(Sony Pictures Television)

“The fact that my arm was auctioned was terrifying,” she said. “I’m an adult, not a kid, but I still haven’t received any voice. And then, with the lewd comment about what he could use it for… if it goes like a duck, you know? ”

“I have always found a lot of security in protecting my privacy,” she said. A legacy of the child star cast is her deep distrust and early internet connection, which has positioned her for decades to come. “I feel like these days are validated because everyone knows Facebook sucks. I have always had the strange privilege of never thinking that the Internet was real, and knowing that it was full of lies. “

Back in the real world, at some point this year, she’ll be starring in a “strange killer movie” written by Fighter and Skyfall writer John Logan. She is in Rugrats revival, voices the busy but energetic mother Charlotte Pickles. In addition, she is trying to be a kind mother to her two daughters. The eldest, Penelope, was roughly the same age as Chlumsky when she started working. Will she leave them anywhere near the acting place? “The simplest way to say it is ‘wait until you’re 18,’” she says. “Loves doing school plays and shooting and playing. That’s what time is for. You want to be more mature when entering the business field.”

‘Inventing Anna’ is now streaming on Netflix

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