And Just Like That, the shocking twist that betrayed all that Sex and the City was about

“Nobody died. No one.” Those were the words of Michael Patrick King, And just like thatexecutive producer of, when he was pressed a few weeks ago about whether Sex and the city reboot has killed anyone. Well, it ages a lot.

As many of us know, 37 minutes into the first episode, Big suffered a sudden heart attack. The ruthless love of life Carrie Bradshaw, having just finished a class in her Peloton, headed to the bathroom, before collapsing and clutching her chest. “And that’s it,” Carrie enters, rather sparklingly, in her signature dub, “Big is dead.”

It’s cruel, heartbreaking and, yes, I can understand why they do it. In its heyday, SATC was a groundbreaking performance. This is a group of thirty year old women (Sarah Jessica Parkerby Carrie, Kim CattrallSamantha’s Samantha, Kristin Davis’ Charlotte, and Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda) navigate friendships, careers, and love with honesty and self-control. No da is great. It was a subversion. That was 23 years ago.

Let the reboot be more than just an exercise in nostalgia, pulsating with self-congratulatory jokes and open-minded observations of (now) middle-aged women trying to stay engaged. When it comes to fervor, screenwriters need to do something drastic. They need something, um, Big.

By killing off one of the show’s core characters, this reboot turns out to be something more than anyone expected: a meditation on grief and aging. Higher emotional pitfalls, more visceral pain. Right on time, too. As the pandemic rages into its third year, loss is something many of us can relate to. And so, in some ways, it makes perfect sense. Critics have hailed the show’s return, with The IndependentAdam White called the new episodes “brave”, “bold” and “surprise”. Yet here I am, furious, feeling like the show has betrayed all that it was.

Out of all the deaths fans can expect, this is not it. Ever since it was announced that the reboot would proceed without Kim Cattrall (who didn’t want to join), fans have wondered how her character, Samantha Jones, would be left out. programme. In the end, instead of being killed, the PR juggler simply moved to London “to work”.

There’s more to it, of course: namely the artful reflective life story that Samantha and Carrie have overlooked because of their professional relationship (Carrie has given up Samantha as her journalist). Reports of Cattrall and Parker’s strained relationship had circulated for years, but things took a turn for the worse in 2018 when Parker offered condolences over the death of Cattrall’s brother, the actor hit back. In an Instagram post: “I don’t need you. love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker. Your constant reaching out is a painful reminder of how ruthless you really were then and now. “

Knowing this, fans don’t really expect Cattrall to be involved in the reboot. We would have accepted Samantha’s death due to her absence. After all, that would be the only reasonable explanation for the demise of our beloved quartet. Their fierce and supposedly unbreakable bond is at the heart of the original series and its two sequels. Regardless of what was happening off-screen, the friendship between Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda transcended all barriers. These women saw each other in everything and put each other above all else, including romantic partners. Female friendship has never been celebrated like this on screen before. I don’t believe it’s been there since.

When it does, the authors will even consider rebooting without Cattrall, which is already hard to swallow. But colliding with Big in such circumstances? Unable to tolerate. These women have been through a lot together – divorce, infidelity, cancer – but losing a partner so suddenly is definitely the most painful. And so it is hard for me to believe that any argument could have prevented Samantha from hopping on the next plane from London to be with Carrie the moment she heard the news. But remember, Cattrall is not on the show. So what does Samantha do? Pick up the phone? Write a sincere text? Or an email? Is not. She sends flowers – and then continues to ignore Carrie’s messages. Because now it seems she just ghosts everything.

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Of course, the flowers were meant to be a nice gesture, and Carrie seemed to appreciate it. But for us, it was a heartbreaking moment, a moment that sent a devastating message of friendship: the rift between Samantha and Carrie was irreparable, even in the face of tragedy. . This erodes their entire friendship. In fact, it undermines SATC’s entire commercial right.

Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker in the original ‘Sex and the City’

(Beautiful pictures)

It’s unclear if the screenwriters planned to kill Big off before or after they learned Cattrall wouldn’t be involved. Either way, this plot is a total fallacy that goes against everything that I and many others love SATC. It simply makes no sense. It’s also not entirely true that the writers seem to have picked a lucrative opportunity for the fans who helped make their show a success in the first place. Aren’t we disappointed enough yet? I know I’m not the only one still reeling from the disastrous – and deeply frustrating – game that is Sex and City 2.

Of course, it’s a bleak reality that reboots like these are sure to bring in the big bucks. And so the show must – and will – go on. With eight episodes, I doubt And just like that will engrave into Carrie’s grieving process, something potentially compelling and emotional, television. But without Samantha, the series would only serve to remind us that friendship, as Carrie says, is not forever. It only ran for six seasons, and two films were average to poor. And Just Like That, the shocking twist that betrayed all that Sex and the City was about

Emma Bowman

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